2018 Sneak Peek: Tonic Studios…

welcome to day 2 of the 2018 sneak peeks!  today features tonic studios with the latest release of new cutting tools, trimmers, travel stamp platform and the glass media mat (a creative game changer).  these products debut at the Creativations trade show and start shipping to your local or online craft retailer starting in february through april.  check out the replay of Facebook LIVE to learn more, and take a closer look below…t!m





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138 Comments to “2018 Sneak Peek: Tonic Studios…”

  1. Joyce Colagiovanni says:

    Love, love, love the new media mat! Can’t wait to get it. It’s a dream come true for those of us who do not have a lot of work space. I thought it was also priced well. Tim is a a good demonstrator.

  2. Jessica Bavier says:

    The media mat looks amazing! So excited for it! My only thought was, is there any possibility of there being a left handed orientation? I’m a lefty and usually just have to flip things upside down and make them work, but it would be fabulous to have a version where the rulers and logo weren’t upside down. Still a must have either way!

  3. Eileen says:

    OMG I just LOVE the Glass Media Mat! I have a craft desk but like you I end up only working in a small space right in front of myself while everything else slowly creeps in the way. Just having the mat lifted up a bit would be amazing as my space would forever stay MY SPACE!

    Also love the travel size stamp platform. It’s the perfect size to set up and leave for stamping my Christmas tags (because I never make enough the first time round) while I use the larger stamp platform for my Christmas cards.

    Let’s not forget the smaller guillotine cutter, I have one but will give it up in a heart beat for a new one from Tonic Studios. What I love best about the new one is the finger holds all the way down the side of the blade so my paper won’t move as I cut it.

    There are SOOO many must haves in this release!! Thank you Tim & Tonic Studios!!!!

  4. Sherry T says:

    I know, I feel your pain…most people only think about the handles, they do not realize that the blades are left and right handed too. Maybe one of these days…

  5. Cindy K. says:

    Once again, Tim; genius! I am soooo getting my hands on a media mat and accessories set, ASAP! (Question: Did you mention the price point for the media edge and scraper and I just miss it?) Would you mind telling me again? Thanks!!

  6. AKAST says:

    Love new tools. Media mat intriguing. Wish I knew stamp platform was coming in travel size. Like it, but mostly make atcs and small paper tends to slip around and not stay straight. It can’t hold many magnets needed. Also lid tends to lift out of channel when opening if you don’t keep it totally straight. I have also had clear stamps fall off of the lid. I would have to give the other one away and don’t have a lot of funds.

    I love the new black tools. Can u use the silicone mat separately like the brown existing mat to see colors better, etc.

  7. Jane Hunt says:

    Absolutely back into creativity I would love the media mat. My red handled scissors still perform as expected, thank you TONIC.

  8. myrna sweet says:

    So frickin Cool. I want the new craft glass media mat. Your price point is perfect!

  9. Kath says:

    Oh, my GOSH!!! That media mat is a must, must, MUST have, Oh,I wish it was available right now!

  10. Vicky says:

    The media mat is a life saver! I was actually considering buying a desk with tempered glass; now I don’t! have to! This makes me so happy!

  11. OMG AWESOME … love that work space !!! You da man Tim !!

  12. Diane says:

    The glass mat looks amazing…. how about a version for those of us who are left-handed?

  13. vickie says:

    That glass workspace is absolutely brilliant. I already work on glass, I have been using glass from frames, so this is just making my day. I got myself a craft mat, but I never like it as much as the glass surface, and it’s so big! The thickness of it will be much more stable than what I have. And the white bit is fantastic, you thought of everything. I painted my table white because you need a white background to put your paints on and mix the colours. And the 0 centre ruler is also great. I am forever trying to measure the centre of things and getting it wrong and was thinking about getting one of your special rulers, but I won’t need to now. I’m going to have to get myself one of these as it is a great version as against my made up version as I love working on glass. And this will also be easy to take across to the sink to give it a wash. I can see why you’re excited, I certainly am.

  14. Leslie Jones says:

    I always get so inspired by your new releases, but I don’t think I’ve ever been THIS excited!!! The media mat is divine!!! Got to figure out a way around the glare from the light for video but I LOVE it!! I will order it ASAP!!! Thanks so much!!

  15. Moonegirl says:

    So brilliant! It takes a long time crafter who has used all media’s to invent this fabulous product! The media mat is for us who make everything andget ink and paint up to our elbows and crowd ourselves out while creating. Really fantastic-and I, for one, want every single thing in my studio to be black and white so all the color pops. Major thumbs up to all your new stuff!!!

  16. Sandra Snowton says:

    This is so awesome, I thought I had everything I needed. I should have known Tim knows best

  17. Carol says:

    I so agree no one does anything in left handed.

  18. Lisa Sackett says:

    Always love your Tonic products! Yes!! So excited about the new glass mat! The travel platform and long guillotine are on my list too! You never fail to impress! Thanks Tim!

  19. SuzanD says:

    Totally drooling. The glass media mat is a must have!!

  20. Jan in Tucson says:

    Do you lay awake at night thinking up all these goodies???? AMAZING!!! See you at the show.

  21. Awesome as usual, Tim! Thanks. I just got the large stamping tool a few weeks ago. Love it!

  22. Nadya says:

    I’ve been wanting a Tonic Studios glass media mat for a while, glad I waited. This one is the whole box of chocloates and more…LOL. Can’t wait!

  23. Helen C says:

    I didn’t think I needed any more new tools; boy, was I wrong! Awesome video, Tim – thank you!

  24. barbara lassiter says:

    I have the Tonic 13 x 13 inch tempered glass mat and will not be ordering this one. However, it has been a “game-changer”, as Tim says! My work surface is always clean and ready to go and I love it. I use different media on it and it’s easy to clean. It’s not black, but that’s okay,too. I think the glass mat is my most favorite tool and highly recommend it! So if you don’t have one, Tim’s version would be great!

  25. Barbara K says:

    Fantastic preview! The media mat is awesome. Can’t wait to see more demos and ideas for use.

    I love my Stamp Platform and now have to have the travel size! Very cool….

    Thanks for taking the time to give us a heads-up on what’s new!

  26. Mary Ann Evans says:

    Love the media mat. If you need to use a single sided razor, get yourself a holder for it in a paint department. Safety first. I use them to scrape specks of paint when painting window trim.

  27. gela says:

    Wow pretty cool. Does your brain ever stop?! Just when you think you have seen it all . . . Bammm

  28. Steven Macari says:

    Wowser, can’t wait to get my hands on that media mat and accessories
    Another winner Tim.

  29. MMM says:

    I emailed the Tonic folks last year hoping for what I dubbed a Tiny Tim. My wishes have come true with the traveling stamping platform. The media mat is a must have also. Another home run.
    Left handed and not a problem with any of the Tonic tools.

    • Diane says:

      I think we have just learned to adapt. I switched to a left-handed keyboard about 8 years ago and it was a game changer for me. I love to watch a right-handed person use my keyboard and it is so awkward for them because they’ve never had to adapt. I would love a left-handed version of the mat because I know I want the white surface on my left.

  30. Jan Mancini says:

    That mat is a must have!!!! Tim always thinks of everything in the design. Just like I prefer his stamping platform to the MISTI, this is a notch above any other mat out there!

  31. Christy Q says:

    Love that mat!!! Thanks for sharing your creative vision and journey with us. That mat is tops on my wish list right now!

  32. Candy B. says:

    Thank you both! Really fun to have tools that make life easier. Checking to see who has preorder today. Can hardly wait to see what is next!!!

  33. Lacey Gasper says:

    Very cool selection of new tools!! I’m really intrigued by the mat

  34. Love the new color! That travel platform is just too stinkin cute! Now, the glass mat … you.are.right! Creative game changer! I absolutely have got to get me one of these! Love the raised edge, the media tools, the mess mat, and the grid under the mat! I also love that it’s white, and shows the true colors! Can I get one now? Please?

  35. Joan says:

    Wow!!!! More to add to my list.

  36. Mary M says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! I am so excited about the media mat! No more switching constantly between my cutting/measuring mat and my non-stick craft mat. And that watercolor palette on there is a stroke of genius. I will be stalking the stores for that one!! =) =)

  37. Those are awesome. I’m very much in need of a new paper trimmer. I HATE the one I have. I don’t have room for a large guillotine one so what you have come out with is perfect! I also need a non-stick mat. We are very low on crafting stores where I live and I have not been able to find one.

  38. Gayna says:

    Woop Woop. Loving the new glass mat and tools. That media area is so cool. Love the new stylish black, white and grey look to everything too.
    Go Tim!

  39. Sandy says:

    Fantastic! So excited to see some new things and looking forward to some fun purchases! Thank you

  40. Casey Ward says:

    Tim. Please, Please think about your left-handed crafters and artists. I would love to use a guillotine cutter or even your new glass work mat but they are set up for the right handed user. Yes I could turn the products upside down but that wouldn’t be safe or natural. You know what they say? Left handed people are very creative. Please help!!!

  41. Traci says:

    -SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED about the glass mat love love love. Of course I love everything else but the mat wowowoowow

  42. Glenda Dopking says:

    What a WONDERFUL release and a total “game changer” indeed in my world Tim! I never owned a stamp platform until yours came out. Got that for Christmas. So my birthday present will be a little late and it will be the Glass Media Mat and tool set to add later. I will travel with that to friends where we craft on dining room tables and will have no worries of ruining their tables. Please make sure we get a whole lot of these in Canada in February please! Many thanks for all your inspiration and design process that goes into all your fantastic products!

  43. Sue Irvine says:

    W O W S E R S ! !

  44. Sherry T says:

    Loving the glass mat, will they be coming out with a left handed version??? The numbers will all be upside down when I turn it around to work…I know I should be use to things like that because that is how it has been for years and years….but, one can hope…

  45. Susan Jung says:

    oh, la la – sexy black tools. love these!

  46. Bonnie says:

    That maxi guillotine and media mat are making me drool! I love the new black too in the line. Basic black is a good look on all!

  47. MichelleB says:

    Looks like DH is getting all my red tools so I can get all the new black ones! Love them!

  48. Shirl says:

    When will there be more of the media mats in stock. Thanks

  49. N. says:

    t o n I c sneak peek was fabulous; previous tools “re-envisioned” in sleek black and AMAZING new tools! Yep, game changer….! Can’t wait for shipping dates!

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