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2016TAGhappy 2016!  as we embark on a new year, many of us set new goals, plan new adventures, and like any creative person, seek new ideas (after all it’s those ideas that drive our passion for making things).  so as i sit here in my studio knowing it was the first day of the month when i usually post a new tag, i started looking back through my previous “12 tags”.  it’s hard to believe this will be the 10th year of doing “12 tags” on my blog?!  what started out as a way to share inspiration with “12 tags of christmas” back in 2007, turned into a monthly tag series in 2012, and the rest as they say, is history.   years of step by step photos, instructions, and videos shared on these tutorials reminded me of some favorite techniques that inspired me all over again.

i believe that when it comes to seeking new ideas, sometimes our creative focus is blurred by the products used like a specific stamp, die, embellishment or color of ink vs. the techniques being shared which is most important part of learning things.  as a designer it’s a balance between the excitement of new products and remembering to use what we already have.  so i’ve decided to change things up with the “12 tags of 2016 – technique remix”.

remix /rē’miks/: a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of it.

i’m going to be taking you back into the archives of my blog to explore techniques that might be new discoveries for some, and re-discoveries for others.  each month i will be “remixing” two previous 12 tags techniques to show you an entirely different outcome using the same techniques.  i plan to highlight new ideas i may have, perhaps show a new product that might exist now to achieve a similar effect, or just helpful hints i’ve learned since i originally shared the technique.  my goal is to empower your creative way of thinking and remind you that inspiration is right at your fingertips.



  • surfaces: metal foil tape, #8 manila tag, black cardstock or tag
  • inks: distress embossing ink
  • paint: distress paint/black soot/picket fence
  • embossing powder: frosted crystal
  • embellishments: word band/observations, long fasteners, mini fasteners, game spinner, trimmings
  • adhesives: foam tape, glossy accents
  • tools: texture fade/typewriter set, stamp/CMS152 vintage things blueprint, vagabond, on the edge cutting pads, heat tool, scissors
  • misc: white chalk


1– for this tag i wanted to use the industrious technique on the background so i first chose my stamp to determine the space it would take up on the tag.  next i adhered the foil tape to the top and bottom portions of the tag that would be showing.

2– a trick for embossing part of the texture fade is using a smaller cutting pad.  i placed the top of the tag in the texture fade and used an “on the edge” cutting pad as my top cutting pad to only emboss the top section.

3– next i cut a slit through the top of my embossing folder (which i do to every folder) so i can slide the tag through the folder.  i used the “on the edge” cutting pad again to only emboss the bottom section this time.

4– following the technique i created the industrious finish to the taped areas – such a cool effect.


5– since i wanted to layer this image, i created the effect on two black tags (or you could use black cardstock).  i tore the edges on the main image, and cut out the area i wanted to layer from the second image.

6– to embellish i added a word band painted with picket fence distress paint and wiped off.  i added a game spinner to the center of the clock and some mini fasteners to the corners.

REMIXsee how inspiring it is to create an entirely different project using the same techniques?  i hope you’re ready to join me for another year of the “12 tags” series here on the blog, and let your creativity be reminded that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…t!m

congrats to the winners from the december 12 tags of 2015.  if you see your name (and it links to your tag), please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…
1. Inkysplatters
2. Crooked Stamper
3. Super Stick Chick
4. Anita H
5. Diana
6. Katy Leitch
7. Joi S
8. Jody
9. Laura Vi
10. Nox
11. Stefania
12. Delphine

*be sure to check your local stores for these supplies, or click on the links below to purchase online from Simon Says Stamp with a discount of 10% off your purchase – use code: 10JANUARYTH

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105 Comments to “12 tags of 2016 – january…”

  1. […] 12 Tags of 2016 is here as Tim Holtz brings us another year of challenges! This time he’s master mixing it up with a remix of techniques! I love these challenges. I love to see where the technique or products take me and I love to see where it takes others who play along. It’s like a big craft party each month! […]

  2. Janet says:

    I’m excited to craft along this year with the 2016 tag remix techniques.

  3. Karen P says:

    Before I get started I wanted to wish both yourself and Mario a very Happy New Year. I hope you have a wonderfully happy, healthy and prosperous year.
    I also want to say thank you. I had so much fun creating my tag! In fact I have another one I am working on – I love the techniques you shared and they are new to me so I wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing, educating and inspiring me Karen x

  4. I take part in this fantastic project for the first time.
    And is also the first time that I make a tag!

    This year I decided to apply myself a lot and learn a lot.

    Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  5. Fab techniques and gorgeous tag!

  6. ladymdoe says:

    This IS my favorite technique! Using the foil paper, distress paint w/embossing to get the metal look! Previous cards I made for gents were BIG hits. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents.

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  8. trifles says:

    But how did you stamp the clock image? With paint? Very cool project. Will make a perfect birthday tag for my nephew….

  9. This are my tags, hope you like!

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  11. Lisa M says:

    I have two words for you…WOO HOO!
    This is gonna be so much stinkin’ fun….

  12. Love what you’ll be doing for the 12 Tags of 2016, especially considering 2015 was my first year, and I hadn’t got around to seeing all of the previous years tags and techniques!!!

    And I love the foil tape & paint combo, plus this just solved my chalkboard problem!!

  13. What a cool idea to go back and re-use old techniques and supplies in different ways. I just love this months tag. And the tags that inspired are just as awesome – I always enjoy looking at the monthly tags by everyone but am very bad about taking the time to comment, I will do my best to get better about it. Thanks to all the artists that shared their tags you have all given me some inspiration to create : )

  14. DebbieP says:

    Great idea to go back and rework/retool. Love the tag.

  15. Sammy Jean says:

    I love, love, love this months tag. really enjoyed having a go myself too. Thank you for a fantastic start to the tag year! x

  16. Great tag. This would be so nice to add to a man’s birthday card.

  17. Candy says:

    Very nice. I like this idea very much.

  18. Maureen Chandler says:

    Great tag and great instructions!! Happy New Year!

  19. Kathleen Lundman says:

    I have been away from this for a while and have been concentrating on a newer, more complicated camera! I have three books on how to use this new camera and it seems to be more confusing to me than meeting up with a computer for the first time!!!! Back at this now because I have been missing it, but still have been reading your emails, etc and saved a lot of them for future references! This tag totally caught my attention and it was a great reminder that you are still out there for us – Bless you!!!!! This is exactly what I needed. My grandsons, age 6 and 2 are really drawn to the Steampunk designed items that I have and I like to make tags for their gifts. This will be perfect for both of them and they will love them! Thanks for still being here for us and for another year of tags! Looking forward to it! Happy New Year to you and Mario!

  20. Gigi B. says:

    Great idea to remix and use what you have. Stricking!

  21. diana says:

    thank you !! thank you!!!! thank you!! i am so excited to have won!! and even more excited with the new ‘remixed’ version/challenges started today! you are so inspirational to so many! so looking forward to 2016!

  22. loving the combination of techniques – really looking forward to joining in xx

  23. MikkiB says:

    what a great idea…..must go through my stash to finf suitable bits abd brush up my techniques.

  24. Pat says:

    Oh wow! This is going to be SO much fun this year. I mean, its always fun, but reviewing and reusing and reconstructing? It’s sort of like remodeling a house! Wait – you did that last year, right? Grabbing my supplies and clearing off my desk so I can get started! My Christmas garland tags officially outgrew their storage box this year, so it’s time to get a bigger box. Whoo-hoo! Shopping and crafting with Tim! Can’t wait!

  25. Lauren says:

    Tim – thanks for continuing your tag series, I’ve always loved it and the idea of the Remix is wonderful! Thanks for all you do.

  26. Gloria L. says:

    Such a good idea to highlight two techniques – for those of us getting a little older, it helps to jog the memory!

  27. Nana says:

    Excited for a year of remixing.

  28. Lagene says:

    I love the plan to combine past techniques!

  29. Love the idea of remixing techniques. So many great ones to use and often they get done once or twice and are forgotten. Looking at how to use techniques and products in new ways is always mind stretching activity.

  30. I wondered how you were going to keep the 12 tags fresh… You knocked out out of the park!

  31. Karen P says:

    It just keeps getting better and better! Remixing old looks, new looks, old supplies and new supplies I couldn’t be happier and am looking forward to improving my crafting and product knowledge, thank you Tim x

  32. Karen P says:

    I am so very, very happy that you are doing this again this year! Yay!!! I am planning on doing all of them and creating them earlier in the month. Thank you Tim, you have taught me so much and I know there is more to learn so thank you Karen x

  33. Julia says:

    Technique Remix is a crazy awesome idea! I love it!
    January’s tag is gorgeous!

  34. cheiron says:

    Wonderful tag! I love the idea of remixing the techniques…can’t wait to experiment with some old favorites. Happy New Year!

  35. ann black says:

    Great idea for the year! I know I try to follow exactly and recreate a project. Recently, I have been using the idea as a springboard for a new stamping project inspired by the displayed item. Many times I do not have the skills or special equipment. Thanks for all your sharing

  36. Julia Aston says:

    What a great idea for this year’s tags Tim – I know I often forget the older techniques and it’s good to bring them out again!

  37. jan metcalf says:

    Great techniques, great effect! love the clock for the new year!

  38. Shirley in Queen Creek says:

    Love the new concept! Thanks Tim!

  39. Lou Ann says:

    WOW love this tag! I been looking at different “metal” tags on Pinterest & have wanted to do one just haven’t taken the leap yet. Now I get my chance & am really looking forward to working on my version. Also thanks for choosing me as a December winner…must have been beginners luck…LOL!!

  40. Julie S says:

    Wow, I don’t remember that texture fade. LOVE it. Excellent idea to go with remix. Maybe this year I’ll actually create along with you instead of waiting until the last week of December to power through the 12 months. 😉 Happy New Year!

  41. JulieC says:

    I have been following your tags for 10 years and always love them! My 12 tags of Christmas go on their own tree each year! Love that you will be revisiting techniques and tags this year. Happy 2016!

  42. voilà vraiment une idée absolument géniale!
    2016 promet encore d’être un fabuleux millésime

  43. Lucy says:

    This is a very compelling tag. I’ve never done a tag before but I think I must do this one. Beautiful.

  44. Jan Francis says:

    Happy New Year Tim! So glad you’re continuing the monthly tags. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  45. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for choosing me as one of the 12 winners of the December tag! I love this months tag and I love the idea of remixing. I have some ideas brewing already for this tag. I love the mix of the metallic and the chalkboard look – very industrial and gritty. Can’t wait to try it myself, and definitely cant wait to see what else you mix up in the upcoming year!

  46. Amanda Pink says:

    Happy New Year! Congrats to all the December 2015 tag winners .

    Totally looking forward to joining in the 12 tags of 2016 . Loving the concept of ‘remixing’ the old to create a New !! Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge and inspiration Tim .
    Super cool tag for January !!

  47. KAT says:

    Awesome Tim! Great “remix” idea! I will play along!!!!

  48. Ann Cornell says:

    Best idea! I have started going back into “old techniques” and using them with new, going through old magazine (inlcuding Expression) and keep finding great nuggets. Thanks for bringing great ideas from the past and present to make our juices flow. Happy New Year!

  49. Debbie says:

    What a brilliant idea!!! i have such a useless memory! Thank you!

    Can’t wait to see what other techniques you remind us of!

    Debbie, UK

  50. Sheri K says:

    Very cool combination of techniques! Thanks Professor Tim for inspiring us!

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