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the chill of fall is definitely in the air around the studio and that means one thing – candy corn!  well it also means that halloween is coming soon so i wanted to share a fun halloween inspired tag this month.  now i know not everyone is a fan of halloween, but remember the tags are all about the inspiration of a technique so keep that in mind.  i personally love the color palette and decorative elements of this time of year, definitely one of my favorite seasons.  the nostalgic look of tattered sparkling vintage halloween decorations conjures up those childhood memories of carving pumpkins and trick or treating.  so for me, the new distress glitter was perfect for what i had in mind to make.  the colors, texture, and inkability of distress glitter mimics the look of glass glitter or mica, but without the hazards of either.  i absolutely love this new glitter and whether you’re a glitter person or not, you should try this stuff yourself to see how amazing it is to work with.  alright, the sugar from the candy corn is kicking in so let’s get to creating…

supplies: distress glitter/seedless preserves/black soot/mustard seed/spiced marmalade, distress paint/ripe persimmon/crushed olive/seedless preserves/scattered straw, distress ink/seedless preserves/mustard seed/spiced marmalade/black soot/walnut stain, ink blending tool, glossy accents, mister, heat tool, craft sheet, archival ink/jet black, grungeboard, mirrored stars, crinkle ribbon, sizzix bigz/ornate frame, sizzix mini movers/owl & moon/pumpkin/bat, sizzix base tray, sizzix vagabond, stamps/CMS138/CMS155, #8 manila tags

DSC06959step 1: die cut the elements from grungeboard.  *note: since the ornate frame die is so detailed, grungeboard is definitely much easier to use for this than chipboard.

DSC06966step 2: ink all of the die cut pieces with distress ink using an ink blending tool – i use the matching color of ink to glitter.

DSC06967step 3: apply glossy accents to the inked grunge.  although you can use a variety of wet adhesives with this glitter, glossy accents is by far my favorite because of it’s translucency and fast drying time.

DSC06969step 4: using your finger, lightly tap the glossy accents to spread it out.  i prefer this method vs. wiping the glossy accents to keep a nice wet layer of adhesive.

DSC06970step 5: place the grunge on a piece of scrap paper and cover with distress glitter – DO NOT PRESS THE GLITTER DOWN.  one of the tricks to getting the most sparkle from this glitter is to allow it to fall in random positions on the adhesive.  if your press it down to pack it on the surface, you loose some of that effect.

DSC06971step 6:  you can immediately lift up the piece from the pile of glitter and tap it on the sheet to remove the excess, and place all of the remaining glitter back in the jar.

DSC06972step 7: repeat the previous steps for all of the pieces you want to glitter and set them aside to dry.  note: you can also quickly dry the adhesive with a heat tool as distress glitter is heat stable.

DSC06973step 8: for the tag background i’m going to do the distress paint marbling technique using some of the new fall release colors of distress paint (ripe persimmon is a must!).  just swipe various colors of paint on to the craft sheet.

DSC06974step 9: mist the paints with water from a mister.

DSC06975step 10: swipe a manila tag through the paints to cover the surface.

DSC06976step 11: mist the painted tag with water to marbleize the colors and begin drying it with a heat tool.

DSC06977step 12: continue drying the tag and blot off any excess wet paint if needed.

DSC06978step 13: ink the edges of the tag with black soot distress ink using and ink blending too.

DSC06979step 14: mist the inked tag with water from mister and dry with heat tool.  since the black soot distress ink remains black even when you wet it, it becomes very “smoky” looking.

DSC06982step 15: stamp some script or background imagery on a portion of the tag only with archival ink.

DSC06984step 16: stamp the simple sayings word and label frame on a scrap piece of manila tag, cut it out, and ink the edges with distress ink.

DSC06981step 17: my absolute favorite thing about distress glitter is that it is “inkable” with distress ink.  once the glitter is dry, ink the edges of surface of distress glitter with distress ink using an ink blending tool.  distress glitter actually takes on the tint of the distress ink color you use – so amazing!  the glitter on the moon looks like tarnished vintage perfection…

DSC06983step 18: adhere the glittered elements to the tag with glossy accents.

DSC06985step 19: i also added the new mirrored stars to this tag by adhering them with glossy accents.  i like all of the sizes of stars that these have.  one thing to note is that you can colorize these with alcohol inks, but i preferred them to stay silver for this tag.

DSC06986step 20: to colorized a piece of crinkle ribbon to match the background colors of the tag, swipe distress inks on the craft sheet, mist with water, swipe ribbon through it, and dry with heat tool.

DSC06992the details: the vintage look of this inked distress glitter is so wonderful, and layering these over the marbled matte finish of the coordinating distress paints make the elements really stand out.

DSC07003the details: i wanted to show you that you can use other shapes inside the ornate frame and it still looks great.  i can see this layout as a wonderful card for all seasons.

so now it’s time to get your “glitter on” and create some fun projects using the distress glitter.  whether you’re creating decorations for your home, favors or invitations for your halloween party, or just want to make something with a touch of  nostalgic sparkle – do it.  i can’t wait to see what creative ideas you come up with this month using distress glitter.  remember to take time and enjoy…t!m

congrats to the winners from the september 12 tags of 2013.
if you see your name (and it links to your tag)
please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…

1. PavlaH
2. Fieneke
3. Kayla Turner
4. Marianne H
5. Laurart
6. Janet
7. Lisa F
9. cheiron
10. Terry Lightfoot
11. Christina Sedor
12. KateT

*be sure to check your local stores for these supplies or you can
click the links below to purchase online…
(SSS=simon says stamp / IE=inspiration emporium)

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131 Comments to “12 tags of 2013 – october…”

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  3. […] valreep nog lekker met distress paints, glossy accents, distress inkt en glitter aan de gang met de 12 Tags of 2013 October van Tim Holtz als […]

  4. I LOVE the distress glitter… off to grab some christmas colors.

  5. I’M THE UPLOADING DORK! sorry -i tried to upload from instagram and it doesnt show thumbnails…. and I have no Idea how I did it twice, and now I can’t delete it…. i promise to not try another time …at least this month=0)

  6. Love this month’s tag and techniques… so much so that I made two versions – one Halloween and another for Christmas!

  7. I love the tag and ik hoped i could make it but i have my finger broken so i didn’t finish him yet. I hope i can make the tag when my finger is better. 🙁

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  9. Deb Horst says:

    Another fun tag….I had to wait for my Ornate frame die to arrive in the mail before I could get my tag made….finally got it finished and posted!! Thanks again for another great challenge!!

  10. I posted a comment on mobile device but glad it didn’t make it in here afterall cause I finally DID IT: made a BLOG like I’ve been hearing everyone tell me I should do to share the stuff I’ve made. I will later add more to it than just this month’s tag you did, and my own take at it. While I am upbeat about your Tag making my FIRST ENTRY on my new blog (A Chief’s Wife’s Heart’s ‘aFire)…
    Frankly, I detest any kind of glitter. I know- it’s strange cause I am a GIRL. But glitter to me, has always looked ‘tacky’ or screams “Cheap!” while most others think bling is cool. BUT….I WILL give you this much; I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the Distress Inks, paints, etc. So given that,….I’ll give the Distress Gitter a lookie-see up close the next time I am shopping at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I didn’t know till I saw your tech instructs that this particular glitter can be DISTRESSED with Distress inks. That plays it down a bit. So if you have a neutral shade of the glitters….I will give it a TRY. Otherwise, my house does not have ONE SINGLE SPECK of GLITTER due to my dislike of it. Thus- this month’s take on your Oct Tag has me doing the next closest thing- emboss powder. So after heating it- it got a SORT-OF shine like your tag. I’ll go along with that for now. I made four others of the Tag like the one for my own, because four other of our closest friends-known-as-family-to-us also have a Pumpkin Birthday in Oct like myself. 🙂 So it was another gift of love made WITH love. Congrats to you winners for last month’s Tag and I hope you’ll all sneak a peek at my new Blog and I’ll be making the rounds to ya’all’s blogs for the November Tag !!!! Happy to be included now !! It was totally WORTH the effort !!! 😀

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  14. Brigita says:

    Awesome tag this month and LOVE the glitter!!

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  17. Annie says:

    So glad I could join in this month…and in time too. Hope the Tuscany Adventure is going well and the weather is kind to you

    Crafty Hugs

    Annie x

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  19. Thanks for the awesome tutorial and fun challenge!

  20. I had fun with this challenge. Thanks!

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  23. rhonit says:

    question, how do you not get a over whelmed palette? kinda like when a try to use red, it seams to all be red. same thing with a dark color, it dominates the palette. why is that? and I really am using just a small amount. Thanks, Tim hey, Mario

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  25. Dria says:

    Fabulous tag! I got mine done now 🙂

  26. Buttons says:

    Seriously enjoyed playing with these ideas. I can’t live without Distress Glitter! Jenny x

  27. Diane says:

    I just started making tags this past spring and really enjoying it. I love your tags and your inspiration. Though I’m not a huge Halloween fan I’ve had fun making a couple of tags using your Oct inspiration! And it’s kind of getting me into the seasonal spooky mood. 🙂 Thank you!

  28. Stacie says:

    I highly dislike working with glitter, which is why I love Stickles so much — but these look like too much fun to resist!! They add such a gorgeous, unparalleled effect that they’re now on my “must have” list. 🙂

  29. Judy Cantrell says:

    Beautiful glittery tags!

  30. Merete M says:

    Awesome tags! I must have some distress glitter!!
    Thanks again Tim! Concrats to the winners for September

  31. Winnie Hopkins says:

    I just love halloween. These tags make me too happy. This is what I will work on after my surgery next week. Thanks for giving me some inspiration for my down time. I love creating.

  32. Terry says:

    Love Halloween and love this month’s Tag! That owl is on my list! Both tags are fabulous and fun!

  33. Elizabeth K says:

    This is my most favorite time of year! Love all the excitement, decorations and twinkly lights. Thanks for the Inspiration! Looking forward to your upcoming class. =^_^=

  34. […] really looking forward to using Distress Glitter in more projects.  Please check out Tim Holtz page to see his creating, to participate your self, and or view everyone’s inspiration for […]

  35. Dria says:

    you know it really isn’t fair to mess with those of us that haven’t been able to get their hands on these dies yet..right???

  36. maureen says:

    you make it look too darn easy. Off to buy some glitter…..


  37. Linda Polaretzki says:

    Way cool tag. I’m loving the glitter

  38. marileew says:

    Love this tag. Can hardly wait to experiment with the glitter…

  39. Robin Delaney Hanning says:

    Tim, just in case you don’t know… I think the best product you ever made is the 3 yards of filmstrip. I buy that over and over and use it more than anything else! You are a genius! Mario ain’t too shabby either!

  40. Shelly Schmidt says:

    I LOVE the colors- the background is so nice- LOVE, LOVE the glittered grunge board- the owl is awesome and I love the purple die cut!

  41. Pam says:

    I think I’m in love with that purple glitter! And the tag background reminds me of spooking candles melting and running down the candle holder.
    Looks like a little glitter shopping spree is in order.

  42. Ramona Downing says:

    Awesome Tag!!! Going to try this tomorrow!! Always great to see your tags each month!!

  43. gail kennaugh says:

    I think the moon is the bomb

  44. Love this time of year, get my fill of candy corn and caramel popcorn balls. Got to watch those anymore with the teeth, old maids will get you.
    Great tag by the way.

  45. Melita says:

    This is absolutely divine – that purple frame is to die for!

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