12 tags of christmas…2011


so here they are bloggers…here they are, all 12 tags!  looking back there sure were lots of techniques packed on these tags, what a fun time.  i know many of you have left comments saying you’re sad the 12 tags are over – well in the words of dr. seuss: “don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened.”.  i’ll be taking a few days off from the blog to relax.  i’ll be back next week…t!m

Hey everyone – This is Mario!  I asked Tim if i could make a little post here on the blog today to thank all of you for your kind comments.  BTS (Behind The Scenes) was so much fun this year and you are to thank for that.  I just wanted to let everyone know that even though the 12 Tags of Christmas are over, BTS is not.  I do BTS all year long throughout all of our travels, teaching, and trade show events.  I tweet whatever I can, whenever I can, and also post everything on facebook.  Another fun thing I like to do are random giveaways on twitter and facebook so be sure to continue to stay part of the BTS fun all year long.  I want to share my facebook album I put together from our 12 Tags BTS posts.  Thanks for all the fun – Mario.

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7 Comments to “12 tags of christmas…2011”

  1. MARREE says:

    Just adore any of Tim’s work can’t get enough of Tim’s work Thanks for all the great products you come up with and then all your demos too show how to use them.

  2. andrege says:

    excellent post. Ne’er knew this, thanks for letting me know.

    firme dezinsectie

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