cha-summer product preview… stampers anonymous

hey bloggers!  it’s the final week before heading off to chicago to get ready for the cha-summer show.  there is still much to do, but it’s all creative fun at this point so i’m loving it. another thing i’m loving are my new stamps from stampers anonymous.  like the rest of you, there is just something about our creative nature that kicks my inspiration into overload whenever i have a chance to work with new stuff.  just remember that throughout all of the excitement and buzz of new releases, to get out that older stuff you have and use it.  you never know what new ideas you might discover.  starting off with some of the new halloween images including these authentic and vintage cut silhouettes, a cool apothecary set, quirky halloween cut out set, and of course a mini set…

when i’m designing new stamps, i always design based on inspiration like this new christmas time collection and set of minis…

however one thing i’m MOST excited about this release is the look of a new series in my stamp collection thanks to a new artist i’m working with.  that new artist would be mario rossi III (yes, mario’s son) and i love the collaboration we developed with this new blueprint series of images.  this collection has a unique and industrial look of hand-drawn sketches and imagery just perfect for coloring (especially with distress markers).  this first release has designs for fall, halloween, christmas, and of course minis of them all…

so to celebrate, and since stampers anonymous already has these in stock, i have a few sets to giveaway today on the blog!  just leave a comment here on the blog and tell us your favorite “blueprint” image.  we’ll pick a few winners and announce them tomorrow – good luck…t!m

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1,373 Comments to “cha-summer product preview… stampers anonymous”

  1. Cathy Homan says:

    I am soooo stuck on Christmas— I have to ogle all year long. Love the Christmas script, and Holiday Minis.

  2. Helena says:

    It just get better and better, you have the right people around you to imspire and fuel that mind of yours, the Christmas Blueprint with the toy soldier is amazing, I just love it.

  3. Minnie Mac says:

    A mesmerising range of new stamps. Can’t begin to choose a favourite. Well, maybe the set with the skull and arsenic label. Or the set of 12 blueprint stamps. Must have ’em all !

  4. Toni Roberts says:

    I really like the mini collection best

  5. Maxine D says:

    Love love love the autumn blueprints set – can feel the creative juices flowing already!!

  6. Nancy M. says:

    I was blown away by the blueprint stamps. How Cool!!! But once again you have out-done yourself. They all are great. Love the mini’s especially and the 50’s looking christmas designs…I will have to find these!

  7. Nancy M. says:

    OMG, when I scrolled and saw those blueprint stamps I went wild! They are the best. It’s hard to pick a favorite but will have to say the tombstone and the tree! Good job Tim!

  8. My fav is the toy soldier.

  9. Roberta says:

    They are all pretty darn awesome, but love that tombstone!

  10. Michelle says:

    My favorite image is the Santa from the mini holidays collection, but my favorite stamp from the blueprint images is the spider and its’ web from the halloween blueprint. I love how you have some of the web filled in and the rest isn’t. The rest is left up to your imagination. I absolutely love the image of the big fat spider waiting for its’ prey!

  11. Linda says:

    Love them all but HOW COOL IS THE BLUEPRINT STAMPS?!?? Wow, I love all of them but that Christmas one is AWESOME!! Great job to you both !

  12. Michelle S says:

    Oooohhh those are all fabulous! First I need Mario’s minis, then your Apothecary.

  13. shirley says:

    How exciting! I love the mini blueprint 🙂

  14. Love them all!!! I might just need them all, but I guess my favourite is the mini blueprints! fabulous!

  15. Michelle V-V says:

    WOW! How utterly amazing and so fun!
    Christmas has definately come early!
    Can’t wait till they hit the stores!
    Am on pins and needles waiting!
    Tim you never disappoint!!!

  16. Cee Shearer says:

    Always love to see what you’ve been up to when CHA rolls around AND you never disappoint. Love the addition of Mario III’s artwork too!!

  17. WOW!! I agree!! I am LOVING all of the NEW stamps!! Can’t wait to create with them!! I think that the large skull and the bule print stamps are my FAVORITES!! Such fun designs!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!
    p.s looking forward to seeing the FUN projects you’ve created using these new stamps!! =)

  18. Sue Abell says:

    Love your new stuff & all you do! I really like the fall leaves & acorns. Great job TIM!

  19. casinomama says:

    So much talent in Mario’s son – gotta have those mini blueprints of Halloween and fall…my mind is in creative overdrive! You guys Rock!

  20. Jennifer says:

    How exciting to work with so many creative people!! I love the Christmas blue print images…especially the nutcracker!!

  21. Myrto says:

    I can’t believe it – you did it again! These are the most amazing stamps ever! I love the blueprints and I have started to think the million ways I can use them in my art journaling! My favorite is no 136, but I LOVE the christmas one too. Thanks Tim – you never cease to amaze us!

  22. Kathy says:

    They’re all cool, but my FAVORITE “blueprint” image is the tombstone – can really have some fun with that image heehee

  23. What awesome new sets! I think my favorite blurprint is the Christmas tree. I love the little detail of the three different ornament options on the side. Super creative! Thanks for the awesome give away!

  24. Jackie Kizer says:

    How great you to have another creative mind on your team and how wonderful for Mario to be working with his son. My favorite times to decorate are Halloween and Christmas, but my favorite season is the Fall. So I’m going with the mini set that way i get a taste of all three and I can’t make up my mind. LOL!

  25. lauren says:

    the snowflake! i am in love with that gorgeous snowflake blueprint. 🙂

  26. My favorite is the snowman!!

  27. Susan G says:

    I LOVE, Love, love the Halloween sets, and the Blue prints also…may FAV blue print is the skull, Bat and tombstone!
    thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

    ps…Are you aware that sight impaired people can NOT comment on any blogs with code capture? Their “readers” do not recognize the code as a word, and won’t read it for them. I just learned this recently from such a blogland friend.

  28. Karen Heisler says:

    Love the mini-blueprints!

  29. Terry says:

    Hiya Tim, thanks so much for sharing all the fabulousness from YOUR hands wowzersss the new stampssets look amazingly fabulous and I wished I could come over to the CHA…wowzersssss Thank you so much for sharing your the Best Hug Terry xxxx

  30. amanda says:

    They are all wonderful ! LOVE the Autumn Blueprints, especially the Oak and Acorn <3 My pick would be, of course, the Mini Blueprints because then I would have them ALL !! Thanks t!m, Mario III and the BTS man of the hour, Mario.

  31. Diane Hover says:

    I really like the Halloween ones, but the acorn is calling to me today, as it has been a “nutty” kind of day here today…lol!!

  32. adeline - lili says:

    I love the blueprint collection, specially the mini stamps! what a great idea 🙂

  33. Brenda Brown says:

    Oh my what amazing new stuff to buy, love the stamps especially the apothecary set, but my most favourite has to be the Christmas Blueprint, I’m just a sucker for anything to do with the holiday season. Congrats to Mario Rossi III and Tim for this collaboration of such exciting and fresh looking stamps. Got to get some of these.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  34. Stephanie G. says:

    wow, I love them all! But I have to say the Christmas blueprint is my fav!

  35. Melissa Smith says:

    Love the spider web blueprint with the leaves next.

  36. Terry says:

    Just love the snowman! Love the spider web too!

  37. WOW! I crack for the last set wich has the most adorable little snow man. I must say I truly love this sketch style showing the pattern or the construction lines! Really beautiful and ghe drawing is great also!I love that acorn and those leaves! bravo mario Rossi III!

  38. Valerie J Doyle says:

    Has to be the autumn one. I love everthing trees and leaves.

  39. CMS133 is my favorite! They are all fantastic! So much fun!

  40. Karen Jones says:

    Awesome! You both must be so proud of Mario, he’s quite a talent. I love them all, but if i had to chose a favorite, it would be the one with the tombstone.

  41. wendee deal says:

    I really like all of the blueprint images, but I guess I like the snowman the best.

  42. Ronny says:

    Tim, I wanted to ask you which of the things you are taking to CHA are you most excited about or is your favorite???

  43. Ronny says:

    I like the fall and the Christmas blueprints the best.
    I’m also loving those silhouettes and the Christmas stamps. The
    Christmas sets remind me of the 40’s wrapping paper and stickers

  44. Kristi Young says:

    I love the blueprint stamps! All of them. Can’t wait to play.

  45. Sandra says:

    Love the row of children, reminds me of when my kids go Trick or Treating! Thnx for the inspiration!

  46. Mel H says:

    I love the mini blueprints…they’re so cute and so edgy! Can you be that…cute and edgy? Oh well, I think they’re that anyway!

  47. Marcia Wienert says:

    Thank you Tim and Mario III for the great new collections. My creative mojo is already working! I think Autumn Blueprint is my very favorite but it is a difficult choice. These are awsome!

  48. Jil L says:

    You’re killing me here. I want them all. Anyone who knows me will know that the bat image is my favorite. I have three bat tats. JIL

  49. milu says:

    the acorn blueprint is MY favorite
    cool stamps Tim!

  50. Beth Connors says:

    How cool to have the blue print of the final product. All the ideas of being able to layer these stamps. It is going to be fun to play with these. I am trying to save for a trip to England with my Mother, but I just might have to splurg for a set for these.

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