almost home…

hello there everyone!  well after a 9 1/2 hour flight from rome, we landed in philly with an overnight stop (due to our connecting flight back to arizona being cancelled).  we are on the first flight tomorrow morning to get home, catch up on some much needed rest, and get back to work in the studio.  this means the november tag will not be posted tomorrow on the 1st, but instead will be posted on monday november 4th…

we had the most amazing adventure in tuscany that i simply cannot wait to share with all of you.  i will be sharing the details of our journey with a series of blog posts filled with lots of photos starting tuesday so be sure to check the blog each day next week – talk about a dream trip of a lifetime…

i’m also excited to get back to the studio to see my new work surface that our neighbor art has been working on since we’ve been gone.  he sent me a few photos of the progress and it’s finished: table cut, base built, painted, distressed, and assembled in the studio (and even the letterpress is all put back) thanks art!  we have another early morning flight tomorrow, but we’re almost home…t!m

table1 table2 table3 table4 table5table6

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154 Comments to “almost home…”

  1. Jenni B says:

    That looks really cool! Well done Art. I bet you can’t wait to play on/with/at your new table Tim 🙂

  2. Nancy D. says:

    Wowza!…LOVE the new table!

  3. Sue from Colorado says:

    Wow! Art is a magician.

  4. Lisa Byers says:

    wow that is beautiful

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