12 tags of christmas – day 9…

Tag_3 "day 9" -tim holtz(c) 2008
supplies: craft sheet, distress inks/fired brick, pine needles, antique linen, brushed corduroy, walnut stain, adirondack paint dabber/snow cap, jet black archival ink, ink blending tool, mini mister, distress embossing ink, distress embossing powder/fired brick, heat tool (ranger); texture hammer, keyholes, word keys, ball chain (tim holtz idea-ology); craft pick, paper distresser (tonic), stamps/santa U2-1379, script P3-1378, juniper K5-1377, post card K4-1376, (stampers anonymous); tag, ribbon


step 1: stamp santa image on tag with jet black archival ink.  let dry.


step 2: using snow cap adirondack paint dabber, flick dabber from top and bottom edges to the center of the tag to create a distressed/icicle paint look. (*check out the finished tag to see what i mean – were going from a skipped paint look.)


step 3: drag dabber along edges of tag.


step 4: dry paint with heat tool if needed.


step 5: ink entire tag with antique linen distress ink using ink blending tool.  work in circular motion. (*i prefer to lightly ink the santa face, but don’t over do it.)


step 6: ink background area of tag with brushed corduroy distress ink using ink blending tool.  (*i like brushed corduroy for a warm brown color.)


step 7: stamp script over background with walnut stain distress ink.  let dry.


step 8: stamp juniper twice in upper corner with pine needles distress ink.  let dry.


step 9: noticed how we’ve inked and stamped over the painted tag?  well not to worry…


step 10: mist cloth with water from mini mister.


step 11: lightly wipe over painted areas with damp cloth.  this will remove the distress ink and reveal the white paint dabber.  (*how cool!  the paint dabbers resist the distress ink, and even though we’ve inked and stamped over white – it still resists!)


step 12: ink bottom area with fired brick distress ink using ink blending tool.


step 13: mist cloth with water from mini mister and wipe over inked area.


step 14: drag paper distresser along edges of the tag to tatter the tag.


step 15: ink tattered edges with walnut stain distress ink using the ink blending tool.  the ink will be absorbed in the edges. dry tag completely.


step 16: stamp post card stamp with distress embossing ink.


step 17: shake distress embossing powder. (*distress embossing powder contains release crystals and must be shaken each time before use.)


step 18: pour a generous amount of distress embossing powder over image and remove excess and place back into jar.


step 19: heat emboss with heat tool.  (*when heating distress embossing powders there are a few things to know – the powders do not become shiny like regular embossing powders, they are matte.  the powders will darken in color when embossed.)


step 20: once distress embossing powders are heated until you think they are done, allow the powders to cool completely before touching.  (*this is by far the most important thing to remember about the distress powders.  they will only adhere to the surface when cool – if you touch them while they are still hot, the entire image will wipe away.)


step 21: once cool, lay your hand flat on the tag and wipe it back and forth to remove the release crystals.  these are particles that never melt.  this will give your embossed image a pitted, distressed look.  (*note: do not put release crystals back in with distress powders.  simply throw them away.)


step 22: place keyhole on tag and pierce holes with craft pick.


step 23: attach keyhole to tag with included long fasteners.


step 24: to give our brads a more distressed look like old nail heads, place tag on hammer mat and tap brads with bump tip of the texture hammer.  such a cool tool!  if you want to learn more about the texture hammer check out the video below.)


step 25: attach word key to top hole in tag with ball chain. (*cut ball chain to desired length.)


*in the details: i have to say how neat is that paint resist technique – look at the stark contrast.  it actually looks like a snow drift.  the texture of the distress embossing powders is so unique and just the right touch for this tag.

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542 Comments to “12 tags of christmas – day 9…”

  1. Becky says:

    I just made a card using most of these stamps and techniques. What a wonderful resource to have when I need inspiration or motivation. The classic look of your stamps wraps me in a nostalgic glow that never grows old. Thank you!

  2. Alison Mosley says:

    Absolutely love the Santa stamp and the warm colours. Is that his magic Key???
    More, More, More please..looking forward to the next one :-))

  3. Dandy says:

    thank for your explications. I like a santa stamps and your technic with a paint pabber.

  4. Lottie says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes, – I am there in that cabin with you!
    Not only do you create an original tag each day – but we get a story too.
    Hope you don’t burn yourself out doing all this. It really is appreciated though.
    Especially here over the pond

  5. Peg R says:

    You have enough material for a wonderful new book…..The Tags of Christmas!! I can dream, can’t I????? Maybe next year! Love today’s tag and the Santa stamp is fab!!

  6. Maritza says:

    another simply spectacular tag

  7. Rowan says:

    It’s simply wonderful !

  8. debb says:

    I really want a trip to that cabin in the mountains! You sent up such an amazing image in my mind! Okay back to reality…. The tag is once again amazing! I wish I were able to try all of these before Christmas but I know it will be Jan when I get to some (and that gives me time to stock up on the new supplies!). It is so wonderful that you are sharing your talents and an amazing amount of time with us. What a Christmas present to all! Thank you! debb

  9. Sheila H says:

    I am having so much fun waiting for each new fantastic tag!

  10. Michele G. says:

    I just love the little key. That is so cute, and the santa. You have out done yourself again.

  11. Theresa Grdina says:

    This one is yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Susan says:

    I’ll head to that cabin in the woods as long as I can take all my supplies with me. I’d sit by the fire and make Tim Holtz inspired tags. What a great way to spend a day! Continued thanks for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration.

  13. libbyt says:

    yet another amazing tag. i wonder when that metalic crackle paint will arrive in australia – love it!

  14. Denise Smeaton says:

    I love the key!! And I love that Santa Stamp, it’s so classically Santa!
    I’ve just finished my last essay and I’m am so ready for creating! Who do you think I’m turning to for inspiration —> T!M
    Thanks for the wonderful techniques, the time it takes to put it all together is truly a wonderful gift to us!!
    Cheers, Denise

  15. Wenche says:

    Again; Gorgeous. That Santa-stamp is really lovely. And you make magic out of it.

  16. Theresa says:

    Another stunning tag! I love the Stanta, too. He has such personality. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tutorials. I am hoping to try a “Tim Holtz” inspired tag later this week.

  17. Allison T says:

    Ooh, cool! I love the snowdrift effect. I’ve got to find the time to drag out my Santa stamps today. This one looks pretty simple, yet still so cool! Love it!

  18. Monica Löfstedt says:

    When I was a little girl me and my sister had a chocolate calendar, one piece of chocolate everyday until christmas. One day when I should open my calendar, it was empty. My sister had eaten all my chocolate. She still had hers… This blog is just as exciting, to wake up and go and check whats new is great fun. And it wont be eaten by any other. lol.
    Thanks for doing this. Hugs!

  19. karen mcgowan says:

    what a gorgeous tag – love the santa!

  20. Cammy says:

    Love this one too!! So many cool things learn and try out. 🙂

  21. Lynn Judge says:

    Another amazing tag!! Thanks

  22. Carolyn Shafer says:

    Each Christmas project is amazing……….love doing it along with you.

  23. Teresa says:

    I love this tag and cant’ wait to try it out and I learned something new about the distressed embossing powder. Thanks of all of the tags you have done so far.

  24. Lynne says:

    Love this tag. Each day is more inspiring, will be very sorry to see them end. I need some stamps!!!

  25. Kathleen D says:

    I made a tag yesterday for my mom using one of your techniques. I can’t wait to give it to her. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas Everyone!

  26. Mama Karen says:

    So many tags, so little time. what to do…I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and hope I win.

  27. Mary Ann says:

    This Santa stamp is my favorite. He looks just like a santa should look. Thanks for
    all the techniques.

  28. Melissa Cook says:

    I love the paint technique! I’ll have grow my stash of paint daubers 😀

  29. Lynna Gibson says:

    Wow… I just don’t know how you don’t run out of ideas! I love the layering and I need to get my Distress Embossing powders out and really play, play, play.
    Thanks for yet another wonderful tag!

  30. Tim,
    I was taken on the journey up into the cabin in the pines. The “key” with “Dream” on it and the key “hole” elements were perfect metaphors.

  31. Becky Hopper says:

    Tim- I loved the distress used on this tag – haven’t used it yet and wanted to! The ink distress looks just like snow – these are all techniques I can use for my swap this weekend! Thanks for all you do!

  32. tomoh says:

    Retro look! So cool and gorgeous! I love your work as usual. Thanks so much for sharing.

  33. Tim – oh how fun! I love your Santa stamps! This is such a fun tag! Thanks for sharing your techniques with us Tim!

  34. Traci says:

    This might be my favorite tag so far this year! You are da man! WORD! HEHEHE

  35. Sher B. says:

    This one will be perfect for the santa freaks in my life – another wonderful tag! Thanks!! Sher B.

  36. Mellisa Ross says:

    I love the stamps that you use … if only we could get them in Canada. Guess I may have to take a trip to Tim-land someday. :o)
    Just for the record, I think we should have 365 days of Tags with Tim – teehehee.
    Happy Holidays

  37. susan leach says:

    I love this one too especially the “snow” technique. Keep ’em coming!

  38. Ink-Pattie says:

    I love the way your various ink formulations work with each other, and you can’t give us too many reminders about trying the technique of wiping away the inks because they don’t stick to each other. It’s like a chemistry miracle every day!

  39. Peggy says:

    OOooooooo! I really love that stamp that you used on this tag, Tim!

  40. Annette B says:

    I just love the look of the metal embellishments.You inspire me..The stamps you use are so crisp like the pine bough for instance.Great look. Keep um coming.

  41. Hi Tim! I’m ready for a little winter getaway! Your tag was inspired by a wonderful, magical dream! Thanks for sharing with us!

  42. Kelsey says:

    Another masterpiece, love the vintage colours!

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