cha 2011 product preview…(idea-ology #1)

hey bloggers!  hope you had a great weekend.  as usual with the new year comes new deadlines for upcoming events so we were busy around here kitting like crazy!  i've been busy with samples using all of my new release products – some exciting stuff coming your way i tell ya.  thank you for sharing your comments about all of my new sizzix alterations releases last week.  i have a feeling 2011 is going to be a great year full of creativity.  so i'm starting this week off with some new release products from my idea-ology line.  these products will begin shipping the end of february through early march and that's just right around the corner…

i'm so inspired by how the idea-ology line has grown and evolved with each new release of product designed to work with the rest of the line.  it's all about continuing to incorporate what you already have with all that's new that we want…right? well here we go with some new additions to the line which continue my philosophy for idea-ology – "a concept of thought developed by the mind of what is desirable or ought to be".  i hope you'll agree that these definitely "ought to be"…t!m
– crowded attic paper stash – if you loved my "lost & found" collection, here is more vintage goodness with a subtle faded wash applied.  just like the previous stashes these are in a single pad of 12×12, 6×6, 2×2, and ATC & border pages.

– crowded attic salvage stickers – yes salvage stickers to match the papers.  these cardstock stickers can be sanded and ink for even more distress perfection.

– reinforcers – these simply make me happy!  these adhesive hole reinforcers are just like the office store ones but for more stylish.  designed to accent the lost & found and crowded attic papers, these are great for tags, cards, etc!

– tissue tape – there's no doubt i wouldn't jump at the chance to create more tissue tapes.  you'll notice these appear white in the picture, but in fact they are more translucent than the original release of tissue tape since they don't have that antique color on them yet.  i'll leave that up to you this time if you choose.

TH_CHAW2011_CATALOG_r4-36 Kraft-Resist-Paper-1
– kraft resist stash – i'm telling you now, this kraft resist cardstock will simply set your creativity into overload.  printed on pure kraft cardstock in black with an accent image printed in a clear raised enamel which will resist inks, paints, and sprays; your distress inks have definitely found a new best friend.  this paper stash includes 8 different 12×12 designs with 3 of each design – you're gonna be happy you have more than one of each sheet for this one.

– kraft glassine – okay, i'm just saying this is one of those products that you have to see and feel to really get how cool it is.  remember when i introduced you to grungeboard?  indescribable yet addicting!  well here we are again with another totally new surface to create with.  it's coated kraft paper that is semi-translucent that can be crumpled for an amazing suede look, printed on for a vintage background unlike anything you've seen before.  i'm releasing pads of sheets to die cut, stamp on, whatever your creative heart desires as well as envelopes sized to mail your embellished ATC's and #8 tags.  just you wait…i'm telling you now…

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1,065 Comments to “cha 2011 product preview…(idea-ology #1)”

  1. craftlyn~ says:

    Love everything, but LOVE anything kraft!!

  2. andrea smith says:

    You never fail to amaze me!!!

  3. Christy Johns says:

    I love your paper! Can’t wait for the envelopes, what a fab idea.

  4. DonnaB says:

    WOW do you ever look at this and go WOW LOOK AT WHAT I DID!
    Well you should! THANK YOU

  5. DonnaB says:

    OH I LOVE THESE SO MUCH I’ve collected old maps books, magazines, scrap, etc as long as I can remember, I even bought 30 antique drafting sheets from a guy on ebay, parent sheet size LOL HUGE package.
    I LOVE EVERYTHING you deserve all of the love and praise people have for you!

  6. ReNae Allen says:

    I look forward to seeing more videos with ideas for how to use your new products. It really helps when you do this, and those videos, at least for me, act as a springboard to what I personally can create. We as consumers may not know all the features of the new products, especially now prior to their release. Since we can’t see them in person and touch them, it is sometimes hard to imagine all the things we can do with them.
    I have already pre-ordered some of your new products, but now after seeing the above video on the new “reverse stamp”, (#111) I am going back to my stamp store to pre-order MORE! Thanks for the video and keep ’em coming.
    You are an amazingly talented artist, thank you for all that you have done for the stamping and paper crafting world. I shudder to think of what we would do without you!
    ReNae Allen in Kansas City

  7. Ruth says:

    OMG i need that kraft stack.. yum!

  8. So…do you have to pinch yourself at night & say I am the bomb! I am freakin’ Tim Holtz! I am the coolest & the baddest!!!!
    #%$*@{just checkin’} You never cease to amaze, the grunge squares…AMAZING!!! I just can’t wait!!!~

  9. MaryNell Johnson says:

    Hello there,
    Love all the new paper and have just got to win it. LOL So be sure to draw my name please.
    Mary Nell in Texas

  10. lydia says:

    oooo… the paper, stickers, tape and pockets look amazing.
    cant wait to get my hands on some and start creating !!

  11. Julie says:

    WOW !!!! You have done it again and again. Love Love all the new products. What would we scrappers do without you? Thank you sooo much for all your inspiration. Julie

  12. kathy says:

    WOWOWOW!! just when you think youve done it all..amazing ..all of it! cant wait till we can purchase the new goodies

  13. Leann Looney says:

    You’re killing me!!!! What awesome things. I’m a poor lowly teacher (yeah, right)and my salary will be stretched but I’ll do my best to get the stamps that I just must have. So what if we don’t eat for a few weeks. (LOL) Truly awesome.

  14. Terrie Snow says:

    Tim, I’m soooooo in love with ALL your new products. How exciting! What a wonderful designer you are; and soooooo creative. Thanks for enabling. Lol. Have a fab time at CHA.

  15. Pat-Calgary AB, Canada says:

    YAHOO! Ask and you shall receive! I had asked you to keep in your ‘memory bank’for somewhere down the line Western/cowboy, Airplaine and Dance themed stamp sets…well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! Thanks Tim!This is the reveal I’ve been waiting for…the other sets are FAB-U-LOUS!!

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