a constructive weekend…

hey bloggers…hope you enjoyed your weekend.  it was so nice to have a long weekend to finally take care of several projects around the studio that i’ve simply been too busy to do.  i spent the first 2 days cleaning and organizing all of my teaching and creative supplies in the supply closet in the studio.  there was tons of old stuff that i just haven’t used so it was time to purge and just get rid of it.  lucky for me, i could call my teacher friend mary who was delighted to come by and pick up another load of papers, and embellishments that the teachers can use with their students, it’s always awesome to do that.  now all of my remaining supplies are labeled and organized on the metal shelving so it will be easier to find stuff, and more functional to ship supplies for teaching next year…

next we started cleaning out the garage and shed (major project) so of course things were discovered that i completely forgot i had (has that ever happened to you)?  as you know, i am always on the hunt for vintage treasures, and sometimes my obsession overtakes the practical use for everything…imagine that.  well i discovered a box of huge wooden letterpress blocks i bought over a year ago because it was too good of a deal to pass up (and i have this thing for vintage type), and just like that, i had this idea to use them on my studio table under the glass top.  why not???  so mario and i cleared off the table, removed the glass top, and the amazing transformation took place.  i absolutely love this so much – it makes me happy to look at it…

now of course the quest begins to find more old wood letterpress of all fonts and sizes to eventually fill the table completely under the glass with type.  so if you know of any good places to find them, please do share.  in fact after mario posted a pic of this on facebook, i already got a few emails from people offering to send me some of their own stash of blocks to go in the table – how cool is that???

lastly i decided it was time to decorate for christmas, but since i still have a few more things to finish up i’ll share the outcome later this week…t!m

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