2017 sneak peek – idea-ology & storage studios…

CHA2017SPwelcome to day 4 of the 2017 sneak peeks of products being released later this month at “creativation” (formerly CHA).  today is jam packed with lots of inspiration including my new favorite memoranda paper line, vintage inspired washi tapes, kraft-stock, the worn binder program, and of course a new storage collection.  check out the latest release with idea-ology & storage studios…t!m

watch the replay of today’s Facebook LIVE broadcast below:


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141 Comments to “2017 sneak peek – idea-ology & storage studios…”

  1. Nancy Yoder says:

    Love the wire baskets! Would you, could you make a basket to store the thin-let dies in? Standing up, so one could thumb thru all of your dies! I’d love that storage accessory, very much! P.S. Love all you do for we crafters!

  2. Carol Hornby Clements says:

    Love the totes. Been searching for vintage map washintape. A few things on my bucket list now.

  3. Vicki Morris says:

    So much great stuff but that french washi tape set, ooh la la. I love that set so much.

  4. Julie W says:

    Ohhh my….as a tissue tape fan I’m in love with the design tapes!!!
    And the paper pad is just lush!!!

  5. Michelle Baggett says:

    Must have it all! love the wire storage and the Design tape!!

  6. Di Mustafa says:

    Tim, Tim, Tim, man do you know what we want! I’ve already pre-ordered everything without having to sell a kidney. Yea!!! I really love all of your new stuff, always do. Thanx.

  7. Di Mustafa says:

    Tim, Tim, Tim, man do you know what we want! I’ve already pre-ordered everything without having to sell a kidney. Yea!!! I really love all of your new stuff, always do. Thanx

  8. Leslie says:

    I’m so inlove with the new paper lines! Between that and the design tape, I’ll be busy for months! And yet you fill the need over and over. The stamp sheets are perfect for my vertical flip through storage system. The bent wire bins are darling! I want them all!!

  9. Kari D says:

    I loved it when I saw you present the paper and tape LIVE….but now that I can actually see the detail…..swoon! Just.Love.It.

  10. Shirley says:

    I have a lot of ink pads and at the moment I keep them in a plastic box , I have seen somewhere a wooden box shaped filing system so the shade number is easily seen, where do I find one, at the moment it is a nightmare to find the shade that I need, thank you

  11. Chastity says:

    Love the word tape! So excited!

  12. Christy Q says:

    Oh my goodness! Design tape and metallic paper?!?! I cannot wait to see them in person!!!

  13. Julia says:

    Wow! An outstanding selection of great new products, this is an amazing release, impossible to pick a favourite.

  14. Kathleen Lundman says:

    Love the totes!!!!! Have to have one of those for sure!!!!!

  15. Eve says:

    love all of them. You are so “user friendly” designer. I also enjoy to hear how you talk about your products, again, I love to hear the reason behind why you made those. I love Designer tapes. They are amazing, and so many varieties! I enjoyed the video!

  16. Nichelle says:

    I have lost my original plastic back sheets for the stamps (that they came stuck on)-are they available to purchase seperately? I like the stamp holder folder but need the plastic backs for it to work.

  17. Victoria Daniel says:

    I love all the new stuff but what i love the most is the flower so i can color them any color i want and the little cecal with rings i have the other tool but not this size i can’t wet intel i put my hands on them. Thanks Tim again.

  18. Shirley says:


  19. Sheila Bacon says:

    Design tape…love the numerous designs; totes and storage containers..obviously need these with all that I buy each year.

  20. Sheila Bacon says:

    I really like the washi tape designs and the paper – can always use more paper. The storage containers….I’m always in need of storage containers.

  21. Karen H says:

    Excellent selection of tapes. I spy the blog background in the first set! Memoranda looks good!

  22. Karen B. says:

    I love the new worn covers. Most of my family are men (military, hunters, forest service). I’ve been wanting to put together some smaller albums for quite some time, but did’t want to have to construct the whole thing. These will give me a quick and easy way to make the photo albums, as well as use up some of my personal scrapbooking store of papers.

    The soft-sided spinner is a fabulous idea! I can’t wait to try it. Looking forward to Day 2 of the new releases.

  23. Candyce says:

    Love all your new goodness. Please make same Page Pockets in A2 card size. Would love that!!

  24. Cee says:

    so much to drool over…. 🙁

  25. Ruby says:

    many thumbs up… like every one of these. cannot have too much tape.

  26. Gigi B. says:

    I LOVE that binder!

  27. Anne Dwyer says:

    Everything is so gorgeous – love love love the idea of the washi tape tubes – just fabulous

  28. Kathy says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything!! Thank you for bringing the stamp binders back, the papers and tapes are wonderful, and definitely have ideas for the storage items!

  29. Linda Grady says:

    Wish list time – want to get a tote; awesome idea.

  30. Helena says:

    O yeah, now we talking, storage binders I need and I was not a fan of the books, but now you have demo them and they are more put together, I want a couple, nice project to do with my daughter and the box of cards…nice!

  31. Mona says:

    Can’t wait till next month, that’s when we can order right ? Tim has so much that I want, always enjoy his live showing of the new items..

  32. Now here’s another collection I must have!

  33. Cathy McKenna says:

    WOW each day I’m more and more impressed!

  34. LaNell Taylor says:

    Amazing! You are the best. So happy the storage binders continue. Also the worn books reinvented! Yes, I love them. ❤

  35. Carolyn S says:

    Fantastic idea for an assortment of washi tapes and beautiful new papers too.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to news from the convention in Phoenix.

  36. Vicki Stangle says:

    So many great ideas generating from your masterful mind. I love the tapes and many of the papers. Keep those ideas flowing.

  37. Pam P. says:

    At last, some washi tape that I’d actually use!

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