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05MAYBLOGWORTHYwhat a great start to the week, sharing creative ideas right here on the blog.   thanks once again for all of ideas out there on blogs, pinterest, instagram, and facebook.  there are so many places to get inspiration from.  so here are some blogworthy links we discovered from some very talented people.  be sure to click the links to check it out , and please leave a comment on their blog to let them know they’ve inspired you too…t!m

alison: color and texture, now what could be better than that?  well when that combination includes distress and sizzix it’s certainly better in my world.  lots of great close up pics of this project on her blog too, see for yourself…

may flaum: when it comes to sharing creativity, may is definitely one that truly embraces the importance of it all.  i really love this layout she created using a variety of idea-ology goods.  in the words of may “awesome!”…

brenda brown: this is a great use of my picture wheel die, stamps, inks, papers, geez you name it!  i think it would make a great cover for a journal or photo album.  i am a fan of brenda’s work…

christine: wow is really the first thing i said when i saw this fragment album.  the dimensional effect these tiles give the cover of this album is incredible.  the use of stamped images, papers, and embellishments really creates an assemblage of artistry…

gillian: just you wait until you see this canvas created with tons of stamps and distress.  i always love seeing the variety of surfaces people create on.  bravo to you gillian…

candy: another favorite of mine for blogworthy and i think it will be one of yours too.  candy has a way with layers and details and certainly loves to share her creativity with everyone else.  lots of great close of photos on this one too…

miyake: okay i may not be able to read this blog post, but i know that creativity is universal.  not only do i love this colorful creation, but i was lucky enough to actually meet miyake in person all the way from korea at ranger u last month – small world huh?  she is as charming as she is talented…

anne rostad: if you’re ever looking for some wonderful ideas, then this blog is the place to visit.  anne’s use of dies, papers, inks, and more for creating just about everything is simply amazing…

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66 Comments to “blogworthy links…”

  1. Candy’s blog is most definitely a “Blogworthy” link to have. She is not only an amazing artist, but a marvelous person as well. Blessings!

  2. Ce Strike says:

    Thanks, Tim, for sharing the truly wonderful sites. It’s so nice to get a little inspiration these days!

  3. Tasha Cosenza-Mechels says:

    Fantastic projects on these blogs…wow, just wow! I need to get into my craft cave and start creating. I have some new TH dies I haven’t had a chance to play with yet! 🙂

  4. Julie Heyer says:

    WOW, what a lot of very different artwork and so many wonderful ideas shared. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Gillian says:

    I’m totally speechless, thank you so much Tim for your kind words and choosing me as a blogworthy link. I love and adore your products as you know. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and creativity to us all. You have taught me to “Enjoy The Journey & Embrace Those Imperfections” xx

    Congratulations to all the other Blogworthy peeps … so much inspiration.

  6. Connie Pruitt says:

    great blogs

  7. cheiron says:

    Thanks Tim for sharing each and every one of these creations. All so fun and fabulous.

  8. Toni says:

    How lovely to see the names of some of my favourite crafty blog friends well done all you talented ladies xx,

  9. Kelly Long says:

    Inspirational Idea’s! Thanks for sharing Tim!

  10. Kelly Karas says:

    I think we appreciate the blogworthy links as much as the bloggers themselves….thanks, always enjoying looking at others interpretation of art.

  11. Terry says:

    I am so excited to see some of my friends on this list! Way to go and congratulations to all!

  12. Eva R says:

    Thanks for posting these links!

  13. Theresa Goldman says:

    Thanks for the links, these ladies are all so amazing. What great vision and use of color. Love it. Whoohooo.

  14. Barbara L says:

    Thanks for the great new blogs. There are so many talented people out there and love the use of your products.

  15. Judy Harris says:

    Thank you so much for the fabulous links! They are all great!

  16. Candy says:

    Inspiration everywhere! How do people get these ideas!

  17. Julia says:

    Super blogs, great ideas, keep them coming.

  18. Boo Martin says:

    Congrats to everyone who was featured on blogworthy. Fantastic work!!

  19. LaWana says:

    Thank you so much Tim for introducing us to so many other creative people so that we will continue to be inspired on our Journey!

  20. Cim Allen says:

    I love this feature, I’ve found so many other blogs to follow and get inspired by .. thanks Tim !!

  21. stamping sue says:

    wow! great sites but anne did some fabulous book cards!
    stamping sue

  22. rhonit says:

    love Christine’s cover, and Anne mini albums just too clever. as always thanks for the links!!!

  23. Ann Marie says:

    Woo! Thanks, I’ll check these out!

  24. Cathy in Canada says:

    Wowzers! LOTS of creativity!!!

  25. Wow!!! How exciting to see all of these great works of art!!!

  26. Lesley says:

    Tim, view Miyake’s through blogger and you get the translate option!

  27. THANKS for sharing!! Have a FABULOUS WEEK!! 😉

  28. EmeralDQueen says:

    Thanks for the inspiration of these talented people, worth to hop over their blog and admire their work. Thanks you!!!!

  29. Aaargh more beautifull inspiring blogs to follow! I wished I could let all blogs I follow show their latest post on a screensaver, so I can look at the images while I’m crafting! It just makes my fingers itch to get all my stuff out and make more myself. But I have work to do first… (and not read blogs!)

  30. Diana says:

    i am a huge fan of a couple of those links already and now have a few more to follow and check out! thank you for inspiring us in so many ways!

  31. Winnie says:

    Awesome links Tim. I had a blast visiting each of these great blogs. Miyake: I hope you read this as your piece was so fabulous (I have a thing for phones as I am a receptionist, and love the coloring you did on you piece. I couldn’t figure out how to leave my comment on your blog…Just fabulous..Congratulations to you Miyake!

  32. butterfly says:

    Well, that needs an “O… M… G…!”! I’m bouncing off the walls. Thank you for your inspirational work and products – the whole reason I started this crazy crafting journey. Your recognition means the world. Thank you so much – and wow, what amazing projects from the other Blogworthies!
    Alison xx

  33. Laura Lavoie says:

    I LOVE Anne’s site! She is an absolute favorite of mine! I’m glad you are aware of her work! She is a great supporter of your products and has done amazing things with them!

  34. Candipill says:

    Your blogworthy links are one of my favourite posts that I look forward to. I always love discovering new blogs to read and gorgeous things to look at. Thank you for sharing

  35. Jan Castle says:

    Amazing work Tim…thanks for sharing these blogs with everyone!

  36. Thanks for sharing!
    So much inspiration to see!

  37. May Park says:

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful blogs. Can’t wait to get inspiration from the links above. BTW, I’m so glad that you mentioned the creative and charing girl, Miyake, who is alreday my blog friend. Tim, you have good eyes! 😉

  38. Brenda Brown says:

    I am amazed and excited that you have chosen me to be one of your blogworthy links Tim, thank you for this and for your wonderful comment. I am honoured and proud to be one of this very talented group of people and humbled to be here.

  39. Inkypinkycraft says:

    Some fab crafters and inspiration here! Trace x

  40. donna russell says:

    thanks for sharing these blogs. I am so happy to see others create.

  41. Wow, Tim. I am blown away that you have chosen my blog as Blogworthy. I thank you so much for your products, your inspiration and your always positively wonderful tutorials, posts and creativity. Because of YOU, so many of us have learned the art of playing and understanding that the journey is a whole lot of fun! Thank you again!

  42. Cindy Daversa says:

    Thanks for the links! Inspiration abounds!

  43. MIYAKE says:

    Oh! Tim!
    Thank you for introducing my blog!

  44. Ruby C says:

    Yes, definitely blogworthy. Thanks Tim!

  45. I love your Blog worthy posts Tim! You always introduce me to new inspiration. Thank you!

  46. Diane says:

    Thanks for posting the links. I love getting ideas and inspiration from other crafters and artists, as well as why their projects and styles stand out.

  47. I love when you post these because the ideas of these people are so much inspiration along with your ideas!! Thanks so much for sharing and BTS are awesome!!!!

  48. Di F says:

    As always, very notable blog links! Fabulous people you find and meet, send our way, and give us inspiration to link up with!

    I’m always blown away at all the possibilities that exist, the varied results that appear, when all of us use the same products, but our own talents.

    Thanks for the post today with the quick, easy links.

  49. Stefany says:

    Thank you for posting some awesome blog ideas with us. Nothing like a little help to get the ideas flowing.

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