back from germany & the netherlands…

hey bloggers!  long time no blog – too long actually.  i've been home trying to get everything caught up from being gone so long since cha.  yesterday i spent some time trying to upload my video blog from germany only to get an error in the file and then….GONE!  ugh!  it's hopeless, the video file just vanished, back-up or not, just vanished…  oh well, i can still share the highlights of my trip with you and a few photos i captured.  at least i managed to post a couple of times from germany so that's a good thing…

the trip was good, very long, lots to do, very cold, minimal sleep, but still an adventure!  i'm happy to be home for a week before heading out for another international journey.  last year was definitely filled with great international travels, but for the rest of 2010 it's one canada trip, and many, many US trips, workshops, store visits, and a few surprise appearances at some events i've never done before – definitely a year of new possibilities.  i'm still trying to take in all of the great opportunities and excitement from cha.  it always seems to go by in a blur!  i always wish i had more time to walk the show, visit with industry friends, but the minutes just vanish…

just want to thank all of the wonderful people i got to meet during my travels at the paperworld show, kkd, and the store visits i had the opportunity to make in germany and the netherlands.  thank you all for sharing your excitement, kindness, and creative spirits.  also thanks again to blanche for the fun qvc stop – seriously, it was filled with lots of great fun and memorable laughs (the streisand moment will remain a classic).  the visit to the castle was another highlight for me, wow to think i was at the very castle that inspired my inspiration…walt disney…the visit had more meaning than i ever imagined!  

okay an admission of guilty pleasure whenever i travel there is an app on my iphone called shazam!  the most amazing piece of iphone technology ever.  you simply launch the app wherever you are whenever a song plays on the radio, in a store, anyplace you hear a song that you want to know what it is and who sings it.  within seconds the phone listens to a few notes of the song and tells you the title and artist – I LOVE IT!  i shazammed in japan, and yes i shazammed in germany.  i think the tunes in europe are so cool and yes, they are available here but don't get much airplay.  so here were my shazam's for this trip:
-james morrison "broken strings"
-the coverband "fight for this love"
-nik kershaw "wouldn't it be good" (yes this is an old 80's tune i totally forgot about)
-jay sean "do you remember"
-jason derulo "in my head"
-iyaz "replay" (this song it stuck in my head right now – sad but true…)

well it's back to work getting everything put back together in the studio.  samples everywhere, supplies scattered around, and boxes to still open.  happy to be back blogging…t!m

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