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i’m really excited about this month’s tag and sharing how i use my new layering stencils from stampers anonymous.  there is no doubt stencils have become a craft staple to many and why not?  their versatility to provide texture and imagery are a great creative tool.  there are also many ways to use stencils on a variety of surfaces with a multitude of mediums.  so whatever your artistic vision can imagine, you should definitely give stenciling a try.  i designed layering stencils for a simple reason – layering.  that’s why layering stencils are not your typical 6×6 or 12×12 size so you can easily just use various parts and pieces to design amazing backgrounds.  their tag shape also makes it convenient to organize with a single book ring to hold them all together and hang for easy storage (no more tangled and bent stencils tucked away in a drawer).  so let’s get started…

supplies: layering stencils/THS001/003/005/006/008/011/012, distress stain/picked raspberry/crushed olive/broken china/peacock feathers/wild honey/tarnished brass, distress ink/walnut stain/picked raspberry/black soot, distress paint/picket fence, distress markers/black soot, ink blending tool, mister, archival ink pad/jet black, heat tool, craft sheet, multi-medium, #8 manila tag, stamp/papillon CMS106, chit chat stickers, crinkle ribbon, type charms, pen nibs, wire pins, jump rings, paper distresser, studio 490 white embossing paste, palette knife

DSC06882step 1: begin with a #8 manila tag, a layering stencil, white embossing paste and a palette knife.

DSC06883step 2: place the layering stencil (stars) over the tag and position it how you would like.

DSC06884step 3: using a palette knife, apply a small amount of embossing paste to the craft sheet.

DSC06885step 4: apply the embossing paste over various areas of the stencil by swiping the palette knife over the stencil.  scrape the excess paste off the top of the stencil with the knife leaving the excess in the stencil areas.

DSC06887step 5: lift the layering stencil straight off – simple as that. the layering stencils are thin enough to ink and paint through, yet thick enough to apply heavier mediums like pastes through and still be able to lift off with ease.

DSC06888step 6: immediately mist your stencil with water and wipe clean. *as you can see from the yellow tint on my stencil from paint, i clean my stencils as well as i clean my stamps…lol – oh well they still work great.

DSC06889step 7: next you can either let your embossing paste air dry, or dry with a heat tool.  if you use a heat tool be sure not to “cook” the embossing paste or it will bubble.  just alternate with heating it, let it cool for a few seconds, and continue heating until it’s dry.

DSC06890step 8: place another layering stencil (schoolhouse) along the bottom of the tag.

DSC06891step 9: shake picket fence distress paint and apply paint to your craft sheet.

DSC06892step 10: using a clean piece of blending foam on the ink tool, swipe the tool through the paint to pick it up off the sheet.

DSC06893step 11: lightly pounce the blending tool over the stencil to apply paint to the tag.  *note: i prefer applying distress paint with the blending tool vs. directly from the bottle as i think the paint is too fluid and could seep under the stencil.

DSC06894step 12: remove the stencil, clean stencil with water, and dry the paint with a heat tool. *note: you can also clean the distress paint from the blending foam with water to reuse the foam.

DSC06895step 13: mist the tag with a few sprays of water to dampen (this will help the distress stains blend on contact).

DSC06896step 14: swipe various colors of distress stain over the tag.

DSC06897step 15: lightly spritz water droplets over the stained tag to blend colors.

DSC06898step 16: dry the tag completely with a heat tool.  notice a couple of things happening: the embossing paste actually absorbs the distress stain creating colorful texture while the distress paint resists the distress stain creating a faded design…so cool.

DSC06899step 17: place layering stencil on the tag (rays) and this time tap and swipe over stencil with distress ink using ink blending tool.

DSC06900*check out the layers and texture so far with embossing paste, paint, and distress ink?

DSC06901step 18: place layering stencil on the tag (dot fade) and tapped over stencil with a bright color of distress ink using ink blending tool for contrast.

DSC06902*see the effect using various colors of distress ink can achieve?

DSC06903step 19: place layering stencil on the tag (honeycomb) and tap over just a few areas of stencil with distress ink using ink blending tool.  it is very important with layering with stencils that you remember to just use parts of it.

DSC06904step 20: place layering stencil on the tag (cargo) and swipe over with black soot distress ink using ink blending tool.

DSC06905*notice how black soot makes this layer pop?

DSC06906step 21: place our final layering stencil (measured) and swipe over with black soot distress ink using blending tool.

DSC06907*remember when building layers of distress ink to work light to dark.  the background tag colors were bright, then i added some layers with brown, and the final with black soot – i love the depth this creates.

DSC06908step 22: ink the edges of the tag with blending tool and tatter using a paper distresser.  notice how using some metallic distress stain in our background creates a cool luminous reflection in areas.

DSC06909step 23: stamp image with jet black archival ink.  to me, adding a stamped image or two on the top creates the ultimate layering.

DSC06910step 24: select some words from the chit chat stickers (remember you can use either white or kraft from this sticker book).

DSC06911step 25: ink the edges of the stickers with distress ink using ink blending tool.

DSC06912step 26: adhere them to your tag and press firmly to secure.

DSC06913step 27: using the plastic fine point of your distress marker, scribble an outline around the edges of the stickers.

DSC06914step 28: immediately use your finger and smudge the distress marker. *note: sometimes i will tap my finger on a damp paper towel first to help smudge the distress ink more.

DSC06916*see what a difference this technique makes?   you can try this effect anytime you are layering ephemera and want it to look more dimensional.

DSC06918step 29: mist a piece of crinkle ribbon with water.

DSC06919step 30: dab several colors of distress stain over ribbon and dry with a heat tool. *note: the water helps the distress stains blend immediately – just like what we did on the tag background.

DSC06920step 31: tape the crinkle ribbon flat to the craft sheet.

DSC06921step 32: place layering stencil (honeycomb) over ribbon.

DSC06922step 33: tap over stencil with distress ink using ink blending tool and repeat across ribbon.

DSC06924*the details: check out the cool stenciled ribbon that coordinates perfectly with the tag.

DSC06931*the details: outlining the word with the smudged distress markers is a cool alternative for adding words to projects.  i also adhered a pen nib with multi-medium for a metal element.

DSC06932*the details: the combination of color, texture, and imagery is what this tag is all about.  i also added a type charm to the ribbon pinned with a wire pin.

pretty awesome tag this month i think, i hope you do too.  it’s always great to add a new design element to the creative process and layering stencils are definitely a new addiction of mine.  i hope you give these a try this month and experiment with various designs and products along with them.  don’t forget to embrace imperfection…t!m

congrats to the winners from the august 12 tags of 2013.
if you see your name (and it links to your tag)
please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…

1. die amelie
2. velvet
3. that crazy chick
4. Laurie Y
5. Tasha Cosenza-Mechels
6. Synnove
7. Caro
8. Brandy
9. Julia
10. Monique
11. Michelle Nun
12. Brigita

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150 Comments to “12 tags of 2013 – september…”

  1. tammy b says:

    Oh. my. goodness. i am geeking over that ribbon! why have i never thought to stencil it? thanks for the creative jump start!

  2. Julia says:

    Wow, stenciled Ribbon, so cool. Ordering the stencils right now.
    So gorgeous.

  3. Nancy B says:

    Beautiful tag! Thank you for teaching us what layering is all about.

  4. Leslie Anderson says:

    As always, this month’s tag is awesome. I love the idea of using the stencils on ribbon….can’t wait to try it out!

  5. Merete M says:

    Love this tag and the technique,
    must have some of this stencils! Thanks again Tim!

  6. Greta H says:

    Wow–my jaw dropped! This is just incredible! Bookmarking so I can review again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Patty Pearson says:

    What a great job of incorporating so many ways to use the new stencils! Wonderful tag!

  8. barbara says:

    love it, another great tag!!!!!!!

  9. Hetty says:

    Congrat to the winners! They have a field day finding out they won.
    And for the september tag: love it! Can’t wait to get my hands on the stencils and play.

  10. Mary Mac says:

    Gorgeous tag, love all the use of the stencils. The ray is my favorite.

  11. Maggie says:

    Cool effects from all the stenciled layers! I just bought several stencils from my local craft store during the Labor Day sale. 🙂 Can’t wait to run to my craft room and give them a try. So blessed to have a holiday to play with all my awesome Tim products!

  12. Mary Werner says:

    One of my favorite tags ever! Show stopping colors and sooooo many layers and things to look at. Seems stencils are a staple now.

  13. Hi! I love the tag. its very cool with the hues that you used. and instructions for easy to follow. i cant wait to get started on making one myself.

  14. Maureen Chandler says:

    What an amazing tag – love all the colors and texture! Thanks for showing all the steps – wonderful!!

  15. Theresa G. says:

    LOVE the ribbon stenciled; never thought of that one!! Great tag.

  16. Patricia F says:

    Just received 3 of your new stencils yesterday, Tim! So excited to try them. Your September tag is certainly inspiring to get me started! Thank you for the tutorial & I’m super excited to try all of your new products being released. Thanks for the continued journey.

  17. jenni says:

    LOVE ALL THOSE LAYERS! i’m amazed. all the depth and beauty in every single layer…..thank you for a fantastic tutorial. i think when i can accumulate enough of those fabulous stencils….i can actually make one of these things. thank you for your inspiration, tim.

  18. kathy says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the great techniques!

  19. Pam B says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of your stencils–they didn’t have them yet at the store.

  20. butterfly says:

    Yum… so many delicious ideas to play with here. Off to have a play! Thank you for another fabulous piece of inspiration…
    Alison x
    Oh, and a big yay for die amelie, Julia and Monique!!

  21. WilmaB says:

    Great tag and stencils!! Love it.

  22. LOVE this tag and so glad that I bought some stencils at Stampaway!!! I love them!!!!

  23. I’ve been on a spending craze purchasing stencils this past year! Can’t get enough of them, and yours should be arriving any day now. 🙂

  24. Barbara Albrecht says:

    What a fun tag choke full of stenciling and wonderful color! Love it!!

  25. stampersuzz says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait til I can play with the new stencils!

  26. BJ says:

    Totally awesome, love the bright colours and then all the layers. Shame the stencils don’t seem to have made it here to the UK as yet so jolly glad I got the Rays at your workshop last week. Can’t wait to do this one but it will have to wait until after my op. BJ

  27. Robin Gasser says:

    fun tag to start September with–thanks for the ideas

  28. Glen says:

    This is one of the most exciting products I’ve seen since starting to scrap and work in this medium. I can’t wait till they are available!

  29. Mary Gordon-Hagler says:

    Love these techniques! Wish I had purchased the other 4 stencils at stampaway ! Drat ! Toooo many great things at stampers anonymous booth& too limited funds oh well next time! Thank you for great inspiration and for everyone being so nice and giving as always ! Hugs !

  30. Linda J.W. says:

    Great Tag as always….. thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the new stencils…. and play

  31. Linda Bell says:

    All the stencils are fabulous can’t wait. Love the tag too, very colorful!

  32. Tasha Cosenza-Mechels says:

    I can’t wait to try this month’s tag technique! I am waiting for my full set (!!) of Tim Holtz stencils to arrive at my door. I am so excited I won!!! Wow!!!! Congrats to all of the other winners! It is so wonderful trying out the new techniques Tim shows us each month! Happy crafting!!

  33. Julie Heyer says:

    Okay, WOW! I am amazed that you utilized all of those different stencils on one tag! I looked at the tag and thought, oh you used the star stencil, and then your stepouts showed the multitude, WOW
    Love the tip for “inking” the edges of those tiny word stickers using the distress marker. So great! Thanks for always continuing to inspire.

  34. Fabulous tag, I can’t wait to try this. Got to get those stencils fast.

  35. Linda Dreiling says:

    Came to chuck wagon national finals in clinton arkansas but had to sign on to see sept tag and it is awsome. Never disapointed with anyting you do

  36. barbara lassiter says:

    Lovely! Thanks for all the great tips, too! I’m making Christmas cards and tags now and these new ideas will help me as I think about card designs!!!!!

  37. Lyn Hingerty says:

    Just love your work Tim you are a inspiration to all people

  38. Judy Schraufnagel says:

    This is awesome! Cannot wait to get my stencils!! Thanks for more inspiration!

  39. marileew says:

    Another beauty. I can hardly wait for the stencils to show up in my LSS!

  40. Kelly Karas says:

    Brilliant…I think the layering stencils are one of my favorite cant wait to own them all items!!

  41. Linda says:

    Those stencils are a “must have” for any studio. I must have them!

  42. Candy says:

    You could have been a chemist!

  43. oh wow…..cant wait to try this……it is beautiful….

  44. Carmen Lucero says:

    Wow, I learned so much just from this tag tutorial! Thanks for the inspiration!


    Carmen L

  45. Michelle Johnston says:

    Wow!!! Those stencils look so fun!! I love this tag!!

  46. Wow Tim! You never seen to amaze me with your eye for colours and patterns. I would have only used just one or two stencils and would never thought of layering stencils on top of each other! Love the tag! I’ve got the butterfly stamped (autographed by you), now I need to get some stencils!!

  47. Mary Jane W says:

    I LOVE this tag!! Can’t wait to try my own. Thanks Tim!

  48. Sue W. says:

    Love the effect of using all of the stencils on your tag! I’m headed to Whim So Doodle on Thursday for a Dina class and will be adding all of the stencils to my stash!

  49. Yvonne Boucher says:

    I am loving the embossing paste…I have your stencils, now to get my hands on the paste! Great tag!!!

  50. Stunning tag Tim!!!! Thanks for the info!!!

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