2017 inspiration series: it’s holiday time…

it’s the most wonderful time of the year… so if you’re looking for festive ideas and joyful inspiration for your christmas craft projects you’ve come to the right place.  starting today november 1 through december 8th join me for the holiday inspiration series!!!

what is the “inspiration series” all about???

with the holiday crafting season making spirits bright, it’s time to light up your creative merriment into a festive frenzy with the holiday “inspiration series”.  this series will showcase projects designed to inspire your artful imagination with the magic of the season from a group of talented crafters.  each week we will be sharing daily winter wonderment via instagram and facebook.  on saturdays i will post a recap of the projects shared throughout the week here on the blog in case you missed one – it’s time to deck the halls and sing your favorite holiday tunes for the world to hear (c’mon you know you want to)…t!m

to kick things off watch these holiday Facebook Live videos:

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39 Comments to “2017 inspiration series: it’s holiday time…”

  1. Thanks for sharing those wonderful proyects

  2. Terri W says:

    Love all the examples! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. memalagene says:

    AWESOME STUFF! The only problem with the paper stack is that you HAVE to get 2 at least because you want to use both sides of the papers!

  4. Theresa Petermann says:

    Already have my Tim supplies for this years Christmas arting and am having lots of fun. busy making cards for nursing homes now – Jennifer’s program. Then back to my own cards and gifts. love the inspiration series. generates lots of ideas. thanks as always for sharing.

  5. Roxanne L. M. says:

    Wow….seriously love all the new Christmas dies…and I have the retired dies, and the wreath and poinsettia…. so for those of us who already purchased these and DID NOT get the matching texture fades in our purchase….is there any way you can offer these two for purchase so that we can have the matching texture fades? As a loyal customer….I would love to have those matching emboss folders…. 🙁

    • tim holtz... says:

      they textured fades for both dies were available when the dies you purchased were initially released, but they retired when the dies did. you can try a google search for them to see if any retailers still have inventory: #658270 Textured Poinsettia Set and #658269 Holly & Wreath Set

  6. kathy says:

    Absolutely awesome! I can’t thank you both enough for linking this to your website…I don’t have any social media and I love being able to see all the products and your designers creative take with your products!! Just curious….do any of you ever sleep with all this creativity floating around in your heads??? LOL I’ve made my list of everything I simply can’t live without!! I think my list for things I don’t want is wayyyyyy shorter! Sure hope I’m on Santa’s nice list this year!!! Grateful for your talent, your products, and most importantly your time an energy spent on sharing and demonstrating your products. No one does it like T!m and his team!!!!

  7. Christine A. Davies says:

    Wow! Tim, Mario, Paula and the design team – it’s looking a lot like Christmas with you guys in Atlanta!
    I’ve just used two sides of an A4 sheet of paper to make SOME notes, in teeny-tiny writing too, and that’s just for the first ‘Idea-ology – Winter 2017’ video!! It’s time for a really late lunch for me and then I’ll watch the Stampers Anonymous video.
    Rochelle’s ‘Mini-Configuration Book’ is AWESOME! I also love the light-up Alarm Clock, the ‘Vignette Boxes/Trays/Frames’ and the Mason Jars. I reckon the alpha-bits will look even cooler with Paula’s new ‘bluey-green colour mix’ under them! Great suggestion Paula! 😀
    J’adore this year’s Christmas/Holiday cardstock, the printed kraft cardstock, Cabinet Boards, Remnant Rubs, Design Tape and the Holiday Ephemera. I have never tried rub-ons so I am looking forward to using them on my projects for the fist time ever.
    I love the Bottle-Brush Fir Trees, the Baubles, the LUSH Beaded Berries, Alpha Dice, ALL the charms, the Flash Cards and the Wood Slices. I have my very own Eucalyptus tree slices to use this year though, as sadly it had to be felled before it was blown over causing untold damage to ours / our neighbour’s property – EEKS!! Bloomin’ hurricanes!!
    I like using foam stamps, always have, ever since working in Day Nurseries and schools back in the 1980/90’s.
    Thanks for showing us all the terrific samples and sharing some top tips and techniques with us Tim. Thanks to Mario also for manning the chat/questions. Lovin’ that smile!
    I’m really looking forward to all the workshops and live-demos over the next couple of months.
    I’m sorry that I missed you both when you came to ‘Art From The Heart’ up in Yorkshire over here in the UK.
    Best Wishes for the countdown to Christmas and the Holiday Season.
    ~ Christine ~

  8. Debbie Emmons says:

    Tim you do such a wonderful presentation and your designers always take it to the next level, so magical!!!

  9. Angela Orum says:

    Lots of great products and inspiration. Your excitement is contagious. Would love to win any of the products. The details are amazing on the stamps especially the snowflakes. I see Christmas is a favorite time of the year for you too.

  10. ellen a says:

    luv the stamp set & framelits. Oh My, I so luv the detail of the snowman when cut out and the candiy cane. Really great.

  11. savagetwin says:

    Oh yeah! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Although there lots of new holiday happy, I just used the Tattered Poinsettia Die and cut out 10 poinsettias. I already have some of the new stuff including the fabulous paper. Amazing things Tim. Your inspiration team is more than amazing. They bring all your goodness to life.

  12. I just watched for the second time. You are so amazing and inspiring.

  13. diana says:

    just dropping in to say i love the replay ability of your Facebook lives!! i just spent the morning with you all again getting inspired. wonderful way to start my day! can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring for inspiration!

  14. Awesome start … I echo the sentiment this years Christmas Release is awesome !! I look forward to the series … off to a great start !

  15. sabelljones says:

    I’m ready for Christmas crafting! Thanks for the great inspirational ideas!

  16. So looking forward to your Christmas inspiration series! I am working on handmade Christmas gifts right now that are “all things Tim”! So bring it on Tim – can’t wait!

  17. Sharon Gullikson says:

    I LOVED the videos, AND the products AND the samples!!!

  18. Jamie Costa says:

    It would be super cool if you guys did something that would let crafty fans participate and share too. Will anything like that be available this season? Like a challenge of some sort?

  19. Helena says:

    Totally good stuff, I love all the inspirations for Christmas, good ideas to share and it is hard to choose which is my favorite, but the stamps are riding pretty high right about now.

  20. Exciting…always my favorite time to see crafty goodness!

  21. I love all the collections but I really, really like the Santa and the tree boughs and the bit Christmas stamp. That is my favourite of all of them….except maybe the witch die cut. Love it.

  22. Dolores Bennett says:


  23. Rosemary Sokolowski says:

    Tim, I’m glad you are going to share your ideas for inspiring us on your blog. Not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram. I really appreciate it.

  24. Valerie Breingan says:

    Tim I must say,you certainly put the awesome in my Christmas spirit.Ive got a new list to fill.Thank you for being you,It Works Well

  25. Deb L says:

    Emma kicked it off in style! Looking forward to seeing more!

  26. Well Mr.T!m I have to tell you, I am one of those people who HATE Christmas, I have for so many years but I have to tell you that it is hard to not get in the spirit a bit and get excited a little bit when I watch your videos, your excitement is so contagious!! Also, I am such a HUGE fan of your products, my husband kids and calls you my boyfriend because I have so many of your products, bins and bins, boxes, school lockers packed full, closets packed full, lol he just says, more stuff from your boyfriend but I have to tell you he is not into scrapbooking at all, but he loves to look at your stuff when it arrives, he thinks you make the coolest products. O.K., Just wanted to say Thank you for making a tough holiday, a little bit more bearable for me, I appreciate it, I am just one of thousands and thousands that you touch with your amazing products and I wanted you to know. Hi to Mario and the gang.

    • Christine A. Davies says:

      Tracey – Christmas is hard for me and my husband now too, we lost our one and only child, a son aged just 18, in May of 2015, but Tim, Mario and their super talented design team always help to keep it ‘alive’ and ‘magical’ for us. Just dig deep into your soul / heart and ‘BELIEVE’, if you can, and feel the warmth and good cheer that guys like them spread throughout the world.
      Hugs from me to you and anyone else finding the holiday season tough. <3 xOx <3

      • Christine, Thank You for you Thoughtful, sweet reply. I am so sorry to hear about your son. That is so hard to deal with. I WILL be thinking of you and your husband on Christmas this year.
        God Bless

  27. Shirley says:

    I loved everything about this year’s Christmas release. My daughter, in Florence, Oregon, and I spent 3 days making Christmas cards, using a lot of the product from this year’s release. Thanks Tim for the journey!

  28. So much fun Tim!!! Loving all the inspiration. :o)

  29. Pam Bray says:

    Christmas crafting is always the best time of the year. I just got your stamp platform and am looking so forward to doing Christmas cards.

  30. ann barnes says:

    Can’t wait to see the amazing things your team creates, always inspiring!

  31. Pat Ford says:

    I am so excited to start Christmas crafting with Tim Holtz products!

  32. Sue W. says:

    Already got my stash o’ goodies from Whim So Doodle and I’m crafting away, making Christmas pressies!

  33. Denise Bryant says:

    Day 1 and I’m inspired already!

  34. Awesome! Its always inspiring to visit your blog 🙂 Thanks for all you do! Love the new 8×8 papers, the colours and designs are simply beautiful! Perfect for all year round 🙂

    Weird… I’ve never been the first to comment before! Its like being early for the party 😀 lol

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