2017 sneak peek – stampers anonymous stencils…

stencilwelcome to day 2 of the 2017 sneak peeks of products being released later this month at “creativation” (formerly CHA).  layering stencils have so many uses including inks, paints, pastes and more.  whether you’re creating mixed media projects or looking for ways to make awesome backgrounds on cards or journals, stencils are an important art tool.  thanks again to the team at stampers anonymous for making these designs a reality.  check out the latest release with stampers anonymous…t!m

watch the replay of today’s Facebook LIVE broadcast below:

stencil1 stencil2 stencil3 mini1 stencil4 stencil5 stencil6 mini2 stencil7 stencil8 stencil9 mini3

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129 Comments to “2017 sneak peek – stampers anonymous stencils…”

  1. Peggy ferro says:

    Best collection!!!

  2. Elaine Pierce says:

    I have- and love and encouraged my friend to order immediately- your new Distress Oxide inks. Are you going to release other of the Distress colors in Oxides later this year? Do you have a schedule for their release? Love the stencils; I see two collections that I’ll will order ASAP!Thanks!

  3. Rhonda C says:

    Beautiful! Can’t wait til they are available for sale!!!

  4. Elena Guadarrama Arellano says:

    hi Tim!! I finally found your Facebook page because it is so difficult to find your wonderful products in Mexico ?? I love what you do and your incredible equipment, but how can I buy your paintings, stencils, and downs ?? For those who do not have much money but much love to learn, how can we acquire your paintings, stencils and downs ??? Greetings to the incredible Mario, they are wonderful !!!

  5. Lori says:

    The Alpha stencil looks loke military text

  6. Julie W says:

    Wowwwww!!! The detail is amazing!!!
    Love those flowers the most!!!

  7. Leslie says:

    Stencil lust. Drool happening… is there a way we can get a discount if we buy every single productnofnevery single line you release? I feel like I do that every year!! So much great stuff?

  8. Chastity says:

    I “need” everyone of these.

  9. Christy Q says:

    Gorgeous stencils!! I love the fact that they add and your creativity is just amazing!

  10. Eve says:

    I looooove the mini ones. esp. the flowers! Def. on my list!

  11. Sheila Styre-Briere says:

    So many awesome sets to choose from, now to budget for January, February, and March!!! 2017 will be my most creative year so far with all of the amazing products released from Creativation!

  12. Sheila Bacon says:

    Such an array of stencil designs. Do you dream these ideas while you’re sleeping….I continue to collect and use stencils as they are so versatile.

  13. Karen H says:

    This is the best release of these stencils ever. I see several that I like.

  14. Anne Dwyer says:

    Such a variety of crafty goodness – you spoil us so!

  15. Vicki Stangle says:

    Love the new stencils, will be checking them out.

  16. Cristina says:

    I love the combo packs! I need to try these out!

  17. Diane says:

    Love all the new stencils. So hard to pick a favorite, so a person just wants them all. Can’t wait for the next posts.

  18. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    More fun for my distress crayons. They are beautiful. Great variety of patterns. Love it all! Thank you!

  19. Theresa Burns says:

    I really like all of the stencils, but can’t wait to see what I can do with mini sets 26 & 28.

  20. Margaret Ross says:

    Wow! Awesome! Can’t wait!

  21. Amy says:

    These stencils are wonderful. The designs in set 26 are probably my favorite. I can see so many possibilities with those designs. I also really enjoy the floral ones.

  22. butterfly says:

    I didn’t get around to commenting here yesterday… it’s all too much! Fabulous stencils – and so brilliant to have the minis available at the same time for each release. Three months of shopping… brilliant!
    Alison x

  23. You had me at “Nailhead” LOL

  24. Natalie Laney says:

    Cannot pick a favorite. Want them all.

  25. Julie S says:

    One of each, please. Wow!

  26. Carol C says:

    I want all the sets! Love!

  27. Bridget Haig says:

    What delightful stencils, I want them all.

  28. KATH says:

    Oh man, I’m excited about the stamps,but I’m REALLY excited for these stencils!!! I wish we could get them all at one time instead of waiting for 3 months!!! impatient, impatient, impatient…

  29. Gigi B. says:

    What great collections of stencils. Naturally, I will have to be getting some of them.

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