cha 2015 sneak peeks – idea-ology

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

welcome to day 3 of CHA sneak peeks and all things idea-ology. this one has been really difficult to keep secret since we’ve worked on this launch for the past year. so much goes into the product development of idea-ology from concept to sourcing, and since much of it is inspired by vintage elements, there is a great deal of time spent to make sure everything is just right. there are several people that contribute to turn the ideas a reality (thank you paula, mario, chris, tracey, rana). it’s hard to believe that we started idea-ology back in 2007 with a crazy product called “grungeboard”, and from there it’s grown beyond my wildest imagination…

here is the original definition i created for idea-ology:

a concept or thought developed by the mind of what is desirable or ought to be.

today idea-ology still represents that principle to me by inspiring my creativity. my hope is that it will continue to inspire your creativity as well…

i love trinkety bits and found objects. the random assortment of findings is a necessity for me and the latest addition of mini trophy cups, metal frames, adornment charms, resin roses, and the salvaged dolls are pure vintage perfection. the new typed tokens and shield charms are a must have for adding a simple statement to your projects, but of course having new ways to fasten them is important too. that’s why i think you’re going to find the mini star fasteners, loop pins, and carousel clips a new crafting necessity…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

if you’ve been on pinterest in the last few years you’ve noticed that mason jars continue to be a versatile creative element. whether you decorate them, or simply fill them up, these new mini mason jars are unlike any size you’ve seen before. custom designed with a “vintage quality” star logo and measuring at only 4” high it’s true that good things come in small packages. speaking of small, we’ve gone tiny with the new tiny corked vials. these miniature glass vessels can be filled with glitter, sand, and more for smaller craft projects…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

old photos and gathered ephemera was definitely the inspiration for the new photobooth, flashcards, and ephemera pack. these timeless elements can be added to cards, art journals, and other mixed-media projects along with the new colorful design tapes…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

looking for other ways to add a personal statement to your projects? the new big chat stickers, small talk stickers, and remnant rubs are perfect for that. if you’re a fan of the metallic accents of industrious stickers, the gallery set is filled with intricate borders and nested frames…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

pocket cards are sized to work with pocket pages and worn covers. the double-sided cardstock card combine designs from all of my paper lines and include label cards for journaling too. the convenience of pre-cut cards are also ideal for card fronts and anytime you need a quick background paper…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

an old favorite is back! fragments in new sizes are the perfect acrylic shapes to make custom tiles and embellishments. new trimmings like paper string and the new “dyeable” lace allow an endless palette of possibility…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

new textured surfaces are a multi pack of adhesive-back sheets of burlap, cork, and corrugated cardboard ideal for die-cutting, inking, painting, and mixed media. oh and the new deco sheets!!! no words can describe these shimmering adhesive sheets of glamor. seriously, you can die-cut, punch, and even alcohol ink these sheets of sparkly goodness, and the best part is these are not glitter! seeing is believing…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

i believe that just because things have come and gone certainly doesn’t mean they should be gone for good. these new structures include a custom designed clip carousel and ornate metal flip frame giving your creativity new options to showcase your photos and memorabilia. love, love, love…

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |

finally, the new correspondence paper stash collection. whether you’ve traveled the globe or simply explore the adventures of everyday life, capturing the moments of the journey is what it’s all about. inspired by nostalgic postal elements, timeless handwritten letters and vintage travel ephemera of the past, the new correspondence collection features an eclectic assortment of designs to share your own unique story. the new idea-ology release ships in early february and march. see you tomorrow with my new core’dinations sneak peek…t!m

CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology | CHA 2015 Sneak Peek | Idea-ology |


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442 Comments to “cha 2015 sneak peeks – idea-ology”

  1. D Peters says:

    Wish we had a list of what is being discontinued… May need to stock up on some favorites!

  2. […] CHA2015 has started ……. and I’m looking through the projects made for the Tm Holtz CHA2015 booth, still not fully believing it all. The focus was on his Alterations die cuts and Texture Fades range *HERE* using his Distress Mediums and new Idea-ology. […]

  3. I think my favourites are the miniature tiny vials and mason jars and my next favourites are the shield charms. But really, I just loved all of it! Those paper patterns have me drooling!

  4. Rhonda Gillette says:

    Wow, so many new wonderful things. Love them all!

  5. Anne Dwyer says:

    Such amazing ephemera will go very nicely in my mini albums, card and composition books. And they are just the right size for my off the board creations as well – thanks so much

  6. Heather MacDonald says:

    Wow! I can not wait for the release!!! They are so awesome, Please put me down for 2 of each!!! ,LOL
    Wow you have outdone yourself again!!! I actually love each piece is to not pick a favorite! I better start playing the lottery because my wish list is getting longer and longer lol. Great job as usual I can’t wait till there for sale!!!

  7. Zoe Hillman says:

    I came back for a second look and confirmed that I want all of it. I’m sure I say this every year, but, BEST RELEASE EVER! 😉

  8. Suzettte says:

    Love love love all the new items coming out. Can ‘flip’ over the flip frame! Its about time someone came up with this since the ‘ikea’ frame idea. Love it all and can’t wait for all the products to come to LCS, Whim So Doodle!

  9. […] Association (CHA) booth using current and all new for ’15 Tim Holtz products, many from his idea-ology line. I was unable to make the 2015 CHA show last weekend and see Tim’s amazing booth, so I’m […]

  10. Patricia A Paola says:

    There are my favorites…but, I want them ALL!!!!

  11. […] I overheard the most people talking about: Tim Holtz’s glass mason […]

  12. Sandy Small says:

    I have loved idea-ology items ever since the original grungeboard. Love the mini bottles and new dolls. It is so nice to see fragments returning! I still have some I have been hoarding from the original release…

  13. Donna says:

    I can’t wait to get my hand on so many things, but mostly, I want those mason jars and that carousel with the clips will have a spot right on my desk and the desks of so many when I am finished with it…woweee!

  14. Janine Bertone says:

    Wow those papers and the new adhesive papers are WONDERFUL….

  15. Terri W says:

    Such yummy goodness wow!

  16. Leonie says:

    W-O-W !!!
    i am making plans for what I can do with all that metal – love the vintage theme- love the pins and star attachments but the paper is awesome – and all the extra bits are so good – the ephemera pack – wow – need to start putting money aside for a very big shop

  17. OMG! too many gotta haves! Thanks, Tim 🙂

  18. Linda S. says:

    I want the clip carousel for my craft space. What a fun way to display your crafts.

  19. MichelleGB says:

    so many things to add to my wish list! Love all of this!

  20. kim222 says:

    OMG!!! Textured surfaces are a MUST have!!!! Love the new fasteners and findings, too!!! And the flip frame – way too cool!!! Awesome release!!!

  21. Linda F says:

    There is a lot to like here, but I thing my favourite is the tiny vials. I haven’t seen anything in these interesting shapes on the market before

  22. Teresa Ciarleglio says:

    Wow! So many new goodies to play with! Love everything and those mason jars are too cute!

  23. sheryleb says:

    So excited! Gotta have the flip frame, carousel, flash cards, adornaments travel the list goes on and on.

  24. Linda Grady says:

    Love the mini mason jars and the mini glass vials along with the lace trims.
    My credit card is moaning; it’s going to be overloaded soon.

  25. Diana says:

    holy moly!! i need to buy more cabinets i am afraid! i need quite a bit of this release!!

  26. Gina Howe says:

    Oh No! More goodies to covet and love!

  27. Regine says:

    Oh so many new goodies – can’t wait

  28. Annie says:

    All super!!! Love the Remnant Rub Stylus.
    Annie in De

  29. Andrea Gray says:

    So many things I want. Lovely range Tim

  30. Karen Stevens says:

    Oh my……Oh my…… the Flip Frame and the Mini Mason Jars are sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!

  31. cindy austin says:

    I am new to your awesome products..I fell in love with the paper tape n it just went from therr.I would love to try the distressing w the inks n paints.I’m a bit intimidated till I get started..any suggestions would be apreciated..thanks a new Tim holtz fan

  32. Miss Morris says:

    So many new goodies to choose from. Loving the flip frame and the star fasteners.

  33. Linda Marie Brown Walsh says:

    All I can say is the CAROUSEL without a doubt is my favorite! I love creating tags and now I can display them for my daily enjoyment! Thank you Tim!

  34. Kathleen Lundman says:

    I forgot the tokens, the trinkets, the mason jars and those little bottles!!! I just love them all. That’s what I should have said to begin with!!!

  35. Kathleen Lundman says:

    OK, here goes: love the pocket cards, flash cards, the new Ephemera packet, the tape and of course the papers!!!!! I want to see what you do with them and then I want them! Well, maybe not all of those, but I might have to order a few…………. Loved that frame deal too. That will be very special if I know you and the crew plus all of their creativity! Have fun, after you set up, of course. Wish I was there too. I’ll be watching………………. Thanks for posting these updates too!

  36. Michele Inclan says:

    WOW!! amazing, can’t wait to get them all

  37. Lisa says:

    OH MY WORD! Must have the type tokens and the mini mason jars times 10!! No joke!

  38. stephanie johnson says:

    Not sure where to begin…mini mason, loop pins, flash cards, tokens…OH MY!!! hugs, Stephie from florida…=D

  39. NannieOf4Cuties says:

    Another night of list making…t!m, you’re killin’ my budget. Pretty much everything on the page wants to find a place in my studio. Those mini Mason jars, oh how I love them – Mason jars and stars, two of my favorite things, now to make those lids look like zinc. 😉 Live it all.

  40. Lisa says:

    Wow! Love, love love the ideology! The clip carousel! I want one now! Got to have it all. Your brilliance is never ending. I adore your products. Your and Mario’s styles/drawings are so amazing. Love the new stamps! Get ready debit card. We have work to do.

  41. Fabulous new collections, love the clips and carousel! Happy 2015!

  42. arlene says:

    loving all your airmail line of products!

  43. Christy Spencer says:

    Wow! Loving it all can’t wait to get my hands on it…

  44. Kim Main says:

    OMG – you’ve done it again! Bankruptcy here I come!

  45. Stacey S. says:

    Absolutely amazing collection! Can’t wait till it all arrives in our local stores.

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