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    candy + candy = creative overload…


    well bloggers this has been quite a week!  as the halloween weekend is just days away there is definitely an abundance of sweet treats everywhere i look.  not having the willpower needed to ward off such goulish delights i find myself snacking from morning till night on candy, candy, and more candy.  complaining?  i think Continue Reading

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    absolutely amazing weekend…


    hey bloggers!  i'm back from a great weekend teaching at absolutely everything.  we landed in boston flying direct from ranger which gave up most of friday to get everything set up for the classes and hit the ground running.  since i had 90 students in the classes we shipped a ton of products and supplies Continue Reading

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    greetings from ranger…


    hey bloggers!  just wrapping up my week at ranger before heading off to teach at absolutely everything this weekend in massachusetts.  it's been a very productive trip: discussing techniques, talking about ranger u, shooting a few videos, and working on new products for next year (some very exciting things i might add).  here's a look Continue Reading

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    alterations halloween luminaries…


    hey bloggers!  just landed in jersey to spend the week at ranger before heading up to mass. to teach at absolutely everything this weekend.  since i’m a few hours behind in my sleeping clock, i figured i could post this before heading to bed.  of course you never know when inspiration hits, so i literally Continue Reading

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    holtz holiday workshops…


    hey bloggers!  get ready to sing fa-la-la's and decorate your creative world with the magic of the holiday season – holtz style.  i will be teaching at stampers corner in elk grove, california on saturday november 6th-7th for a fun-filled festive weekend of Christmas workshops. it's time to get into the spirit of the season Continue Reading