12 tags of christmas – day 5…

Tag_2 "day 5" -tim holtz(c) 2008
supplies: craft sheet, adirondack paint dabbers/pitch black, juniper, red pepper, lettuce, gold, distress ink/walnut stain, ink blending tool, mini mister, glossy accents, distress stickles/antique linen, clear embossing powder, distress embossing ink, cut n’ dry foam, heat tool, metallic mixative/gold (ranger); grungeboard/seasonal, elements swirls, sanding grip (tim holtz idea-ology); glue dots dot n go (glue dots); scissors (tonic); stamps/script P3-1378, scrollwork P5-1374 (stampers anonymous); rub ons (hambly); metal corners, home pro setter (american tag); snowflake embossing folder (provo craft); big shot express (sizzix); beaded trim, ribbon, tiny bells, tag


step 1: shake pitch black paint dabber and paint tag with dabber.


step 2: blend paint with a piece of cut n’ dry foam to paint and cover tag.  let dry.


step 3: stamp scrollwork stamp with distress embossing ink twice.


step 4: stamp script with distress embossing ink filling in the space on the tag. (*i prefer to use distress embossing ink for all of my embossing since it provides the best detail – and it smells so GOOD – seriously!)


step 5: cover images with clear embossing powder.  remove excess – put back into jar.


step 6: heat emboss with heat tool until powder melts and becomes shiny.  let cool.


step 7: paint over entire embossed tag with juniper paint dabber.


step 8: blend paint with cut n’ dry foam making sure to cover the images.


step 9: repeat until entire tag is covered with paint.  let dry to the touch until it’s tacky. (*do not let paint dry completely before moving on to next step!)


step 10: spray a cloth with water from a mini mister.


step 11: wipe over painted tag with damp cloth to remove paint from the top of embossed designs. (*paints will not stick to the embossing completely and creates a shabby chic effect revealing our black base color. how cool is that?)


step 12: continue to wipe the tag with cloth – the harder you wipe the more of the background you will reveal.

*BONUS VIDEO STEP: learn how to emboss grungeboard using cuttlebug embossing folders and the new bigshot express! for another video using grungeboard click here!


step 13: paint embossed grungeboard deer with red pepper paint dabber.  let dry.


step 14: using sanding grip, sand over the embossed/raised areas of the grungeboard. (*grungeboard is designed to be sanded and the importance of using a sanding grip for this step is that the grip will remain FLAT allowing you to sand only the raised areas.  using a piece of sandpaper with your finger will sand off too much of the paint in the recessed areas.)


step 15: ink sanded grungeboard piece with walnut stain distress ink using ink blending tool.  be sure to ink entire piece.


step 16: mist a cloth with water again from mini mister.


step 17: wipe over inked grungeboard to remove the distress ink from the painted area. (*the paint dabbers will resist distress inks – yet another cool resist technique!)


step 18: paint grungeboard snowflakes with gold metallic paint dabber.  let dry.


step 19: cover painted pieces with antique linen distress stickles.


step 20: spread out distress stickles using your finger.  let dry.


step 21: apply craft glue dots from dot n go on to your non-stick craft sheet.


step 22: using your finger, roll the glue dots into little glue strips.


step 23: apply these to the thin detailed areas on the back of the grungeboard reindeer. (*this will allow you to create dimension and not have to cut little pieces of foam tape or thicker glue dots – pretty tricky huh?)


step 24: repeat for all areas of grungeboard that require adhesive.  for larger areas, simply add a few more for dimension – apply to tag to create a raised effect. (*remember the grungeboard is totally flexible and pliable so it can hang off the edges of the tag without any problem!)


step 25: shake gold metallic mixative and apply to craft sheet.


step 26: here’s the cool little brush again!  dip speckle brush into mixative.


step 27: twist brush to create gold metallic speckles on to your tag.  (*love this step!)


step 28: remove small holly from grungeboard sheet and paint with lettuce paint dabber.  let dry.


step 29: scuff edges with sanding grip exposing areas of grungeboard.


step 30: ink sanded piece with walnut stain distress ink using ink blending tool.


step 31: with damp cloth, wipe off inked grungeboard. (*remember the paint resist the distress ink!!!)


step 32: cut grungeboard pieces apart with scissors.


step 33: adhere to neck of reindeer with glossy accents. (*i like using glossy accents for detailed accents.)


step 34: adhere tiny jingle bells with glossy accents.  let dry.


step 35: position metal corner on to bottom corners of tag.


step 36: position corner into home-pro and crimp corner down. (*this tool is so great for punching holes, setting eyelets, nailheads and crimping metal corners.)


step 37: apply glossy accents to the bottom edge on the back of the tag.


step 38: adhere beaded trim to tag and trim off excess trim with scissors. (*i apply a small amount of glossy accents to the edges of the trim to keep it from fraying.)


step 39: cut out rub-on word.


step 40: apply to grungeboard reindeer with craft stick. (*i like the contrast of the white rub-on.)


step 41: remove detailed flourish from grungeboard elements pack and paint with gold metallic paint dabber.  let dry.


step 42: apply glossy accents to back of grungeboard.


step 43: adhere to tag over the reindeer. (*we want this to lay flat across the tag.)


step 44: once distress stickles are dry, ink snowflakes with walnut stain distress ink using ink blending tool. (*distress stickles are actually "inkable" so you can create an instant tarnished look since distress stickles look like vintage glass glitter.)


step 45: repeat glue dots technique by rolling glue dots to create dimensional snowflakes and adhere to tag.


*in the details: look at how the variety of golds add to this tag using metallic mixatives, gold paint dabber, and distress stickles.  the unique color palette of this tag captures a shabby holiday look.

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544 Comments to “12 tags of christmas – day 5…”

  1. lebni says:

    OMG!! This is SOOOOO ugly!!!

  2. Sandra from NC says:

    WOW! This is my favorite so far (but I’m sure you’ll out do yourself again and I’ll have a new favorite!) Thanks again for all your inspiration!

  3. Nancy Profitt says:

    I love the layers on this tag. And the paint over black embossing is one of my favorites of your techniques. You’re blog is the first thing I check on my computer in the morning. Such fun!

  4. Barbara says:

    These tags just keep getting better and better. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and techniques. I can’t wait to try them!

  5. Robin says:

    Another beautiful creation. I love how you have used so many different elements on this tag. You are amazing. You always have us coming back and wanting more. Thank you.
    Robin from GA

  6. And which one of Santas reindeer is this????
    its gotta be PRANCER!!! fantastic art!!
    regards and thanks for all the great ideas!

  7. Angie C. says:

    I think there needs to be a 12 Step Program here….I’m addicted to your blog! lol
    My morning schedule:
    Wake up.
    Shuffle to the computer and turn it on.
    Wait impatiently until it loads and hit my “12 Tags of Christmas” bookmark.
    Wake up when I see the newest, even more stunning tag.
    What a way to start off my day!!!

  8. joanie says:

    Tim, you are the best! I can’t wait to get all the supplies to make each tag! Thank you, thank you!!!

  9. Bonnie Sharp says:

    Beautiful…..again! I am constantly amazed by all the little tricks you have up your sleeve, that are so “do-able”! even for me!! Thanks for all your brain activity!

  10. Barb from Pewaukee WI says:

    I love these colors. I love the whole tag. I love them all – but really love this one!
    As always – great new tips. I don’t know how you keep coming up with new ideas!

  11. Rachel says:

    You continue to amaze and inspire! I’m lucky to have most of the things you use, except a die cutter/embosser. Which is your favourite one? I’m sure we’d all like your input on this investment!
    Could you also help me explain to my mum why I like to make brand new things that don’t look new?!!

  12. Mary Smith says:

    I just used some of the techniques from your tags to make a birthday ‘card’ for a friend! It didn’t turn out as good as I hoped, but I’ll get better as I practice!

  13. Lesley Ebdon says:

    Oh Boy Tim, this just gets better and better. This is fabulous and can’t imagine what wonderful techniques you will show us tomorrow.

  14. marie-anne says:

    Wow, this one and all the others tags are amazing, it is so very cool what you can do with ink, paint, stamps, paper…it’s almost like magic….
    Thanx for lots of your inspiration

  15. Chris Dukes says:

    All I can say is WOW! Love the colors on this tag and again I love the gold speckled paint. I am seriously going today to find one of those speckle brushes. Love, love, love it!
    Thanks Tim!

  16. I know this is bad for me to say but I love this tag it is very beautiful but it also uses so many different products, it’s great to push and sell product. THANK YOU!!

  17. Heather Pruder says:

    Just love this one!!! I am thinking I am going to have to give them a try!

  18. Tracy says:

    its gorgeous – over the top? not as far as i’m concerned. i love every little detail. and you’re wonderful to show all the steps so we can follow along. thanks so much tim

  19. Madelyn says:

    I love your tags so much because you show us so many techniques that we can use all year long. I love putting the sticky dots on the craft sheet to make sticky sticks!!!! Way cool. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful tips, techniques and fun.

  20. JessicaChallis says:

    Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I look forward to seeing what creative ideas you come up with each day. Cant wait to see your next tag tomorrow!

  21. Brenda says:

    This is a spectacular tag Tim. The background alone is just stunning and such a simple technique. It’s really pathetic that we can’t figure something liek that out all by ourselves, but we are you faithful followers and I bet I’m nto the only one that goes “Oh….why didn’t I think of that?” We really really need you Tim!

  22. Brenda says:

    WOWWA ZOWWA!!! I just love the way you demonstrate your techniques. It’s just like magic – beautiful creative magic! Love the colors in this one. You never cease to amaze….thank you so much!!

  23. Move over Martha Stewart – you got NOTHING on Tim!!!!! Love you and your stuff. Thanks for breaking it down in so many little steps for us. Truly amazing stuff.

  24. Leslee Barrow says:

    Tim,You have gone over the top with this tag. It is truly gorgeous and I think my very favourite. Thanks again for sharing your creative talents with us all.
    Leslee in MT

  25. Rob says:

    Love all of your tags so far, and would love to win any one of the great prizes on offer today, what a great Christmas gift.

  26. Freda says:

    Just as soon as I think that each day’s tag is more fastinating than the one the day before, you come right back and trump it with one that is even greater. This one is OVER THE TOP. I am still looking for my speckle brush that I know is here somewhere. Thank you so much, Tim.

  27. carla says:

    WOW…amazing….this tag is to die for…..probably my favorite by far…..although they are all beautiful, I cant wait to see what you create tomorrow. I get to work and your blog is the first place I log into just to see what you have done, you are truely amazing! Thanks for letting all of us have a chance to win!

  28. Shawna says:

    Love todays tag. Gorgeous! Im a sucker for all things with reindeer

  29. Nancy B says:

    Wow! I just love these different colors on today’s tags. I wouldn’t have realized that you used black under that beautiful blue green.
    As always, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s tag!
    Thanks, Tim.

  30. Ange says:

    Such a beautiful tag and you’ve gone to so much efort…thanks for sharing!

  31. Wow Tim again amazing!
    Love the background techniques on the tag it self! And the embossed reindeer is really cool!!! Great job again, can’t wait to see what you reserve for us tomorrow! Big hug!

  32. Aninha says:

    I Loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you again…
    Hi Tim….
    Love the techniques!

  33. Sharon Bennett says:

    OMG!! So much detail. WOW!! This has to be the best yet, but I say that everyday. Thank you again, young genius. Sharon

  34. Michelle Gala says:

    This tag is STUNNING! So rich in colour, you always pay close attention to detail, and I love the outcome! I’m finally going to have sometime to sit down and play this weekend and I can’t wait to try all the wonderful ideas shared here! Thanks Tim!!!!

  35. Lucie says:

    Mr Tim you make a simple piece of cardstock come to life, this tag is gorgeous!
    thank you so much for the tutorial

  36. Rebecca says:

    I love this and have most of the produicts to try it (in different colors) but still I can actually try the techniques right away instead of having to go out and buy everything first. This is definately my favorite tag so far.

  37. Nanda says:

    The tag is again great! I love the grungeboard deer and the stamps with the deer. The technic with the spatters of ink I want to try sometime, it gives a cool effect.
    Go on Tim, you make great things!
    greetings, Nanda

  38. KarenR says:

    WOW! Another fabulous tag! Such a source for inspiration! Thanks for the detailed photo instructions…very helpful!

  39. Marianne says:

    Simply awesome!I love the paint/ink resist technique you did on the tag. Your work inspires creativity. Keep it coming!

  40. dawn says:

    Beyond stunning Tim!!

  41. Amy says:

    How is it that distress can be so stunning and elegant? Blows my mind!!!
    Question: what do you do with all the tags you make?

  42. Lisa L. says:

    Wow I can’t believe all of the gorgeous detailing in each tag. Now I think today’s is my favourite! I love that reindeer.
    Lisa L.

  43. Missy says:

    Gorgeous! Just Gorgeous!!! THe one thing I would wish for is for you, Tim, to come and teach a class to my friends and I. We always crop the third friday of the month.
    But if that is not possible, then I wish you would pick me next. LOL I really need those paint dabbers.

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