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greetings from new jersey!  that’s right, i’m still in new jersey posting this month’s tag direct from ranger headquarters where i’m working away on new product development for the upcoming cha-summer show in july.  even though i’ve been out of the studio for the past two weeks, the 12 tags of 2013 must go on, so i’ve been a busy guy.  i’m excited to share this new technique using one of my latest idea-ology products (remnant rubs) and combing them with the wonders of distress.  these versatile rubons can be used on so many surfaces including paper, photos, wood, metal, plastic, glass, even canvas and burlap perfect for mixed media projects.  today’s technique showcases one of my favorite features of these rubs, the random collage of imagery – see for yourself just how creatively versatile these rubs are.  here we go…

supplies: remnant rubs, distress stain/picked raspberry/broken china/wild honey/evergreen bough, distress ink/rusty hinge/walnut stain, archival ink/jet black, alcohol ink/lake mist, ink tool, heat tool, craft sheet, 1/8″ wonder tape, #8 manila tags, sanding grip, crinkle ribbon, enameled tags, film strip ribbon, word bands, mini fasteners, texture hammer, craft pick, scissors, stamps/classic favorites

DSC05906step 1: begin with remnant rub sheet and manila tag

DSC05908step 2: place one sheet over tag and rub in small, various areas of the sheet only – don’t overdo this step.

DSC05921step 3: immediately rip off the remnant rub sheet to transfer parts of the images, and repeat as needed (the more random and faster you rip the better).

DSC05922step 4: sand off excess rubs from the edges using a sanding grip.

DSC05923step 5: apply various colors of distress stains to craft sheet my pressing down and gently squeezing the bottles of stain.

DSC05924step 6: swipe tag through distress stains to apply colors to the tag.

DSC05925step 7: this is the effect you should have – the rubs resist the inks! (don’t worry if you haven’t covered the entire tag with color at this point).  lightly mist inks with water to begin blending colors.

DSC05926step 8: start drying the tag with a heat tool since the rubs are somewhat heat stable as well.

DSC05927step 9: stop drying for a moment and spritz the inked tag with water to react the inks and create a mottled effect, then finish drying with heat tool.

DSC05928step 10: blot excess stain from remnant rubs with a towel.

DSC05929step 11: ink the edges of the tag with various colors of distress ink using an ink blending tool.

DSC05931step 12:  stamp images with archival ink over the rubs.

DSC05932step 13: for images you would like to appear in the background, wipe away the wet archival ink from the top of the rubs using a towel.

DSC05933step 14: continue stamping with other various images using archival ink.

DSC05934step 15: for images you would like to appear layered, dry them with a heat tool on top of the rubs.

DSC05935*note: next we’re going to use the new enameled tags to create a custom embellishments.

DSC05936step 16: apply lake mist alcohol ink to felt and ink over the enameled tag until desired look is achieved.

DSC05937*note: see what a little layering with alcohol inks can do?

DSC05942step 17: cut our words or elements from remnant rubs.

DSC05943step 18: place on to enameled tag and rub with craft stick.

DSC05945step 19: continue adding various words and elements until desired look is achieved.  (i love the look of filling a tag with rubs).

DSC05946step 20: cut a piece of film strip ribbon.

DSC05947step 21: add strips of 1/8″ wonder tape to the back edges of the ribbon as shown.

DSC05948step 22: adhere film strip ribbon to the side of the tag and place enameled tag for placement and pierce hole with craft pick.

DSC05949step 23: secure enameled tag using mini fastener.

DSC05950step 24: secure word band to tag using long fasteners and tap with texture hammer to dent tops of brads.

DSC05951step 25: color crinkle ribbon with various colors of distress stain to coordinate with the tag.  mist with water, crinkle, dry with heat tool, and tie on to tag.

DSC05956the details: the contrasting effect of the rubs in combination with the stamped imagery is so cool.

DSC05957the details: adding simple embellishments when using this technique accents the effect of the resisted rubs.

cool technique right?  i love the looks you get by using the rubs as specific imagery, or simply for random background effects which makes them a very useful creative tool.  i think once you try this technique for yourself, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of creating this complex looking effect.  i can’t wait to see what creations you share this month using this new remnant rub resist technique – have fun…t!m

congrats to the winners from the april 12 tags of 2013.
if you see your name (and it links to your tag)
please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…

1. Cora Hoekstra
2. Emma
3. Cheryl
4. Pascale B
5. Desiree de Monye
6. Anke Kramer
7. Theresa Miers
8. Diana
9. Sandra Mouwen
10. Tincan Crafter
11. butterfly
12. Redanne

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  7. Kay Singleton-Jarrell says:

    I finally got my tag posted, and i like to wait until i get it uploaded before i look at others….wow always amazing. Love them all.

    Tim, thanks for such a great creative outlet.

  8. Marianne H says:

    Great, i made it in the last second (puhhh). Enjoyed this month also.
    Have a nice day!

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  11. This is my favorite Tag this year!!! Your collage look really inspired me and I had SO much fun creating mine!! Thank you for the inspiration, I am finally happy with my try at the collage look 🙂

  12. Tim and Mario,
    Thank you for the Remnant Rubs that you sent me as a prize for last month’s tag. Definitely came in handy for this month’s tag! Also, love the stamp set “Way with Words”. I used it for my tag as well.
    Your the best!

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