2018 Sneak Peek: Sizzix Alterations…

welcome to day 4 of the 2018 sneak peeks!  today features sizzix alterations with the latest release of new dies including framelits, thinlits, bigz steel rule, and the debut of new 3D texture fades and impresslits to take your creativity into another dimension.  these products debut at the Creativations trade show and start shipping to your local or online craft retailer in february through april.  check out the replay of Facebook LIVE to learn more, and take a closer look below…t!m






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85 Comments to “2018 Sneak Peek: Sizzix Alterations…”

  1. Sheila Bacon says:

    3D dies..excellent! Can one have too many dies…never! The Sidekick..excellent for those who attend crops, etc. Love the other tools. The double sided adhesive sheets a must to use with small/intricate die cuts.

  2. Louise says:

    OMG. 3D is amazing! I’m thinking 3D alphabet would be cool. Can’t wait to try these and see what’s in the future!

  3. Denise Bryant says:

    Fabulous new dies! Love all the florals!

  4. Karen says:

    I love them all– but those darling flowers offer so much possibility— LOVE!

  5. Lydia pennicott says:

    OMG they are amazing,I want them all.

  6. Val P says:

    Just lovin the 3D dies. Who would have thought dies could get better? Evidently Tim Holtz!!

  7. Leslie Kiley says:

    You have outdone yourself! Amazing! Can not wait to create with all these wonderful things!

  8. Mikki says:

    When can I buy them. I already have 7 of them. Whats the price. So excited.

  9. Vina says:

    Whoa! I want it all but I’m especially excited for the 3D folders & 3D Impresslits! I can’t wait!

  10. So many new ideas and combinations: wouldnt it be cool to some how use the 3d embossing with the panel as walls for the little paper houses? Or as a roof? There is a small double panel on the sheet that already looks like a small door to me!

  11. Lisa Sackett says:

    Your Sizzix releases are always my favorite!! Everything is wonderful!! So many things to be excited about!!

  12. Candyce says:

    I don’t have a facebook account. Will these be on u-tube?

  13. Lis says:

    OMG! The detail of the 3d folders and impresslets are amazing! I love everything! Thank you TIM!

  14. Jenni B says:

    What a fantastic collection of dies and embossing folders, simply gorgeous! The 3D looks awesome and so many cool alterations. It just keeps getting better.

  15. octavia says:

    tim…I am so impressed [yes, pun intended]with the new sizzix release!!! I am simply amazed with how far dies have come…while I am still a big fan of the steel rules cutting ability,,,the detail of the thinlits have me drooling!

    Don’t even get me started on the “3-D” thing!!!

    Thank U so much for pushing the creative box & for taking us with you!!!:)

  16. Janine Bertone says:

    I desperately need to win POWERBALL….. fantastic…… love it all.

  17. Andrea frank says:

    Oh my!

  18. Are you kidding me? With each scroll, I drooled more & more! This has to be, by far, the best Alterations release yet (I know, I say that every year)! A lot of these are really speaking to the scrapbooker in me! Nice to see you’re dipping your toes into that part of papercrafting!

  19. Vicki Morris says:

    I want them all!

  20. Charlotta Due says:

    Wonderful! Those 3D German scraps borders are going to be fabulous for the dragons I make-just the thing I have been looking for in a die for years:-))))!

  21. Carol K says:

    more goodness, the 3D embossing folders are AMAZING!

  22. Lynda Adams says:

    They all look super awesome. Better start saving up now because it will be hard to choose.

  23. Lynda Adams says:

    Omg I can’t wait. They are all super awesome.

  24. Jean Marmo says:

    Love it all.

  25. Ok…the 3-d embossing folders!!! And I love the sea shell dies! Another great release,

  26. Lorraine says:

    Oh my gosh! You keep blowing my socks off…. I want EVERYTHING – especially those fantastic 3D Texture Fades and 3D Impresslets!!! The best thing about all your items is the level of quality. It is always there. Thanks for sharing these sneek peeks. Looking forward to the demos.

  27. deborah345 says:

    Wow wow and super wow! I will be broke at years end. Love love these things.

  28. Tammy Whitley says:

    I can not wait until all these sneak peeks become a reality!!!! I love it. This new stuff is awesome!!! Bring it on!!!

  29. Cindy Flynn says:

    So exciting! A budget buster

  30. sandy says:

    So much stuff…the bark pieces are fantastic

  31. Cindy Close says:

    Your last email link about the 2018 Sneak Peak Ranger Distress & Alcohol Ink leads to the 2017 sneak peak.

  32. Maureen Reiss says:

    Wow!!! Sooooo much good stuff!!! I need all the 3D stuff and the cottage fixer up dies and the bigs wood planks and… and…. and…I need it all!!!

  33. Anne Lou Robkin says:

    The greatest release EVER! Love the idea of the embossed elements! Very cool!

  34. Jan Metcalf says:

    Alterations are my favorites!!! And the 3D is awesome!!!

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