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Alcohol Ink Eggs by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comsometimes the simplest things can transform into the most amazing ones. today i want to show how to create colorful faux marbled eggs from those cheap plastic eggs.  i’ve always seen these plastic eggs in funky colors, but this year was the first time i’ve seen them in plain white (hobby lobby), perfect for inking.  so put away the vinegar and those fizzy colored tablets, and break out your favorite colors of alcohol inks and have fun…t!m

supplies used:

  • surface: white plastic eggs
  • alcohol inks: raspberry, purple twilight, pool, butterscotch, citrus
  • metallic mixatives: gold
  • blending solution
  • tools: ink applicator tool, replacement felt

Raspberry Alcohol Ink (IE|SSS)
Purple Twilight Alcohol Ink (SSS|IE)
Pool Alcohol Ink (IE|SSS)
Butterscotch Alcohol Ink (SSS|IE)
Citrus Alcohol Ink (SSS|IE)
Alcohol Ink Mixative Gold (IE|SSS)
Alcohol Blending Solution (IE|SSS)
Ink Applicator Tool (IE|SSS)
Alcohol Ink Applicator Refill (IE|SSS)
Craft Sheet (SSS|IE)

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170 Comments to “alcohol ink eggs…”

  1. Heather Doute says:

    I’ve done these before…but here’s a tip. Sand the middle plastic edging, it make’s the illusion of an egg even better.

  2. Julia Aston says:

    LOVE the cute carrots – and I’m so glad you showed the alcohol ink eggs again – I found some white plastic eggs this year – but forgot how you had done them – so you saved me from searching your blog! Thanks for the fun Easter ideas!!

  3. juli Riedel says:

    Going to make this weekend! Love alcohol inks!

  4. Bridget Haig says:

    Holey moley, wow I cant wait till Monday to try this, I wonder how it would look on colored eggs. I plan on cutting the back half if a basket off and giving it a fake flat back and hot glue eggs into it for my door. Now I can make my eggs really cool looking. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Antoinette says:

    Tim can I use real eggs that have been blown out? I just love love these

    Thank you

  6. Antoinette says:

    Tim can I use blown out real eggs? I love the idea of a real shell.

    Thank you

  7. Victor Lopez says:

    I started using your alcohol inks with the applicator on ceramic tiles and it looks amazing ,but, the felt pads leave a lot of little fibers behind and ruin the look of the tile, do you have a fix for this problem or a suggestion on a different material to use? The Tim Holtz pads are too cotteny and just shed to much. Would appreciate any help, thanks.

  8. Wanda Colangelo says:

    I already had all the inking supplies so after watching the tutorial i drove to Hobby Lobby and purchased 4 bags of those plastic white eggs. They turned out beautifully (I actually have quite a few alabaster eggs and these look better!!). I posted some photos of my eggs on Facebook and have had countless people ask me for the technique…I’ve been happy to refer them to this website. Thanks Tim–these eggs are truly gorgeous.

  9. Lisa says:

    These are so cool. I bought what I thought were the same eggs from HL, but they have little holes in them in either end. Were yours like that too? I mean, hopefully they still look as good, but just thought that was strange. LOVE your I mean PLAY. 🙂

  10. Cheri Eiduke says:

    Did someone try it with the colored eggs? So far that’s all i have found

  11. Ruthie says:

    Has anyone actually tried this on a colored egg? I’ve a box full of them.

  12. Tommye Bell says:

    My granddaughter and I did this a couple of years ago. She loved it. Got really inky…but they turned out so beautiful. I think we’ll do this again this year. Love the darker outlines you got by swiping the ink around! I need to put my alcohol inks OUT so I’ll see them and use them more. They are very awesome! TFS

  13. Judy B says:

    What a fun project Tim. Love that this looks like marble when you’re done. Thanks for sharing the video.

  14. Sandy Small says:

    That is so cool. I tried alcohol ink on the colored eggs, did not like how it turned out. Of course, it could have been the coloras I chose.

  15. Sandra Nosek says:

    How fun is this? I love it!

  16. Kim says:

    Very Innovative! Look really cool.

  17. Sally Miller says:

    I LOVE these eggs!


  18. Lynn Milewski says:

    Found white eggs at Wal-mart today. $1.98 for 12. These are not the plastic eggs to put candy in.

  19. Nikki C says:

    Those are just amazing !!!

  20. so cool, guess I need to head to hobby lobby now 🙂

  21. Love, love love it 🙂 Must try that 🙂

  22. Carol P says:

    Leave it to you to make ordinary Easter eggs into something marvelous! Thanks for sharing…will be headed to my local HL to check it out even though I have no young kids at home anymore.

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