2017 sizzix alterations seasonal…

with summer in full swing many of you might be enjoying adventurous vacations, soaking in sun at the beach, or simply enjoying time with friends.  however once summertime ends most crafters are in full seasonal mode, and while others might wait for the actual holiday months before getting into the sprit of things, it’s never too early to start dreaming up those holiday creations.  today i’m excited to introduce my latest seasonal collections with sizzix alterations shipping late july for halloween and late august for christmas…t!m

watch the replay of Facebook live below:

check out the new sizzix halloween collection video below:  

check out the new sizzix christmas collection video below:  

*check your local stores for these products or click on the image links below to purchase online from Simon Says Stamp…
(to receive a 10% discount off your purchase use code: Tim523)

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127 Comments to “2017 sizzix alterations seasonal…”

  1. Julia says:

    Help. – I’m in the UK and it’s very very hard to get new products here
    I’ve tried and tried to get the new 2017 snow globe but can’t find it anywhere

  2. Beth Williams says:

    I’ll be going broke over all the Halloween goodies!

  3. Tamara R. says:

    Oh my goodness!! Self restraint is going to be very difficult…

  4. Jo Ann Danchik says:

    I may have to take out a small loan to get all the stuff that I love here! Hahaha!

  5. Hi Tim and Mario , Excellent release .My head is filling up with a lot of ideas.

  6. Sandy Small says:

    So many fabulous new toys! Love those monsters!

  7. ionabunny says:

    Love the halloween dies, especially the scarecrow and the rips. Hugz

  8. F Bond says:

    AMAZING!!!! Just when I thought I did not want to buy anything for the upcoming holidays, But I NEED these- anyway that’s what I am telling my husband…lol

  9. Jean642 Aman says:

    Love to know more about your classesI wound like to come to Christmas class,let me know when they are.

  10. Jacquelene L says:

    Excellent dies! Love the new snowglobe, I like this shape better and everything that comes with it. Finally the poinsettia die comes with the embossing folder, it took me two-three years to finally get my embossing folder for my poinsettia die, very frustrating. Now, I am interested in the wreath die because it comes with the embossing folder. The new single embossing folders are great, when they always came in two’s, I often wouldn’t buy them because I would be stuck with one I didnt like.
    The gift card holder, so many possibilities with that die set, I could see using that in an art journal! The new bow thinlits, very interested in that. I need a mini version of the pinecone to go with the mini greenery, also wish it had a long thin pinecone in that set.
    Thank you for sharing the new releases!
    Jacquelene L

  11. Beth Broadway says:

    Awesome. I just palced an order for a few from each release. Looking forward to using these new dies

  12. Lois Skiathitis says:

    These are all so awesome. It’s so hard to pick just one favorite. I love them all. Thanks for showing us the new release. 😀

  13. Laura Gauthier Turcotte says:

    There goes my budget–lol!! I cannot pick just one—these all must be mine. The ideas are just swimming in my head with all this awesomeness! Thank you!

  14. Denise Bryant says:

    Right up my alley! Halloween and Christmas! The haunted house is my favorite Halloween item, and the snow globe is my favorite new holiday item!

  15. Tona says:

    You are beyond amazing. You continue to hit it out of the ballpark every release. Thanks for coming up with products that inspire me to keep creating.

  16. KathyJH says:

    ❤️❤️❤️ all of the Halloween things!

  17. Shirley M says:

    wonderful job AGAIN.!! I’m not sure how you ALWAYS manage to have something new that is a MUST HAVE. I picked about 11 must haves this time.. trust me.. I don’t need a thing…. well until I have those 11 things in my hand. lol Thanks for all you do.

  18. SO MUCH AWESOME!!!!! You are amazing Tim. :o)

  19. Joy J. says:

    WOW! Amazing array of products coming out. Cant wait!!!

  20. Angela R. says:

    Just got my Sizzix die cut machine! Now I can get these great Halloween and Christmas dies to use!

  21. Karen Wedding says:

    What??? No new monster faces? Those were so cool. I looked forward to seeing new ones. Still all the rest of the new stuff out is cool too. My favorite is the Trick or Treat with the line of children. So cute.

  22. Doris Cote says:

    Love the new releases! So much fun, can’t wait for the release!

  23. Therese says:

    exciting stuff Tim!! Looking forward to seeing what you create with these, especially the Christmas ones.

  24. OMG!!! GEE WIZ! So MANY choices!!! I’m flabergasted!!!

  25. Lacey G says:

    So many amazing products and possibilities! I definitely have a list of must haves!

  26. Patty Pearson says:

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You have really out done yourself this time. Where to start? AMAZING! Thanks for the inspiration as well as the products.

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