12 tags of 2016 collection…

2016tagsthank you for being part of the 12 tags of 2016!  i appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas throughout the year and uploading your finished projects each month.  i hope you had fun with this collection – here’s to more creative inspiration in the new year…t!m

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64 Comments to “12 tags of 2016 collection…”

  1. Sue Davey says:

    I’ve only just found your site and am excited to see what new things I can learn this year.

  2. It was a BLAST!!!
    The best part was making so many AWESOME friends!!!!

  3. Carmen Lucero says:

    Looking forward to seeing more awsome creations this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Madelyn says:

    Happy New Year Tim and Mario. Thanks for another year of joy and art.

  5. Victoria Daniel says:

    Thanks for all you do for us and sharing it with us.And Happy New Year.

  6. Chary says:

    Thanks so much for giving us an avenue to stretch our creativity and imaginations!!

  7. Helena says:

    It has truly been an inspirational year, and looking forward to the New Year to see what is coming. Thanks for the remixes.

  8. Deb says:

    Thanks for all the inspiration especially the cat and dog stamps, love them

  9. Wilma Fox says:

    No thank you Tim for sharing your creative genius with us, Happy New Year to you and yours!

  10. Thanks for sharing everything you do to inspire us! I hope you continue sharing in this new year! Happy New Year!

  11. I love making a tag each month and learning and relearning techniques! Thanks for the opportunity to win each month too! I have been doing the tags for many years and I never tire of doing them. Thanks again!

  12. Margot W says:

    Dear Tim-Thank you for creating such an awesome, inspiring, creative place to play!!! I really look forward to your monthly tag posts and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to “participate” in your live events! I wish you and Mario All the best in 2017!

  13. I just got done re-creating a tag from 2013! Thanks for all you do — Happy New Year!!

  14. Juli Riedel says:

    Thank you for all your inspiration and FUN throughout the year! Though I just found you in May, I feel like I have known you forever! So excited for 2017! Much fun and happiness to you and Mario!!!

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