2018 Sneak Peek: idea-ology & Assemblage…

welcome to day 3 of the 2018 sneak peeks!  today features idea-ology with the latest release of new findings, fasteners, and papery items with the perfect amount of vintage.  these products debut at the Creativations trade show and start shipping to your local or online craft retailer early february.  i’m also exited to announce is the world-wide release of my Assemblage jewelry collection.  check out the replay of Facebook LIVE to learn more, and take a closer look below…t!m



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89 Comments to “2018 Sneak Peek: idea-ology & Assemblage…”

  1. Pam Gibbons says:

    Beautiful, interesting things open the door to a vast creative episode!

  2. Laura Cox says:

    Another set of amazing embellishments….just love everything!

  3. arlene p. says:

    Beautiful new things to play with!

  4. Marie-Anne Raeman says:

    cool thingies…..

  5. Charmaine says:

    So many great products – I am inspired to go home and get crafty tonight. Love all the collaging materials and charms.

  6. such heavenly new stuff!! It would be a dream to use these supplies. :o)

  7. Jan Metcalf says:

    Something for everyone!!


    Tim and Mario HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for all your creativity and ideas! I love it! Have a great NEw Year and I will keep watching your posts!

  9. Cynthia Millner says:

    OMGosh, so much to choose from . . . my mind is swirling with ideas.

  10. Jean Marmo says:

    I want it! I need it! I love it!

  11. Melody says:

    Wow, as a long time crafter, with an Ideology bent, I am not so easily surprised. But WOW.

  12. You have been a busy boy, haven’t you?! I couldn’t even begin to count my favorites. Bravo!

  13. Ursula says:

    Wow!!! So many awesome products! Absolutely love all the Collage Sheets!!! ……. and the Design Tapes!!! …..and Snarky Small Talk,
    can’t wait to read and make use of them!!!

  14. octavia says:

    tim…all I can say is “ohhhhh & awwwww”…love the new things you are adding to my creative arsenal!!!

    My hubby’s eyes began to glaze over as I was telling him about the discontinuation of tissue tape & the new collage paper being released along with the new patterns of design tape…not sure why he isn’t as excited as I am:)

  15. You totally outdid yourself on these!!! Awesome!!!

  16. Marissa M. says:

    oh my gosh!!!! THOSE CUFFS!!!! I’m so excited!

  17. Roxanne says:

    Wow….seriously wonderful full line of trinkets and crafting goodies. 🙂 TFS!

  18. shanti68 says:

    Hello. Everything is wonderful ! Great work.
    Can’t wait to get them in France !

    PS : some French translations are erroneous, but funny…

  19. Idea-Ology is always my favorite. I love the new frame toppers to go with the vignette boxes. Everything is wonderful…cant wait!

  20. Sue W. says:

    I see Christmas gifts with the Collage Frames! Perhaps on the Etcetera tags even!!

  21. Susan says:

    Lovely release as have they all been up to now. So love the snarky comments ..they’re hilarious , pity I use only Italian in my crafting but will buy a book just to make me smile. Great to hear that assemblage willl be worldwide we were so waiting for that here.

  22. Tee Hall says:

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any better… and it Does!! Very exciting sneak peaks!

  23. Cathy McKenna says:

    So many ideas are popping into my head!!!! I do keeping hoping to see some train or suitcase bits and pieces…..maybe in the fall

  24. Bonnie says:

    Dagnabit… I should just have them send half my paycheck to you… I am never going to save money if I keep checking your sneak peeks out! There are far too many things I want now!

  25. Wow! Love the collage papers and all the mixed media goodies. I’ve done a bit of mixed media and need to get back to it. Love this entire collection!

  26. Kim C says:

    Love, love, love the collage papers. Especially the vintage roses. I can hear them calling to me…

  27. stick says:

    Wow! So many possibilities!!

  28. Beth Davis says:

    So….TIM! How do I and where do I order the new 2018 paper dolls?

    Thank you!

  29. Reah Feiertag says:

    Everything looks like so much fun, but the foundry and butterfly Adornments…those WILL be mine !!!

  30. Sherry T says:

    YIPPEE!!! New Idea-ology STUFF! My heart is singing tonight as I am looking over everything…now on to the video to see everything up close and personal…do not know if I will be able to contain my excitement while watching the video…better set the coffee cup down or I might be wearing it instead of drinking it…ha, ha…

  31. Jen Crossley says:

    awesome range Tim once again

  32. Helen C says:

    Wow! You have certainly been busy – when do you have time to sleep? But seriously, some very cool stuff here!

  33. MichelleB says:

    Wow! So many lovely new things coming! You have been busy!!!

  34. Kelly K says:

    What a fun release, but the collage paper, story sticks and jeweled charms have definitely jumped to the top of my gotta have list!

  35. danee kaplan says:

    The Idea-ology always inspires me and excites me but this sneak peak is especially beautiful. I am in love with the more feminine and blinged items as a new fresh take on Tim Holtz’s grunge look.

  36. Karen G. says:

    What a great collection! I think my favourite items are…the collage papers, the vignette frames, the baseboards and the foam stamps…for now. When I get some of the items in my hands, I know that I will have a long list of “things I would like to have”. Thanks Tim.

  37. cheiron says:

    The fringe, the story sticks, the worn wallpaper, and the return of faucet knobs!!! What a fabulous release…and I need about a dozen of those snarky small talk…hilarious!

  38. Pamm Blanton says:

    Wow, another amazing release! I can’t wait to work with the new products and see all of the designers samples. So exciting!! Your enthusiasm really sells it.

  39. Corinne says:

    Absolutely love the design tapes, the vignette trims of various sorts and probably all of it, if Im willing to admit it. Bring on February!

  40. Barb in kazoo says:

    You had to throw KALAMAZOO in there didn’t you? How am I supposed to be good and restrain myself? Lol

  41. corinne braun says:

    I really love that script font! and those foliage stamps… WOW! it’s all good…

  42. Mary Ann Evans says:

    Love this new line! I have old photos in those frames from 1915 of my Mom and grandparents. Wouldn’t be great to have a stamp that says ‘circa’ in grungy typeface and then add old grungy numbers for the year. Thanks to you and Mario for doing these peeks. Can’t wait to see videos from Creativation.

  43. Chelle says:

    so so much deliciousness…thank you for an amazing release. love love love.

  44. kath stewart says:

    amazing amazing amazing…best Ideaology collection ever xxx

  45. Sheila Bacon says:

    Jewelry and wearable art are on the top of my to do list for 2018! Thus, I’m ecstatic that all that you’ve shown will be available in early Feb. 2018 so that I can get started on my creations. Plus, I make journals/books so I see so many of your new products that I can use! Thanks for the sneak peek so that I can start mentally creating!

  46. Margaret Ross says:


  47. Kathleen Deem says:

    Loooooove everything so far. Glad to see a nod to pretty, snarky and wine! I love tissue wrap and I’m excited about the new tissue. The water brush “cutting” is fabulous. Agreed there are enough planners out there to choose from and I have been happily using Tim Holtz products for mine. Very happy to see more. Question re foam stamps…Use the rubber side of the stamping platform? Love and thanks

  48. Victoria says:

    Fabulous new goodies!

  49. Sadye Takeshita-serotta says:

    Hi Tim & Mario… wow what a happy new year! All the exciting new items so so exciting! The Assemblage…. Omgoodness I saw the most amazing items on your Facebook live that I can’t wait to start a new JOURNEY of bracelets and wearable etc.
    wow you certainly are blessed when it comes to creativity and I can’t wait to create … best of all it’s coming out February that’s even better we don’t have to wait 6 mos down the line!
    Love … love the new releases … I know I am going to enjoy this new journey!!!! Hugs love you guys!

  50. Lori says:

    You are so talented!

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