12 tags of 2015 – march…

one of my favorite things about creating is the ability to escape the here and now.  it takes your imagination to a place where you are free to explore, imagine, and discover.  this month i wanted to create a tag to encourage your creative mind to wander and play.  whether it’s trying new combinations of color (i used the new abandoned coral and cracked pistachio distress colors along with some other faves); using new imagery (i used one of my favorite new stamp sets “perspective”); or combing random elements (i used an assortment of my fave idea-ology); i hope you allow yourself to embrace imperfection and enjoy the artful mind…t!m

supplies used:

  • surfaces:#8 manila tag, tissue tape
  • distress paint: abandoned coral, spiced marmalade, squeezed lemonade, cracked pistachio, broken china, picked raspberry
  • archival ink: jet black
  • embossing powders: fine detail clear, fine detail gold
  • adhesives: multi-medium
  • texture paste: regular opaque
  • tools: craft sheet, heat tool, scissors, mask sheets, palette knife, mister
  • stamps/stencil: CMS213 perspective, THS040 typo, grid-blocks
  • embellishments: loop pins, adornment, mini numeral, word band, pen nib, mini gears, mini fasteners, jute string, crinkle ribbon
  • misc: staz-on black

1step 1: start by creating a quick tissue tape collage by tearing strips of tape and adhering them to a manila tag.  be sure to leave plenty of tag area exposed.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 2: select several of your favorite colors of distress paint.  i wanted this tag to have vibrant opacity over the tape which is why i’m using paint vs. ink for the background.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 3: apply various colors of distress paint to your craft sheet.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 4: mist the paints with water using a mister to activate the water-reactive properties of the paint.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 5: swipe the tag through the paint a couple of times until most of the surface is covered with color.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 6: quickly mist the painted tag with more water to blend the colors and fill in the blank areas of the tag.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 7: dry the paint with a heat tool and blot off any excess paint or water with a towel.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comnote: check out how cool distress paints blend and marble to create one of a kind backgrounds.  the semi-opacity of the paint allows the imagery of the tissue tape to still show through the color – love this!

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 8: stamp the image on the DRY background using jet black archival ink.  immediately cover the stamped image with fine detail clear embossing powder and heat emboss using a heat tool.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comnote: the reason i chose this method vs. using clear embossing ink and black powder is to avoid the chance of having any black “specks” on my background once it was embossed – it still shines beautifully.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 9: stamp the same image on to the “mask” side of the mask sheets using staz-on ink (this is the only ink i have found that will dry on the mask sheet without heating it since mask sheets are not heat stable).

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 10: once the ink is dry, cut the stamped design out on the edge of the image with non-stick scissors.  when using my tonic scissors since they are micro-serrated, simply flip the scissor to the side that cuts a smooth edge to cut.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 11: carefully peel the mask sheet away from the backing and throw away the backing piece.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 12:  place the mask sheet over the stamped image lining it up perfectly and press to adhere (the mask sheets are repositionable adhesive sheets so don’t worry).

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 13: place a layering stencil over the tag and scoop up some texture paste on to a palette knife.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 14: holding the stencil in place, randomly apply texture paste to various areas over the stencil.  be sure to go over some areas of the masked image.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.com

step 15: lift the stencil to remove from the tag and place the stencil in water to clean off the texture paste before it dries.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 16: with the mask still in place and the texture paste wet on the tag, immediately cover the paste with fine detail gold embossing powder (or use any color embossing powder you choose). remove the excess embossing powder and place it back into the jar.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 17: carefully lift the mask off of the image and place it into the water container with the stencil to clean (the adhesive will not wash off of the mask so once it’s clean simply let it air dry).

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comnote: even though the mask sheets come with a storage sheet, i prefer to store my masks on the stamp sheet so i can easily find it to use it again.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 18: allow the texture paste to dry with the embossing powder on it.  the wet paste will act as the adhesive and hold the powder once dry. *DO NOT HEAT the paste while it’s wet or it may bubble up and show white through the powder.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 19: once the paste is dry, heat emboss the powder to achieve an amazing enameled texture.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comnote: this technique can be used with any embossing powder to create any metallic or colored enameled texture.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 20: embellish the tag with your favorite trinkets and findings.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comstep 21: one favorite are these new loop pins used to attach charms without the need for a jump ring.

12 Tags March | www.timholtz.comthe details: i love the combination of color, texture, imagery, and elements of this tag.  the embossed butterfly really pops and the mask effect with the layering stencil creates a great contrast with the embossed gold – have fun with this one!

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12tags2015_150 2015TAG

congrats to the winners from the february 12 tags of 2015.  if you see your name (and it links to your tag), please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…

1.  Angela Radford
2.  Colleen
3.  Jenn DuBell
4.  Vada
5.  Lydia
6.  Ruby Craft
7.  Pamellia
8.  Caroline T.
9.  Beulah Bee
10.  Becky
11.  Rosso Papavero
12.  Tracey

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165 Comments to “12 tags of 2015 – march…”

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  6. Lisa MacGregor says:

    Wow love this tag and especially the butterfly stamp. Great inspiration

  7. ArtCuore says:

    El mes de Marzo ha sido una explosión de color y primavera,,, gracias por brindar esta experiencia en el blog.

  8. Maria Meade says:

    Wow, these tags are so cool! I love ’em. I must be living under a rock but I have just discovered your 12 tags of 20XX program. I think it is a truly fantastic project for sure. I may even throw my hat into the ring if I get really motivated/inspired !
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration!!

  9. miria says:

    Here’s my first tag ever, it won’t be my last one for sure 🙂
    thanks for inspiration and fun!
    Hugs, Miria

  10. kathy says:

    I’ve linked my layout twice and both times it shows up and then when I go back a little later it is gone. Anyone got any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

  11. Susan Ball says:

    Only just in time to join in…..great tag….thanks for tute T!m
    xoxo sioux

  12. Vic says:

    oops. After you sprinkle the embossing powder on the wet texture paste and leave it to dry for a few days….don’t come back to it and lift up the tag before using the heat gun. After the embossing paste dries, the embossing powder doesn’t stick any more and will just fall right off.

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  14. kathy says:

    Loved the tag. Since I’m a layout person, I adjusted and used for the photo mat for a layout. I’m a new fan of dabbers. I’m getting all the colors! And love using embossing powder with texturizing paste.

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  18. Judy says:

    Thanks Tim, it’s always so fun to create with you.

  19. Deborah says:

    This Tag for March is just beautiful. I am going to try to accomplish this…. 😀 I really like playing along with the 12 Tags cause you learn so much.
    Thank you

  20. Carol P says:

    Beautiful tag!

  21. Fabulous! I really must get some new products instead of improvising all the time! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  22. Noreen says:

    I love your spring tag! Thanks for all the great tips on how you did the butterfly.

  23. Judith says:

    There are many lovely interpretations of the March tag. All quite different.

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  25. Cathy R says:

    Amazing tag, love these techniques,!

  26. terry says:

    What a wonderful tag for March. I love the vibrant colors and that big bold butterfly! Such fun it was!

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