2018 Sneak Peek: Stampers Anonymous…

welcome to day 1 of the 2018 sneak peeks!  today features stampers anonymous with the latest release of new stamp sets, layering stencils, stamp storage sheets, and etcetera tags.  these products debut at the Creativations trade show and start shipping to your local or online craft retailer later this month through march.  check out the replay of Facebook LIVE to learn more, and take a closer look below…t!m






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127 Comments to “2018 Sneak Peek: Stampers Anonymous…”

  1. kimgyu says:

    Hooray…..tickets and postage stamps. I really like the vintage travel line. I can’t wait to uses those stamps and experiment with the new stencil lines. Mixed media projects here I come!

  2. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    love the ornate trims…and all the rest
    absolutely happy with the new stencils

  3. mjmarmo says:

    I need them. I want them. I LOVE them – yes all of them!

  4. Lisa says:

    You had me at bugs. And the numbers… and the tickets…

  5. Laura Cox says:

    Well there just went this months paycheck…..lol.

  6. Henriëtte says:

    Great stuff, I see already a lot of products I certanily put on my wish list!

  7. Liz Hardman says:

    Wonderful collection, so many cards for many occasions. Time to raid the piggy bank again

  8. Alison B says:

    Ouch! Another bank-breaking release – wow and congratulations!

  9. butterfly says:

    Ouch! Another bank-breaking release – wow and congratulations!
    Alison x

  10. Sue W. says:

    So much to love!

  11. Terri D says:

    Oh I see several that make me smile! Can’t wait to see what other goodness you’ll be showing! Way to go!

  12. Shirley Hall says:

    I always look forward to the new products reveal. Lots of ideas came to mind as I looked at each. I think my favs are the stencil tags. All are great! Can’t wait to see what is next.

  13. Leslie Kiley says:

    Tim, It never stops amazing me how wonderful your creative spirit is. I love all the tools you give us to create the coolest things. These stamps and stencils just make it so easy to be creative. Thank you.

  14. Jane Hunt says:

    They look modern. I think it is FAB to see your continual progression with manufacturing these products. I will enjoy more sneak peaks, THANK YOU

  15. Kath says:

    Steampunk! Blueprints! WOOT!

  16. Jenni B says:

    Wow Tim, you have been busy! What an amazing collectioneur of stamps, stencils, dies and folders. I cant wait to see the examples and get hold of the goodies. Have fun at the show.

  17. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for the insects and steampunk. Ted you listen

  18. Sheila Bacon says:

    Definitely want the composition lines, pennants, and number stamp sheets!!! What an array of stencils! Thanks for the sneak peak!!!

  19. octavia says:

    tim…I usually do not like picking favorites when it comes to your rubber stamps because I don’t want any of them to feel unloved, especially the originals…but those inventors just have me swooning!!!

    Is it wrong that out of all the sets you have released over the years…there are only maybe 6 or 7 that I haven’t purchased?!!!?

  20. Tera Callihan says:

    These are all fantastic, this may be my favorite release to date!!!! Thank you guys!! Ted and his team did an amazing job, you guys together keep me inspired!!! I’m going to have to start saving now, I can’t wait to order these!!!!!

  21. Tera F Callihan says:

    These are all fantastic, this may be my favorite release to date!!!! Thank you guys!! Ted and his team did an amazing job, you guys together keep me inspired!!! I’m going to have to start saving now, I can’t wait to order these!!!!!

  22. Diane says:

    Wow… I love the new stencils… thanks for the sneak peek!

  23. Karen H says:

    I will definitely pick up Theories. Pennants is such a cool idea. That Bouquet is Glorious. The Inventor series is beautifully done and right up my alley. Stamp Collector is PERFECT-another must-have. And those Cocktails!–but where’s my old-fashioned? (Whiskey, please). That is another great idea. A very impressive release. Well done!

  24. Ursula Pope says:

    Well what can I say, Glorious Bouquet is just ………. GLORIOUS!!! Sooo many possibilities! Cant wait to get my hands on it!!!! Also love Merchant and Ticket Booth, can never have too many stamps of numbers or tickets! Fantastic work once again! Thank you to all involved!

  25. Dianne says:

    Glorious is gorgeous

  26. Dria Finn says:

    I want…the inventor light bulb stamp and the mixed drinks

  27. Brandy says:

    Oooh the Inventor stamps are great!! I also like the entomology and trims sets. Can’t wait to get my hand on them and see some samples!

  28. Beulah Bee says:

    So impressed with Stamp Collection (I love tiny stamps)!

  29. Sue McRae says:

    Totally smitten with that glorious bouquet…stunning!

  30. TC says:

    So I have let #myhotpilot know he’s just going to be broke for a few months cuz I am so in love with it all. You are friggen brilliant

  31. Missed the “live” ( can you imagine that … was on the road)but saw video when I got home … WOW amazing stuff ! You and Ted where working it !! Love, love, love Theories 🙂

  32. Joy J. says:

    Thanks for the preview, Tim! Can’t wait to get those Happy Hour stamps!

  33. stick says:

    Wow, more fantastic stencils! 😀

  34. N. says:

    I am going to be SO poor when the releases are for sale…can’t say I need them, but certainly WANT them!

  35. Helen C says:

    Wow! Such a lot to look at and drool over. As soon as I saw “Theories”, I looked at the two characters on the right and immediately saw Agatha Christie’s ‘Poirot’ and his offsider ‘Hastings’ or perhaps it’s ‘Inspector Japp’? Definitely on my wish list!

  36. marileew says:

    Wow, just love the wine and beer ones. And the stamp collector and mail art I can hardly wait for! Yay!

  37. Fatima says:

    So cool and creative! I can’t wait to see the samples and the next products… pure awesomeness!

  38. Wow! So many favourites! I love that huge stamp with all the words; love the other stamps; love the stencils; love the stamp storage sheets; love everything really. The only thing I don’t love is my limited budget!!!

  39. Theresa Grdina says:

    Whenever you say you have a new release I always think: I have everything I need and he cannot possibly come up with anything else….Then I see the release. OMG. THIS RELEASE IS FABULOUS!!!!

  40. Coye Davis says:

    What is the address for the show in Phoenix?…from Coye in Glendale, Az.

  41. Bonnie says:

    Wow…. wow…. wow!!!!!!! So many I want… and this is just the stamps! I can’t wait to see the other things you are previewing!

  42. wendy b says:

    Awesomeness Tim, Ted and SA design team! Fabutistic release, all must haves in my book! I am thinking I will be alright with no more blueprints if you keep adding to the inventor lines, OMGoodness, those are just delicious! xo Loved seeing your fine inking skills, too, Mario! You need to make Tim share more often, lol.

  43. Gayle Hodgins says:

    Holy Batman!

  44. lorena b. says:

    Pretty much just broke my “no more stamps” pact with myself. **who was I kidding anyway LOL

  45. Pam Bray says:

    Super cool stamps and stencils…see several I think I might just need!!!

  46. Victoria says:

    Oh, my, I need so many!!

  47. Laura Jane Melohn says:

    Love them all!

  48. Heidi says:

    G L O R I O U S !!!

  49. Patty Gracey says:

    So much to love here! I’ll have to start a wish list and work on it gradually. Great job Tim and Stampers Anonymous!

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