2018 Sneak Peek: Sizzix Alterations…

welcome to day 4 of the 2018 sneak peeks!  today features sizzix alterations with the latest release of new dies including framelits, thinlits, bigz steel rule, and the debut of new 3D texture fades and impresslits to take your creativity into another dimension.  these products debut at the Creativations trade show and start shipping to your local or online craft retailer in february through april.  check out the replay of Facebook LIVE to learn more, and take a closer look below…t!m






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85 Comments to “2018 Sneak Peek: Sizzix Alterations…”

  1. Christine says:

    I have a scrapbooking crop this weekend that I’ve been preparing for the last few months by searching the stores & internet for “just the right” embellishments. I’m so excited to see the that those pages I was planning to leave partially finished won’t have to stay that way much longer. Thank you Tim for your amazing creative sense!

  2. Julia Aston says:

    Love the envelope, the wood plank pieces, the new house facade and wonderful layered flowers!

  3. Karen Wedding says:

    Very cool. I especially love the wood plank dies. I could see a lot of use out of those.

  4. My head is spinning with all of the wonderful things this year Tim!! Wowee!!!

  5. Sandra F says:

    Lots of goodness here

  6. Barb O. says:

    Love, love, love the new 3D ! Can’t wait to get them and try them on cards. They look so cool. It’s amazing how you come up with these new crafting products, Tim.

  7. Kath says:

    Oh the temptation!!!!! Love the the village accessories!!! Love the Multi-size Labels!!!! Texture fades and Steel Rule Rule!!! 3D 3D Delightful!!! I am SO impressed with Impresslits !!!!! Want Want Want Want WANT!!!!!!

  8. Lorrie S. says:

    WoW! I am sos looking forward to the 3D Impresslits. I love watching these sneak peaks so very much, too. Thanks Tim and Mario.

  9. Debbie E says:

    You never cease to amaze me! Seriously a die and a texture fade in one, you named it correctly..impressive! It reminds me of the double mint gum commercial…double your pleasure, double your fun..it’s two, two in one!
    I was hoping you would continue with dies for the dwellings and you did not disappoint! Love the Bigz wood plank die; sure which the set included a texture fade. If I use tthe 3D texture fade with the plank die, would it achieve the same look as you showed on your Facebook video? Please keep designing the Bigz dies, love the versatility they provide, it would be a shame to see them disappear. You have taken the art world by storm; thank you, carry on and CREATE,,

  10. Eve says:

    Your collection of 3D folders are all AMAZING! Love those, Love the woodgrain, so in details!

  11. Mary P says:

    Love! Need the village windows! Can’t wait for 3D cut and emboss!!

  12. Roxanne L. says:

    Love all the new products coming out! The hard part is WAITING, for all these goodies to be for sale! ugh….. Totally enjoyed yesterday’s livecast on FB. Fun fun! TFS!

  13. diana says:

    I am a total sizzix girl and have been a fan of 3D folders for a long time…. I am simply ecstatic over yours!! seriously loving this new release!! and so are my customers!!!! WOOHOO

  14. Sue W. says:

    I gotta have that ephemera die! I have an album that I started almost 4 years ago now of our trip to Japan when we took my late mother-in-laws ashes home. So. Much. Stuff. was collected and I was overwhelmed with it. This is just what I need to get that album finished.

  15. Karen L K says:

    Wow! Such fun and so impressive with all the special things about these dies. How in the world do you think of them all.

  16. DollyH says:

    It took me an hour to recover from this exhilarated facebook live. Wow what great products. It is a good thing they are not released at the same time. Now I can try and save some more because I want them all. Thanks Tim, Mario and everyone at Sizzix.

  17. Belinda says:

    3D clocks and barometers and thermometers… oh my! Tiered cakes and snowy scenes and faces of planets….. the whole world just opened up!

  18. Kim C says:

    Trying to carch my breath! The 3 D is off the charts awesome. I am sitting here thinking your next run could include a set of Edison bulbs? And could we get some copper metallic paper? I am off to get a second job now…..

  19. Mary W P says:

    OMG!!! The wood plank dies! The 3-D Gears and Riveted Metal!
    Be still my Steampunk lovin heart!!

  20. tiffany kou says:

    Oh my I love all the flower dies too cute ^~^ how can I resist ^~^

  21. Dria Finn says:

    WOW. the shells. the 3d boarders. and the tickets.

  22. Blake J Holt says:

    Hey! The dies are very cool but the 3D embossing folders man they are out of this world thanks for sharing!
    Greeting from Florida to you and Mario


  23. lacyquilter says:

    Ahhh, if only I were rich!

  24. Diane Christensen says:

    Thank you , Thank you , Thank you. All the creative products you are bringing us, all I can say is how happy we are to have you in our art world!!! I can’t wait to use some of these amazing products!! Can’t wait to see all your samples, so excited!! This is going to be a great 2018!! Thanks again for all your hard work!!

  25. Cathy R says:

    Wow, love the look of these flower dies, and the 3D texture fades and dies look amazing!

  26. Brandy says:

    Wowzers! I love all of the travel themed dies especially the ticket and stamp set! And the cut and emboss sets that create German scrap is amazing! Love the release!

  27. danee kaplan says:

    You broke me on Sizzix. I was doing pretty well keeping my dreams moderate throughout the rest of the releases. I loved a lot but I was being pretty good. But so much of this release is new and innovative. I am dying over the Dresden papers and the tickets. The 3D floral background. So many fun things

  28. scrapscrapthat says:

    Tim it’s unreal! once again this should be an innovation winner for Creativation!

  29. Marci says:

    It is so fun watching you present the new items. You have me so excited to see the samples and get my hands on these, like the shadow words, the Dresden dies, 3d embossing folders, the layering dies and on and on. Hurray!!!

  30. Susanne N says:

    You never stop amaze me! I want so many products of your new line, as always! Great job and thank you for all the hard work you all put in to this!

  31. Ahhhhhhh! I can’t EVEN! You’re killing me! LOL! SO much goodness in here! Those 3D dies are crazy! Can’t wait for the Sidekick Side Orders. My head is still spinning from yesterday!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…BRAVO TEAM TIM!

  32. Linda says:

    I’m at work and can’t watch the video until I get home. I LOVE the new dies, and the 3D texture fades . Looking forward to seeing them ship.

  33. Dorothy says:

    These are all so fabulous!! I’m so excited about the Dresden embossing/die cut sets, so genius. Also, I have a friend who’s buying me the smaller stamping platform with the case and all of the tissue paper. I am beyond excited!!

  34. N. says:

    One word…overwhelming and awesome….okay, it was three words! Love it all, to die for!

  35. I love dies! I love these dies! I need these dies! Budget says no but I still want them. Love the logs – great for masculine cards.

  36. Cerise Cherry says:

    Can one beg, “no more”? Too many goodies and hubby is beginning to get suspicious of all the goodies in my craft room. How does one choose?

  37. Doreen says:

    Very cool release!

  38. Lynn Milewski says:

    Oh My God!! Wood Plank Dies!! Can’t wait to get a hold of them!!

  39. Mary Gordon-Hagler says:

    I soooo want all of these but will have to edit it down or face eviction or divorce … brilliant designs Sizzix team❤️ and those dresden❤️❤️❤️❤️be still my heart

  40. AliceM in OKC says:

    so many wonderful things and so versatile also. i am especially in love the the German scrap or Dresden foil 3-d dies. very innovative!

  41. Annie says:

    Woohoo…Love them all…cant wait to see them in real life and have a play…saving already

    TFS and best wishes to you and the BTS

  42. NC_Donna says:

    Oh cool! You stepped up the German Scrap to the 3D! Yay!

  43. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    wow, love the 3d embossingfolders…

  44. Louise says:

    Absolutely stunning, love everything and so much easier on my bank account when the shipping is spread out lol

  45. Shelley Dodds says:

    You and your team have outdone yourselves!

  46. Steven Macari says:

    Oh La la la la, as they say here in France!!! So many great dies …… will be buying all year!!!

    Thanks for another creative boost

  47. Gayna says:

    I’m in love – I can’t begin to choose but how I’m going to wait until April for the 3D texture fades I don’t know. You’ve surpassed yourself Tim …. my poor bank balance!!

  48. Pam Bray says:

    Oh my goodness…not even sure where to start but grabbed a piece of paper and made me a list and checked it twice…Guess I will just order them all and throw the paper away! Great collection. Pam

  49. stick says:

    OMG, the wood plank dies!!!

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