a week at ranger…


you would think after 12 years of working for ranger that a visit to the company headquarters in new jersey wouldn’t seem exciting, but it honestly it’s like a visit to the  “wonka” of creativity.  the factory was buzzing with machines working away and the hard working crew at ranger making, labeling, packing, and shipping all of the new product releases.  i loved seeing piles of the new cracked pistachio and abandoned coral distress ink pads being made…

distress2 distress1

the week was busy with meetings and product development for the coming year.  as creative director for ranger i oversee the creative direction for all products, labels, packaging, photography, and advertising for the company.  i certainly don’t do this alone and work hand in hand with the art department, brand strategist, marketing and sales at ranger to keep the creative magic alive.  while i was there it was fun to share the new march distress color with them, and mario managed to capture a sneak peek photo below…


what…you didn’t actually think i was going to spoil the surprise did you?  the new colors are announced the first friday of each month (friday, march 6th is just a few weeks away).  hope you’re loving these new additions to the distress palette as much as i am – here’s to #distress2015…t!m

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253 Comments to “a week at ranger…”

  1. Pamela says:

    Very clever that you did that in black and white! Regardless, I’m sure that the new color will be a welcome addition to the collection. Loved the Coral….Hoping for a new grey this year.

  2. Love the new colors of Distress Ink!!

  3. Kim says:

    I am dying for all of the new colours. It’s like the best and worst part of christmas. I love surprises but I don’t like waiting. Hoping to see some awesome bold bright colours and a couple of greys. Hint hint. Keep up the amazing inspirations and creations and thank you for improving my pieces with your fantastic products.

  4. Jenni B says:

    The new colours are STILL sold out in my craft store. Now waiting impatiently for the next order to come in. I can’t wait for the new colour next week 🙂

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