12 tags of christmas…day 4


supplies: (ranger) craft sheet, adirondack alcohol inks/denim/sailboat blue/pool, archival ink/jet black, glossy accents, stickles/silver, ink applicator tool, distress ink/faded jeans, ink blending tool; (idea-ology) facets, swivel clasp, jump rings, baubles, trimmings, mini pins, mini clips, adage tickets, seasonal paper stash; (stampers anonymous) mini holidays stamp set, mini holidays 2 stamp set; (tonic) scissors; (misc) bling on a roll, pearls on a roll

(step 1): we're working with facets and the cool thing about these is they are flat on one side and faceted on the other so we have lots of options to be creative with – they also come with small jump rings so they're ready to be attached.

(step 2): apply felt to the ink applicator tool.

(step 3): apply random colors of adirondack alcohol ink to felt by squeezing the ink into the felt.

(step 4): working on the FLAT side of the facet, tap inked tool over facet to colorize.

(step 5): allow inks to dry for about 5 seconds and repeat with additional layers until desired look is achieved.  let dry.

*here i wanted to show you the variation in color intensity you can achieve by stopping at one layer of ink vs. adding additional layers. *for more info on using alcohol inks click here.

(step 6): apply jet black archival ink to stamp and leave stamp rubber side up.

(step 7): press facet flat side down on to the stamp creating an INK to INK contact (alcohol ink to archival ink) and lift off.

*okay so at this point you have an image stamped in black on the back of the facet – looks nice!  you could leave it this way and dry it with a heat tool if you wish – BUT….we're not!

(step 8): what we're going to do instead is immediately blot the archival ink off (while it's wet) with a soft dry cloth.  blotting is going to lift the wet archival directly off of the facet.  DO NOT wipe for this step, just blot off as much ink as you can.  *it's important to work quickly becasue if the archival ink dries it will be permanent.

(step 9): once you've blotted off the majority of the archival ink with the cloth, lightly wipe the remaining archival ink off with a soft cloth….and check it out!

*that's right – the jet black archival ink removed the alcohol ink leaving the image completely clear!  now if this step didn't work out quite right, don't worry you can simply go back and reink the facet covering everything up and try it again…another thing to keep in mind is that the image is now reverse so you shouldn't really do this technique with words…

(step 10): apply a small amount of glossy accents to the outside edges only of the facet on the inked side.

(step 11): place the facet on to white cardstock and hold in place to dry.

(step 12): cut around the outside of the facet with a sharp pair of non-stick scissors.

(step 13): pierce the hole through top of the facet.

*there you have it – an alcohol ink resist facet….cool technique isn't it?

(step 14): i wanted a festive background so i placed a tag over a piece of seasonal paper and traced around it.

(step 15): cut out paper and adhere to tag.

(step 16): punch hole in top of tag.

(step 17): ink the edges of the tag with distress ink using ink blending tool.

(step 18): i've found these really cool embellishments…bling on a roll…at michaels.

(step 19): they are self adhesive so i adhered them to the bottom of the tag.

(step 20): next i cut up some prima bling flourishes and adhered to the tag.

(step 21): attach facet to a mini pin with a small jump ring that are included with the facets.

(step 22): color trimmings with distress ink (*see steps in previous tags) and tie on to tag.  attach baubles to mini pin with jump rings and pin to trimmings.

(step 23): select an adage ticket.

(step 24): ink edges of ticket with distress ink using an ink blending tool and secure to tag with mini clip.

*in the details: i love the way the inked facet pops off of this tag.  this could also make a cool ornament, wearable piece of jewelry or accent on a holiday journal.

so now…more ideas (sorry i simply couldn't help myself again).  sometimes i like to use a stamped image behind a facet instead of stamping on them, but i wanted to create a subtle tint around the image and still add a little sparkle – here's how i did it…

(sparkly snowman) apply alcohol ink to the edges of the flat side of the facet with ink applicator tool – it's important to leave the center clear for this one.

(sparkly snowman) stamp the mini snowman on to a piece of white cardstock with archival ink and let dry.

(sparkly snowman) apply silver stickles around the clear center on the back of the facet. *distress stickles don't work real well for this effect.

(sparkly snowman) apply glossy accents across the entire back of the facet.

(sparkly snowman) press facet on to stamped image and hold to dry – this one can get pretty messy but don't worry since we're cutting it out anyways.

(sparkly snowman) cut around excess paper with non-stick scissors and marvel at your sparkly creation!

*here i attached the facet to a swivel clasp with a word stick and a few baubles…perfect for an ornament or gift tag!

okay so i also wanted to show you a very simple way to create a custom facet just from using your favorite papers.

(custom facet) select the paper you would like to use – i'm using my seasonal paper stash.  *i love this paper stash becasue it has all of the seasons in one stash: vintage valentines, easter, spring, 4th of july, halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas!

(custom facet) apply glossy accents to the flat side of the facet and spread around the whole surface the tip of the bottle.

(custom facet) press facet on to paper and move in a slight circular motion to spread out the glossy accents.

(custom facet) press facet down and hold to dry.

(custom facet) trim excess paper with non-stick scissors.

*just check out the possibilities of this one….you could even use these over photos (just not ink jet)!

*here i attached the facet to a swivel clasp with a philosophy tag and a few baubles…perfect for an ornament or gift tag too!

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478 Comments to “12 tags of christmas…day 4”

  1. Angie Ayres says:

    Tag no4 is gorgeous, i love how you are making me work, trying to figure out what i can use, instead of what you used! as i have`nt got all your lovely stash! but i`ve managed to make do so far! lol
    love angiebabe xx

  2. Chris Zweigle says:

    I love the facets. I just got some last night and can’t wait to use them. Who would have thought to use archival inks to make snowflakes that way? Only you Tim. Thank you for all the fabulous ideas!

  3. kim Jones says:

    Love Tag #4. How cool is that bling on a roll. Can someone open a Michaels store here in Australia so we can get all the cool embellishments you show us. Love alcohol inks.

  4. Ann says:

    Your tags are special gifts to the crafter and like a child can’t wait for the next one. Thank you, Tim for helping to stretch my imagination. My mind is full of all the possibilities to be tried. Time to go play.

  5. Jeannie B says:

    Again WOW! I was one of the first to buy your Compedium book and love it. With these tags, you are giving us a whole new instruction “book”. I love how you take the inexpensive facets and turn them into priceless jewels. Thanks for sharing, this is the best Christmas gift.

  6. Migdalis says:


  7. judimh says:

    Another amazing tag. Those facets are wonderful and would be perfect as single ornaments. It’s time to play.

  8. tonny says:

    Love this alcoholtechnique !!This afternoon it’s playtime for me, thanks.

  9. Vicki says:

    This tag took my breath away. Beautiful.

  10. Anne says:

    Once again, lots of new ways of looking at the stash and seeing new ways to use things. Love you Tim!

  11. inge says:

    Hello Tim,
    I’m not such a “bling” person so I will have to come up with an alternative. Had to smile seeing you use this ! You do amaze me every day ! 🙂
    I like the overall look of the tag : the colorscombination is my favorite !
    Favorite is the facet with all the different possibilities : ink technique is great, but the effect with the paperimages and the stamped images gives a very nice effect.
    greetings from Belgium

  12. Sinihilkka says:

    Amazing! Could these things be done with fragments or just facets? Although I don’t own either =/

  13. Cvetichka says:

    Thise tag is perfect! Thank you Tim!

  14. Terry Moore says:

    Just Beautiful. I need to get me some facets ASAP! Thanks Tim.

  15. Love this tehnique, that’s so pretty, so blinky, so frosty!

  16. Inger says:

    I love the facets!

  17. Anne Marie H says:

    This is my FAVORITE tag so far. Just love the facet techniques. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. camcas says:

    lovely techinques for handmade ornaments…will be trying this for sure!

  19. Carol C says:

    Another beautiful tag. Love the blue. Can’t wait to get to my stash and get started!

  20. alison says:

    This is going to be a fun technique to play with. Thanks again Tim!

  21. terry sweet says:

    Love the embellishments- thanks again for sharing your talent

  22. Wendy Dicranian says:

    Thanks for another great tag. I love the use of the facet and inks. Very cool technique.

  23. betsye says:

    What a WONDERFUL technique! It’s cheap and easy, yet with spectacular results! Thank you so much for sharing.

  24. Jeanette says:

    So so soooo beautiful!! I love the way you can stamp and then wipe off the archival ink for that cool snowflake look!!
    Thanks for yet another great tag tutorial!

  25. Karen Dimmock says:

    Wow Tim, you are so clever!!! I just love what you have done with the facets, and I can’t wait to try it out! I am really enjoying your tags, can’t wait for the next one, thanks, Karen

  26. Lisa says:

    Oh, this is fabulous. Tim does bling??!?!?!?!?! I need to get some of those facets!

  27. Kitty says:

    Another great tag- very different to what I might have expected. The tips and techniques on the facets are really inspiring and I can’t wait to get started this weekend!
    Thank you so much Tim for another wonderful inspiration this week!
    Kitty x

  28. Sarah says:

    Love the facets, can’t wait to have a go!
    Sarah x

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