busy weekend ahead, more tattered…

hey there bloggers and happy friday… whew, what a week!  there are lots of things always going on around the studio as always, so mario offered to take on the job to pack up the prize packages for the “tattered floral challenge” which ends next friday 3/22 (so there is still time to submit your project).  we were originally giving away (5) $100 prize packages, but clearly mario got a little carried away when he was filling the boxes as each prize is now valued at $175 so there will definitely be some very happy winners!!!

speaking of the “tattered floral challenge” i have more inspiration to share from one of my designer friends who i’ve asked to share her take on the challenge.  wendy vecchi has a wonderful vintage style all her own, and took on the challenge to incorporate the tattered floral with some of her own signature products.  click here to visit wendy’s blog to see how she created her project and have a chance to win a tattered floral die with a giveaway there…

i’m excited to find out that my workshops i’ll be teaching at beautiful impressions in april are filling up fast, so we are in full kitting mode around here this weekend.  one of the projects is the new configurations book which we are busy cutting and scoring literally over a thousand pieces of paper for (guess that’s job security right?).  i really love the new configurations book since it’s a different way to display anything from altered art to photographs and mementos, they are just so fun to make…

so i thought why not share the love with some of you and give a few configurations books away this weekend???

here’s how you can win one:  go to our facebook fan page here and “like” the page – watch for updates in your newsfeed.  over the weekend mario will be posting his BTS (behind the scenes) of the kitting progress.  leave a comment on that BTS post, and he will pick winners and announce them on facebook.  it’s that easy!

hope you enjoy your weekend.  i’ll be back monday with blogworthy links…t!m

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  8. This was such a fun challenge. I really enjoyed participating.
    Thank you so much for putting this challenge together.
    As always, Tim…you and your team rock!

  9. Tasha Cosenza-Mechels says:

    Just looking at all those goodies makes me drool. hehe. Thanks for all the tattered inspiration throughout this challenge, I’ve really enjoyed seeing what people have created-amazing stuff!

  10. hellerlittle says:

    Great prizes. Some folks are going to be really happy that Mario got carried away with the prize packing!

    Wendy’s project is gorgeous and I also love the look of that Configurations book!

    That all such great,but why must I be a facebooker (not only here) to get more chances to win something ???
    I don´t understand the hype around FB….*sorry

  11. Theresa P. says:

    Wendy’s project is just beautiful, I love how she used them.

    Love that new configuration book, have to put one on my wish list.

    Theresa P.

  12. Debbie Pike says:

    How awesome! Mario’s bonus is just icing on the cake or foam on Starbucks!

  13. Claudine says:

    I love Tammy’s take on the tattered challenge. Thanks for the show and tell. haha! Can’t wait to see what your making for that class!!

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