BIG NEWS! introducing Eclectic Elements…

eclecticelements1hey bloggers!  well today is the day i finally get to share the big news that’s literally been years in the making.  i am excited to announce the launch of my new fabric line with coats that will debut at the portland quilt market next weekend.  i am beyond thrilled to be working with coats and look forward to what creative possibilities are ahead with these new fabrics.  i will be sharing more in the next few days but today i wanted to post the “official” press release announcing this new collaboration…t!m


Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements 100% Cotton Fabric to be Premier Collection

Charlotte, N.C. (May 10,2013) – Westminster Fibers Lifestyle Fabrics, a division of Coats plc. the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business, introduces a new line of designer fabrics at the International Quilt Market in Portland in May 2013 under the Coats brand. 

Coats fabrics will feature industry leading designers with an established presence in areas beyond the fabric world who are bringing their own unique perspectives and artistic eye to textile crafting.  Crafters with busy lifestyles will find Coats fabrics appealing as they allow them to decorate their home or sew a quick and easy project without having to invest a great deal of time or compromising on quality. Even those who are not seasoned sewists will find the Coats fabrics inspiring and will appreciate their versatility and many applications in textile crafting and home decorating. Coats fabrics will be widely available in fabric and craft stores as well as through our distribution partner Notions Marketing. 

“For over 250 years, Coats has been a leading innovator in the crafting, sewing and quilting industries.  We are constantly seeking ways to add value to our products for our customers and the crafting consumer.  Combining this rich history of textile manufacturing with the expertise of fabrics and design within our Westminster team has allowed us to take the Coats brand to the world of fabrics,” says Christine Truillet, global marketing director, Crafts Division, Coats plc. 

Coats has enlisted renowned paper crafter Tim Holtz® to design the company’s first collection of 100% quilting cotton and associated finished products for global distribution in sewing, quilting and crafting retail outlets.

The uplifting, vintage urban look of Holtz, known already to millions of paper crafters will inspire the artful imagination of every genre of crafter, sewist and quilter to cross the boundaries between fabric and craft.  Holtz’s new fabric line, Eclectic Elements, features images made from a nostalgic mix of media from the past including the industrial look of antique letter press; old luggage labels evoking the golden age of travel; sepia toned newsprint, handwritten journal entries and passport pages; clock faces and transit signs; aged woven wooden tape measures and more. The inspiration for ‘Eclectic Elements’ blends the nostalgia of timeless elements and the texture and creative versatility of fabric with the unique combination of salvaged findings and vintage palettes. 

In addition to bolted fabric, Eclectic Elements will also be available in cut fabrics designed specifically for retailers to cater to today’s quilter, paper crafter and sewist.  Fat Quarters, Design Rolls, 5” and 10” Charm Packs and Fat Eighths are perfect for the quilter’s patchy quilts and a multitude of bundle projects like totes, aprons and accessories.  

Paper craft retailers will find the Coats 6” Fabric Crafting Packs the perfect complement to the Tim Holtz® unique die-cutting and embossing products.  To complete the paper crafter’s fabric offering, 12” Fabric Crafting Packs can be the basis for any scrapbooker’s page as well as accents for any other paper crafting project. 

“The seasoned quilter looking for new creative outlets is manipulating, stamping, cutting, and embellishing fabrics on her own, then quilting,” says Helen Gregory, VP Content of Interweave, a division F+W Media.  “Couple this quilter with the paper crafter who is creating everything from collages to art journals and working with a whole host of craft materials including paper, fabric, thread and more. The Coats brand of fabrics with Tim Holtz is designed to generate excitement among all of these inspired enthusiasts – whether a sewist, crafter or quilter.”   

“They say that every possibility begins with the courage to imagine, and seeing my designs come to life as fabric is beyond my imagination,” says Holtz.  “I too believe creativity is not in the finding of a thing, but the making of something out of it after it is found.” 

To view the new fabric from Coats, visit  For even more ideas and inspiration, visit


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575 Comments to “BIG NEWS! introducing Eclectic Elements…”

  1. linda minor says:

    The fabric is like a new breath of fresh air. Although it is a little out of my budget price wise.

  2. Pamela Juica says:

    estoy viendo sus telas y no puedo creer que sean telas, son magnificas se ven tan reales, y el aire vintage me encanta, ojala pudiera comprarlas pero lamentablemente en Venezuela, donde resido hay control de cambio y no tengo acceso a dolares, bueno espero pronto solucionar este problema porque ya imagino muchas cosas con el de mariposas y el de etiquetas.

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  4. rosemary uchniat says:

    Wow, it’s about time. I’ve been using your papers in my art quilts, transferring them with TAP, and this will be so much better. Can’t wait.

  5. Thespa says:

    Keeping my eye out for availability. So want to start creating with this wonderful fabric line. I’ve got so many projects in mind already! Desperately want to cut it with dies and make flowers of all kinds! Reupholster an anitique chair…etc etc etc…

  6. […] Look at this quilt-in-progress by Richele Christensen using Tim Holtz's fabric! […]

  7. Sheila huber says:

    Hi, I am soooo excited about this fabric line. Please please tell me you will be at the Houston quilt market/festival in Houston, tx. This is the original and main festival so you Must Be there, not to mention it would make my day 🙂

    Sheila 🙂

  8. Thespa says:

    Alleluia! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Must have! Now where to buy…

  9. Paula Hardesty says:

    WHEN??? WHEN????????????? will it be on the shelves.

  10. Mary Skwar says:

    WHEN??? This is absolutely drawing me in… Release date?

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  12. Edie says:

    Please let me know when and where I can find this fabric in Houston Texas

  13. Pam Metzger says:

    When and where will your fabric beady for purchasing? Can’t wait

  14. Paula Rutledge aka PaulaTx1 says:

    Howdy! I just received an email from my favorite quilt shop Over The Rainbow ( and she was singing the praises of your new quilt fabrics! I must say…your fabric designs are AWESOME!!! I can’t wait until they start shipping! And I’m glad I came to your website this morning – first time, won’t be the last time I visit – you have so many incredible ideas. I’m a quilter…maybe I need to be a crafter now! I am so thrilled for you to be expanding into the quilt fabric world. Keep up the great work!
    Paula from Texas where it’s already 79 degrees at 8:30 in the morning!

  15. Olive says:

    This IS exciting news! Can’t wait to buy some. Congrats!

  16. Phyllis Elliott says:

    I am ecstatic !!! I have been waiting for a fabric that would have that collage Tim Holtz look and FINALLY it has arrived…….now just hoping I see it at the local Joanns store !!!! Yaaaaaaaay !

  17. renee bumbarger says:

    time to learn how to sew!! cool stuff tim! congrats!

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  20. LOVE this! Going to make lots of pillowcovers and hand bags 🙂 Congrats!!!!

  21. Terri says:

    Just what I need… as both and avid crafter with anything using paper and ink and a quilter. The problem is how to choose which to do !!! I tend to sew more in the fall and winter and paper craft in spring and summer…. Decisions, decisions!! Great looking stuff the gears are already turning!

  22. Rene' Davis says:

    Wow! What an amazing product. I am most anxious to see it and play with it.

  23. voegelchen says:

    How cool is that, can’t wait to see some creativ samples made with that great fabric. Love the different patterns

  24. Lisa mendoza says:

    Decisions decisions on what to make first. Oh my gosh :/

  25. Cheryl Sue says:

    This is absolutely fantastic news. The possiblitlies in my crafting has just jumped a 10-fold! Thanks Tim!

  26. Robin says:

    Love, love, love the fabric! Do you know who is going to sell retail? I want to order after seeing Tammy’s project!

  27. Karen Elenbaum says:

    Get Out! OMGosh can’t wait until it comes out.

  28. Laura Plunk Davis says:


  29. Congratulations on the new fabric line! These prints are going to be ‘sew’ fun to play with!

  30. Kathleen Lundman says:

    Wow Tim! Fabric – who knew? Well a lot of people must have known, but I’m so glad that you shared with us now and am sooooooooooo impressed with the fabric designs! I learned how to sew my own clothes when I was about 13, so my mind was racing when I saw your designs and wondering what I could make with this fabric. I don’t quilt, so hopefully we can buy by the yard because I’m thinking about throw pillows, slip covers, and some funky Steampunk outfits to go with my new top hat that I treated myself to! Can’t wait to see these fabrics in person and want to congratulate you on this milestone. Smart move, Tim. So proud of you. I’m 65 with a mind like a person in their 40’s, and I say that in a motherly way! My son is probably the same age as you or close to it! You have done well.

  31. MIYAKE says:

    wow! aweseome!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait!!!!

  32. Lisa Sackett says:

    Ah-mazing! I love it!! I’m late to commenting due to my hectic schedule right now, but I’m so excited! I’ve been frazzled working on my son’s graduation & college prep — but I’m thinking how cool this would be for a quilt for college!!!! You are da MAN!!!

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