being arizona tourists…

photo1it’s funny how having friends come to visit makes you take time to enjoy your everyday surroundings.  this past week we did exactly that with our friends gary & glenda from south africa during their first visit to arizona!  it was an awesome time of fun, food, and friendship.  there is so much to see in our beautiful state – here are a few highlights of our arizona adventures…


day one: we took a scenic drive up through the mountains to my favorite hillside town of jerome, arizona.  this eclectic ghost town actually has several quaint shops, unique restaurants, wine bars, and views of the verde valley.  we stopped for lunch at the haunted hamburger, a little shopping and some wine tasting…

pano sedona

we made our way down the mountain to spectacular sedona, arizona.  this red rock wonderland is simply a breathtaking experience for anyone who encounters it’s beauty.  the amazing formations that jet out from the earth up to the skies in majestic proportion, and the most incredible thing is that your surroundings seem to change based on your viewing perspective.  gary couldn’t get enough of this and we literally turned the car around 5 different times to drive back through sedona stopping along the road so he could take photos.  he was so into capturing his panoramic photos that i started calling him “professor pano” – it was really funny to see how excited he was each time he captured a different view (great photos gary)…


arizona is truly amazing with the various vegetation throughout the state from the cactus of the desert to the pines of the mountains. taking time to literally stop to see the flowers (even though they grow on cactus here) is a beauty all it’s own…


day two: today we decided to stay in our hometown of prescott, arizona and do a little shopping, spend time in the studio, and simply enjoy our time together.  it was great fun to share all of the new products released this year and i couldn’t resist literally filling up glenda’s suitcase with the latest distress, sizzix, stampers anonymous, idea-ology, and a new stella light.  after all, they are always such gracious hosts to us during our visits to south africa so i was happy to show appreciation in return…


no doubt the most anticipated part of each day were the evenings.  after being out all day, we would return home and mario would start creating the most incredible meals with gary keeping him company in the kitchen, and glenda and i sneaking away to the studio.  he wowed us with homemade everything including: bbq ribs, brisket, salad, carnitas, fajitas, guacamole, salsa, penne paste, chicken parmesan, and the amazing grilled cheese with bbq, macaroni & cheese, carmelized onions…bravo mario!  of course one of the perks of having friends visit from south africa were the amazing wines they brought.  there’s nothing better than sharing great food and wine with friends that’s for sure…

canyon canyon1

day three: we hit the road in the morning to make our way to the grand canyon – the highlight of the trip.  it was a perfectly sunny day with beautiful blue skies, the perfect backdrop for the spectacular views of the canyon.  this was only my second time visiting this national wonder and it was still breathtaking.  we spent the afternoon hiking about 3 miles along the south rim of the canyon and enjoyed lunch at bright angel…


the scenery was nothing short of amazing so mario and i decided to hike out on a cliff overlooking the canyon and this photo was totally worth it – wow!  an incredible finale to a great visit with our friends, and a reminder to “remember the now” more often…t!m

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  1. Pat Randall says:

    Hi Tim, can’t believe you live in Prescott!! Just in my own backyard. I have just become familiar with your products,and am SLOWLY learning techniques by watching your videos…they are so helpful!! Keep up the good work! I love your products and there’s so much to learn and have fun with. 🙂

  2. Georgia Zatto says:

    I love our beautifully unique state! Thank you for posting some pictures of the places I love and have visited many times for they put a big smile on my day! I am a born and raised Phoenician who has visited every nook and cranny of the state. I love that evertime you look out that there is a spectacularly amazing color pallete color to be had such as the sunsets that are straight out of Hevean with dusty rose and purple mixed with brightests of gold and oranges to be had, to the many shades of green in the plants like silver green, purple-green of some prickly peay not to mention its bright magenta tasty fruit, or the lively bluest with a t,ouch of bright green Blue Palo Verde. Do I see certain colors in your line from looking out around Prescott and elsewhere for color lines? Many of them remind me of the canyons, deserts, forest, and Native American dyes,
    Thank you for sharing I miss the short drive from PHX to your area, fore I live in Yuma now.

  3. Faye Touve says:

    Jerome and Sedona are some of my favorite places — we were there in September and loved every minute. Great photos! Also went to the Grand Canyon and Canyon de Chelly. Arizona is awesome. It’s always fun to host friends – probably the only time we go into San Antonio to the River Walk!

  4. Cheryl H says:

    I had to take a closer look at the food. The grilled cheese…awesome! And so happy to see you use Fiesta dishes which are manufactured by another great USA company!

  5. Judith Strausbaugh says:

    WOW! What amazing and beautiful scenery. You live in a most beautiful place. Mario: The food looked so delicious. You can cook for me anytime. How wonderful to have great friends to share all this with. Thanking you for sharing your times together.

  6. Vee says:

    Those pictures are amazing! Always wanted to visit Arizona. thanks for sharing those photos.

  7. Marge McGuire says:

    It looks like everyone had a wonderful trip to some of my very favorite places! Even after having been here for 3 years in Arizona my heart still skips several beats when looking a photos of such magnificent scenery. One cannot even begin to comprehend the views or take them in-still takes my breath away even driving down the street. Wish I had been to your wonderful dinner feast! Mario must be a marvelous chef-an art form in itself. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  8. Paula McCune says:

    What Fun!

  9. Genevieve Payne says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! These photos are amazing, from the magnificent Grand Canyon to Mario’s amazing cooking skils and the suitcase to die for!!! The State of Arizona is now on my bucket list. Thanks for showing us around!!

  10. Seahag says:


  11. Julie says:

    My cousins, who live in Buckeye, have a cabin in Prescott. Haven’t been there in years….loved your photos.

  12. Connie Brooks says:

    Isn’t GOD a great artist?

  13. cheryl c says:

    you made me lonesome for AZ! You have some terrific friends.

  14. Midnight Stamper says:

    I’ve never been to Arizona – those pictures are spectacular! Mario – what an amazing feast! I have to say I’d be beyond thrilled if my bag got mixed up with Glenda’s at the airport!! So many awesome new products!! 🙂

  15. Kathleen Lundman says:

    Thanks for sharing your pics and stories with us! So many great places to see in this country and a lot of them are still FREE to see! I live to see Pike’s Peak right out my front door every day. The view is always a little different each time. That’s what makes it so great! Love my Colorado home and great friends. Come to visit us some time too, Tim and Mario!

  16. Paulette S. says:

    Breathtaking photos, Tim! And that food! Oh my. Now, I want to go to AZ. LOL

  17. Hi Tim ! glad you had a great time. I recognized the rock you and Glenda were standing on. I remember being there . there is nothing like being there and seeing the awesomeness of the Grand Canyon. ( 2-3 yrs ago). my fear of heights really got to me while there. and the pic of you and Mario on that outcrop took my breathe away. PS. I ok now. lol. cool pic. I would love to see the canyon again. take my adult kids with me. if you want some company. let me know. lol. I would love to taste those ribs too that mario makes. lol. have fun

  18. What fabulous photos, and what a beautiful place you live in. I see places in America I would like to see, but didn’t realise they were all in Arizona. Just gorgeous. Oh and what I wouldn’t give to borrow that suitcase!!!!!

  19. Darlene P says:

    As I was scrolling through the pictures, I immediately recognized Sedona. I haven’t been to Arizona in quite some time, and looking at the photos makes me wish I could come visit you!

  20. Tim, I am always amazed by your generous spirit. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs with your followers. I also enjoyed your descriptive dialogue of the visit.

  21. Patricia B says:

    WOW!! How spectacular!! It’s always funny how one forgets what an amazing place we live in, until someone comes to visit. It appears fun was had by all, what an amazing adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us. Love ya’

  22. Love this share of your beautiful state and wonderful times with your friends. My husband and I were blessed and surprised a few years ago by the congregation we pastor when they sent us on a weeks vacation to Sedona, Arizona. They rented us a convertible so as to enjoy every view of this amazing part of our country. We could not get enough of the scenic views that seem to be around every turn of the road or the trails that we hiked everyday. We visited the Grand Canyon and never would I have expected the feeling we had when we first walked onto the platform at the beginning of our journey. It hit us with such AWE we could not even speak. It must have impacted the other 25 to 30 people who were there with us because as everyone who stepped out to have their first look were totally silenced by the canyons breathtaking formation and size. Couldn’t get enough. My husband was a daredevil and went out on as many places as was possible to get to for a photo, giving me a few near fatal heart attacks LOL. We were gifted with a hot air balloon ride in Sedona as the congregation knew that it had always been a dream of
    mine to take a hot air balloon ride. Wonderful time. So desire to go back and bring my grandchildren to see all the beauty of your state.

    I have one regret and that is I was not into the Tim Holtz Mixed Media world yet. Totally unaware of that attraction or would have loved to have seen the studio. And how much would it cost to hire you Mario for one of your amazing looking meals. Tim it is not fair to tantalize our sense with these pics and us not be able to enjoy them

  23. Kelley_R says:

    Jerome is a fun town to visit! I want to go back some day. Prescott is a great place to visit, I was there last summer over the 4th of July. And there is no way I would go out on that rock for a photo shoot at the Grand Canyon. The closest I got was to be able to say I looked down and saw the bottom…of the other side. 🙂

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