12 tags of christmas – day 5…

Tag_2 "day 5" -tim holtz(c) 2008
supplies: craft sheet, adirondack paint dabbers/pitch black, juniper, red pepper, lettuce, gold, distress ink/walnut stain, ink blending tool, mini mister, glossy accents, distress stickles/antique linen, clear embossing powder, distress embossing ink, cut n’ dry foam, heat tool, metallic mixative/gold (ranger); grungeboard/seasonal, elements swirls, sanding grip (tim holtz idea-ology); glue dots dot n go (glue dots); scissors (tonic); stamps/script P3-1378, scrollwork P5-1374 (stampers anonymous); rub ons (hambly); metal corners, home pro setter (american tag); snowflake embossing folder (provo craft); big shot express (sizzix); beaded trim, ribbon, tiny bells, tag


step 1: shake pitch black paint dabber and paint tag with dabber.


step 2: blend paint with a piece of cut n’ dry foam to paint and cover tag.  let dry.


step 3: stamp scrollwork stamp with distress embossing ink twice.


step 4: stamp script with distress embossing ink filling in the space on the tag. (*i prefer to use distress embossing ink for all of my embossing since it provides the best detail – and it smells so GOOD – seriously!)


step 5: cover images with clear embossing powder.  remove excess – put back into jar.


step 6: heat emboss with heat tool until powder melts and becomes shiny.  let cool.


step 7: paint over entire embossed tag with juniper paint dabber.


step 8: blend paint with cut n’ dry foam making sure to cover the images.


step 9: repeat until entire tag is covered with paint.  let dry to the touch until it’s tacky. (*do not let paint dry completely before moving on to next step!)


step 10: spray a cloth with water from a mini mister.


step 11: wipe over painted tag with damp cloth to remove paint from the top of embossed designs. (*paints will not stick to the embossing completely and creates a shabby chic effect revealing our black base color. how cool is that?)


step 12: continue to wipe the tag with cloth – the harder you wipe the more of the background you will reveal.

*BONUS VIDEO STEP: learn how to emboss grungeboard using cuttlebug embossing folders and the new bigshot express! for another video using grungeboard click here!


step 13: paint embossed grungeboard deer with red pepper paint dabber.  let dry.


step 14: using sanding grip, sand over the embossed/raised areas of the grungeboard. (*grungeboard is designed to be sanded and the importance of using a sanding grip for this step is that the grip will remain FLAT allowing you to sand only the raised areas.  using a piece of sandpaper with your finger will sand off too much of the paint in the recessed areas.)


step 15: ink sanded grungeboard piece with walnut stain distress ink using ink blending tool.  be sure to ink entire piece.


step 16: mist a cloth with water again from mini mister.


step 17: wipe over inked grungeboard to remove the distress ink from the painted area. (*the paint dabbers will resist distress inks – yet another cool resist technique!)


step 18: paint grungeboard snowflakes with gold metallic paint dabber.  let dry.


step 19: cover painted pieces with antique linen distress stickles.


step 20: spread out distress stickles using your finger.  let dry.


step 21: apply craft glue dots from dot n go on to your non-stick craft sheet.


step 22: using your finger, roll the glue dots into little glue strips.


step 23: apply these to the thin detailed areas on the back of the grungeboard reindeer. (*this will allow you to create dimension and not have to cut little pieces of foam tape or thicker glue dots – pretty tricky huh?)


step 24: repeat for all areas of grungeboard that require adhesive.  for larger areas, simply add a few more for dimension – apply to tag to create a raised effect. (*remember the grungeboard is totally flexible and pliable so it can hang off the edges of the tag without any problem!)


step 25: shake gold metallic mixative and apply to craft sheet.


step 26: here’s the cool little brush again!  dip speckle brush into mixative.


step 27: twist brush to create gold metallic speckles on to your tag.  (*love this step!)


step 28: remove small holly from grungeboard sheet and paint with lettuce paint dabber.  let dry.


step 29: scuff edges with sanding grip exposing areas of grungeboard.


step 30: ink sanded piece with walnut stain distress ink using ink blending tool.


step 31: with damp cloth, wipe off inked grungeboard. (*remember the paint resist the distress ink!!!)


step 32: cut grungeboard pieces apart with scissors.


step 33: adhere to neck of reindeer with glossy accents. (*i like using glossy accents for detailed accents.)


step 34: adhere tiny jingle bells with glossy accents.  let dry.


step 35: position metal corner on to bottom corners of tag.


step 36: position corner into home-pro and crimp corner down. (*this tool is so great for punching holes, setting eyelets, nailheads and crimping metal corners.)


step 37: apply glossy accents to the bottom edge on the back of the tag.


step 38: adhere beaded trim to tag and trim off excess trim with scissors. (*i apply a small amount of glossy accents to the edges of the trim to keep it from fraying.)


step 39: cut out rub-on word.


step 40: apply to grungeboard reindeer with craft stick. (*i like the contrast of the white rub-on.)


step 41: remove detailed flourish from grungeboard elements pack and paint with gold metallic paint dabber.  let dry.


step 42: apply glossy accents to back of grungeboard.


step 43: adhere to tag over the reindeer. (*we want this to lay flat across the tag.)


step 44: once distress stickles are dry, ink snowflakes with walnut stain distress ink using ink blending tool. (*distress stickles are actually "inkable" so you can create an instant tarnished look since distress stickles look like vintage glass glitter.)


step 45: repeat glue dots technique by rolling glue dots to create dimensional snowflakes and adhere to tag.


*in the details: look at how the variety of golds add to this tag using metallic mixatives, gold paint dabber, and distress stickles.  the unique color palette of this tag captures a shabby holiday look.

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544 Comments to “12 tags of christmas – day 5…”

  1. LeAnn says:

    This tag reminds me of tooled leather. What a pretty effect you have created. Can’t wait to try my hand at recreating this one. Once again, thank you, thank you for sharing your creativity through such fantastic tutorials.

  2. Tara Capewell says:

    Thank you Tim for sharing that video of putting grungeboard through the embossing folder. here i am buying the pre embossed grungeboard and wishing that i could have more designs when i had tha answer sitting in my craft room. Cool. I always thought you embossed it a special way because of the flexability of it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teresa says:

    this is my fave so far! you’re right – martha would be proud 🙂

  4. Paula says:

    Hei Tim
    Instructions are excellent, so many of them … just so easy to follow. Thank you.

  5. Margaret Stiles says:

    Tim, all of the tags are great and I am looking forward to doing them. We did last years at a retreat (8 of us) and hopefully we will get together in Feb. at the retreat and work on all of these. I especially love the blue tag with the silver bird. I got my mask today and was so suprised that they are so big, but very anxious to try them. Margaret S.

  6. hitomi says:

    just when I think you couldn’t top yourself, you do! I love, love, love the layers on this tag. so much to see…..my eyes just travel around that tag. thanks again for another great tag.

  7. Fryne says:

    Tim, you’re out of this world!!!!!!! Your imagination is endless :)))))))))))

  8. lorraine says:

    like this technique of using black then taupe for the background..thanks for bringing us new techniques every day..off to find my grungeboard

  9. Helen says:

    Today’s is my favourite so far (but so was yesterday’s) I don’t know how you keep up such a high level of inspiration! And my Reindeer stamp set came in the post yesterday so I can try this tag when I get home from work.

  10. Jill says:

    Each tag gets better and better, I have loved them all I can’t wait to try this one, thank you for tanking the time out of your busy schedule and doing these again for us

  11. Jill says:

    Each tag gets better and better, I have loved them all I can’t wait to try this one, thank you for tanking the time out of your busy schedule and doing these again for us

  12. pat says:

    ok…..I just think I might have to take it back……..I swore tag#2 was my favorite even over last year’s tags……….after seeing tag#5 it has become my favorite over last years and so far this years! It is just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it I love it I love it! It reimnds me so much of my Grandmother’s things……her old birthday, Christmas, and Valentine cards. Even some of her empty candy boxes she kept some of her memories in………..When I was little and was visiting Grandma’s I would always enjoy going through touching and looking at her cards. I thought they were beautiful glittery treasures…………Thank you Tim for bringing back some wonderful memories thru you beautiful tags.

  13. AnnaB says:

    Oh wow, this must be my favourite tag so far. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that background! *sigh*

  14. Yvonne says:

    Love this tag. Best one so far…it gets better every day. I’m really impressed with all the textures you create. Thank you once again for today’s cool project!

  15. Susan Porter says:

    Love the elegance of this one! I love traditional Christmas colors,but the younger members of my family love the trendier colors like the blues! They will love this tag! Thanks again, Tim!

  16. Kim Dellow says:

    This tag is just completely amazing. As soon as the piccy popped up I just went ‘Wow’. Your wonderful inspiration is just putting me straight into the festive mood I’m looking forward to being with my family, sharing time with my friends and trying not to eat myself silly, LOL.

  17. Libby from Oakland CA says:

    I love this tag! I just learned the technique of using the dabbers over embossing and then rubbing the paint off = it is so neat. You have so many techniques in this tag. And the great tips like rolling the glue dots. At first I was commenting with hopes of winning something. But then I decided that there are a lot of people who need to win more than I do. And quite honestly, getting these tags every day is a great prize in itself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  18. Nan Neely says:

    Bea-ut-ful! They are out of this set of grungeboard everywhere! I will have to improvise until i can find a set…Love this tag with it’s neat little jewels!

  19. Courtney says:

    You are so fantastic. This step by step recount is amazing! Thank you so much!

  20. Antoinette says:

    Hi T!m your tag is stunning again! I did some shopping yesterday, but your stamps and distress stickles aren’t available here yet so I’ll have to manage with last years stamps. I love the colors you’ve used on this one and that shabby look. Thanks again for sharing, you are a huge inspiration to me!

  21. Ashley Y says:

    Wow! I love the way this tag looks. Definately some techniques used on here that I am goign to have to try on my next layout 🙂

  22. Sherry Grove says:

    another amazing tag. I love your techniques and tips. thanks for sharing your time and art with us.

  23. Kathleen says:

    Yet more techniques I never knew how to do but wanted to learn. Thanks for the detailed explanations. Almost halfway through the tags and I can’t even begin to guess what your creative mind will think up next!
    Thanks for sharing the tags. They’re great.

  24. WeeHaggis says:

    Very clever idea with the glue dots on the craft sheet. And another beautiful tag. Thanks again

  25. Rinda says:

    You are reaching out and touching over 2,000 people a day – that’s frickin’ unbelievable! I love everything about this tag – especially the background technique and that amazing reindeer. Can’t wait to play some reindeer games!

  26. Marnie says:

    This tag is Stunning! And I’m excited to say that so far I have learned a new way to use my supplies each day! I can’t thank you enough for the step by step instructions. They are so informative.

  27. bunny says:

    This is my favorite tag so far!! It’s too gorgeous!! And all the work put into it! WOW! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  28. katie says:

    Absolute wow. I love everything about this. the colors are awesome (I’m a bit tired of traditional green and red) and the techniques are wonderful. I have a vacation day tomorrow and will be trying several of them. Thanks for all you do.

  29. juliann says:

    I am in love with all your tags! This one is just as stunning as the last and the others before!
    You just amaze me!
    Love the little pearls on the bottom, and that reindeer is stunning!
    Bravo dear Tim Bravo!!!!

  30. Sue Bone says:

    I’m a less is more sort og gal, but that is gorgeous, They keep getting even better every day. Can’t wait to see day 12!!!
    Thank you to the generous donors of prizes and well done winners

  31. sannika says:

    Reindeer is the new Bambi. Like it!

  32. Bronwyn says:

    This is my favourite so far gotta get me one of those blending tools and I love the step by step photo tutorials – Thanks Tim you rock

  33. Kasia says:

    You are such a great inspiration!

  34. Shelly B says:

    You continue to out-do yourself Tim! I cannot wait to get started this weekend – I need to catch up and create Tag 2 thru 5. I wonder which will be my fav (I think 2 or 5). thanks again…

  35. mikie says:

    Please Mr. Reindeer jump right off that tag and sprinkle some Christmas magic around my house!!! I have been so busy running to scrapbook stores and shopping online for Tims Products my decorations have been put on the back burner!!!!! I really have been good this year..I swear!! Tim…BRAVO on the tag..simply genius. Cheers!!

  36. Wenche says:

    This tag was just gorgeous. Thank you for tons of inspiration.

  37. Stephanie Z. says:

    Your tags are pretty elaborate and very nice. It was interesting to see the motorized die cut machine. Christmas is coming too fast. Have a good one! 🙂

  38. Angelika says:

    Hi Tim,
    how beautiful is this! I love the reindeer. Lovely colors.

  39. Jessica says:

    Crossing my fingers to be one of the lucky ones! And thanks for adding in the direct links to the products, Tim. I can’t wait to try some of these out!

  40. Dee says:

    Your techniques are wonderful…I love the fact that you share them and teach people so they can improve there own creations.
    Love the background technique, cant wait to give it a go.Happy Holidays

  41. Carol Broney says:

    Dear Tim,
    I LOVE THIS TAG!!! I think the best part was being able to see and hear you on the video! I can’t believe I just bought my Big Kick and now there’s a new one!? Well that is going to have to wait until I have all of your great products.
    Happy Creating, Christmas Carol

  42. Brandi Pitts says:

    This one is definitely my fave so far! Lovin’ the deer!

  43. Kim Ross says:

    So many wonderful elements of your tag today… don’t know if I could pick just one favorite thing! Love the pearl accents on the bottom and that reindeer is so great! Thanks for another great inspiration! 🙂

  44. Nancy Wyatt says:

    Seriously! You are so talented! I love, love, love this tag! I can’t wait to give it a try! It just gets better and better each day!

  45. Melita says:

    You never cease to amaze me Tim. What I would not give to spend time getting inky with you – I wonder if I can absorb some of your talent merely by being in your presence?? If only…

  46. Timcsoca says:

    Magnificent!! Very witty! Congratulate your creativity!
    Beautiful day!:)

  47. Linda Cain says:

    Just ordered this stamp set!!! Hope it gets here before Christmas!!! Santa can you hear me??????
    I thought the blue one with the tress was my favorite, but now I’m not sure….hmmmmm.
    Linda Cain

  48. Елена says:

    This is similar to an entertainment considerable quantity! I hope to read your sign as-tos every day. I have many crafty ideas to slide around in my head now… I very much love a reindeer. Greetings from Russia! Once again thanks.

  49. And another wonderful tag! This time with all glittery and shiny gold! I really must try the splatter-technique. it is lovely!
    Thank you tim!

  50. Francine says:

    Tim, once again a beautiful tag, You are so very talented, and give so much inspiration.

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