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trade show time is always an exciting part of the industry.  it’s always rewarding to bring new ideas to market since it sparks the creative spirit unlike anything else.  today i’m happy to start sharing sneak peeks of the new products i’ve designed for the first half of 2014.  these products are being released at the upcoming craft & hobby association trade show (known as cha) later this month in anaheim, california.  keep in mind, these “sneak peeks” are just a look at what products are coming your way.  not to worry, we’ll be posting the actual projects our talented team of designers have been creating with all this great new stuff during cha…

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today is all about idea-ology, and this new launch is by far my most favorite ever!  i love the designs of the new wallflower paper stash, the interactive new collection folios, the stylings of the new resist paper stash featuring kraft and white cardstock, as well as some amazing embellishments (wait until you see the new wood letterpress – best embellishment ever!).  of course these new products will be hitting the store shelves soon, but i know the anticipation for the new products is always a challenge.  that’s why i want to remind those of you who have downloaded my free “tim holtz” app on their iphone, ipad, or android to start making your wish lists.  i’ve been working with my tech team (thanks joy) to get all of the new products loaded onto my app.  i’ll be sharing sneak-peeks through january 8th so each day as i post the new products, they will appear in the app.  i just thought even though they may not be available for purchase right away, at least you can make a “wish list” for those products you think you just have to add to your stash…

there’s so much new idea-ology to share today starting with the announcement of “a compendium of curiosities vol.III” so sit back and enjoy…t!m


TH_CATALOG-70TH_CATALOG-4 TH_CATALOG-8 TH_CATALOG-9 TH_CATALOG-10 TH_CATALOG-15 TH_CATALOG-20 TH_CATALOG-21 TH_CATALOG-22 TH_CATALOG-25 TH_CATALOG-32 TH_CATALOG-33 TH_CATALOG-35 TH_CATALOG-36 TH_CATALOG-38 TH_CATALOG-39 TH_CATALOG-41 TH_CATALOG-44 TH_CATALOG-53 TH_CATALOG-54 TH_CATALOG-55 TH_CATALOG-57 TH_CATALOG-58TH_CATALOG-60TH_CATALOG-45 TH_CATALOG-48paper1 paper2 paper3 paper4 paper5 paper6 paper7 paper8 paper9 paper10 paper11 paper12 paper13 paper14 paper15 paper16 paper17


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538 Comments to “cha-2014: idea-ology…”

  1. Barbarayaya says:

    I’m speechless! i love all that i saw here and now! This is a wonderful start for the sneak peeks cha 2014!!!!!!!! BArbarayaya

  2. Oh Boy!!! Lots of new stuff to play with!!! And it’s ALL gorgeous!!! Cannot wait to get a copy of your new book too! 😀

  3. Frea says:

    Love it love it!! Can’t wait till this stuff hits Europe!! Happy Newyear Tim!!

  4. Karen Buchanan says:

    Wow, can’t wait! Off to update my wish list on my Tim Holtz app!

  5. Jen johnson says:

    Holy crap, reading thru you blog post and seeing the new products this morning was better than ringing in the new year with the hub (wink, wink)! I got a LOT mot excitement out of it, that’s for sure! LOL! Can’t wait to get greedy hands on this stuff and start playing. One if the most fun things for me is to see how your products can stretch across genre lines – it’s not all ‘distress, grunge, tattered’, I lick feminine and Victorian and I can do that with much of your product line. Thumbs up!!

  6. This is what I needed to see this morning!!! Thanks!!! Looking forward to the release!!

  7. tracy foster says:

    wow love it all

  8. Sharon L-S says:

    Now that I have smartphone (android) I can get your app – love all that can be do with it. WOW!!!! Also love the letterpress blocks and the number brads — any chance we can get the missing number thru 31. instant thought when I saw them was an advent calendar or calendar tags (1 per day) Love that a new book is coming out any more dvds??
    Happy New Year a great start so far loved yesterdays tag btw

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