cha 2011 product preview…(idea-ology #3)

well bloggers today's post will wrap up my idea-ology product preview for the cha-winter show.  i'm so relieved to finally share all of these things i've been working on for so long.  i've been trying my best to keep it under wraps, and now i get to spill all of the details.  so of course you know one of the coolest things about my idea-ology line is all of the trinkets inspired by my vintage finds, but priced without breaking the bank.  well this release is loaded with more – truth be told, it's my favorite release yet.  if you have an addiction for nostalgic elements and found objects beware!

okay then….you've been warned…t!m

– fractured dolls – that's right…no more scouring the internet to find vintage frozen charlotte dolls and paying those crazy prices.  these fractured dolls are made of glazed resin with all of the chipped and nostalgic charm of the real thing.  sold in a set of 2 for just $4  – you get one 2 3/4" tall and the other 1 5/8" tall.  you've seen them in so many of my projects lately – love them or not, there's just something about these that fulfill my altered cravings.

– game pieces – wooden game pieces add the perfect vintage element to many art projects.  whether it's a random number or a significant selection you choose since you get numbers 1-90 in one package!  that's right, 90 game pieces to let your creativity play – and here's a tip: if you want to change the vintage red into another color, a simple swipe over any permanent ink pad with do the trick.

– corked vials – finally a collection of assorted sized glass bottles complete with corks!  these bottles range in sizes from 3" to 1 1/4" and you get the assortment of 9 shown in each set for $6!  seriously less than a buck a piece?  whether it's a vial of glass glitter, a rolled up message, or sand from your last vacation – you'll find tons of ways to use these little bottles i assure you.

– light bulbs – i guess you can say i had a bright idea?  all jokes aside, these tiny light bulbs are great for collage work and even better, they already come with holes drilled through the base so you can hang them as charms or wrap with wire.  it's just one of those random things i just had to have.

– hanger clips – yes, they really are paper clips shaped like little hangers – cute or what?  at just 1 1/2" wide these hangers can be used to clip photos, tickets, or other ephemera on you cards, ATC's or scrapbook pages.  who said function couldn't be stylish too.

– accoutrements/shabby – more buttons i know, but just look at them.  remember the big vintage buttons on sweaters and overcoats with the swirls of colors?  me too.  that's why i wanted a set of these since sometimes you want some big buttons to use on a book, canvas, or even a configurations.

– adornments/regal – charming?  definitely.  this set of big crowns and wings are so amazingly detailed and finished with the perfect antique tarnish.  the two crowns in the pack are 1 1/4" and 2" and the wings, well you actually get 4 pair of wings in the pack too – 2" and 2 1/2" wings!  endless creative possibilities for jewelry and adorning just about anything needing that regal touch.

– chain tassels – sometimes you need a little something to add to a jewelry project, card, or assemblage art and these tiny tassels do the trick.  just 1 1/4" long and in the 3 antique finishes to match the other idea-ology trinkets.  hand them from the corked vials, or tie them on to ribbons for that little something extra.

– pen nibs – these pen nibs are so cool simply because they are so unique.  inspired by actual calligraphy nibs, these stylish metal nibs have a words engraved in them and have a flat back for easy adhering to your projects.  with 3 of each of the 4 different words per pack, you'll find so many things to use these on.

– plaquettes – my travels to paris have brought these inspired little nuggets!  glazed metal plaques measuring less than 1 1/2" wide are reminiscent of the address numbers from the historic doorways but with a few of my favorite numbers in there for those certain holidays.  complete with a distressed finish and long fasteners to attach them, just you wait until you see these for yourself.

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906 Comments to “cha 2011 product preview…(idea-ology #3)”

  1. Diana Mustafa says:

    Another fantastic product. WOW! I would truly love to download some Mr. Holtz’s creativity into my brain. If he’s game, I have brand new jumper-cables.

  2. andrea smith says:

    I see lots of things I “need” in my future!!

  3. Landys Bradley says:

    I think I’ll have 2 of each for my scrapping stash!

  4. DonnaB says:

    ps I should have kept what to us were disasters when our porcelain dolls broke, we restored them or dumped them if they were reproductions we were making! But we can’t keep everything! I should fire some of the broken one’s I still have as clay not fired yet!

  5. DonnaB says:

    TOOO PRECIOUS! I had a doll making business before I became sick and disabled, antique dolls, bottles all kinds off to me COOL stuff I truyly LOVE old things I take after my aunt and Great Grandmother! The others in the family think of our STUFF as STUFF or JUNK LOL We know better though don’t we? They can keep their clear spotless homes to themselves, they have that and NOTHING else, at least my clutter is well loved and I make something I feel

  6. WOW love it all, and that the dolls have the same name as me! 🙂 Can’t wait to get my hands on everything!

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