12 tags of 2013 – march…


wow is it march already?!  this year is quickly moving along, but i’ll be honest i’m really looking forward to spring.  more sunshine, more blue skies, more flowers, and easter (which also means my favorite candy holiday).  so no doubt this month’s tag was inspired by all things spring!!!  i really enjoy sharing these monthly tag tutorials since i see that more and more of you are taking the time to create and share your projects inspired by the tag each month too.  spring has such a great color palette and it’s fun to mix pastels with a hint of grungy brown – ahh perfect in my world.  today’s tag has many steps to it, but don’t let that intimidate you – it’s all about the details on this one, so let’s “hop” to it… (pun intended)

supplies: sizzix movers & shapers syled labels die, mini mover’s & shapers bunny die, tapered fringe die, tattered banners die, die pick, vagabond, seasonal paper stash, tinsel twine, foliage, memo pins, crinkle ribbon, sanding grip, kraft core, distress paint, distress stain, distress ink, ink blending tool, craft sheet, heat tool, glossy accents, wonder tape, collage glue stick, alcohol ink, cut n’ dry foam, archival ink, cms#155, grid-blocks, scissors, hot glue

step 1: place mini bunny die into movers & shapers styled labels die.

step 2: place a piece of white kraft core face down over die and die cut it.

step 3: remove the mini bunny die but inserting your die pick into the foam and gently lift the magnetic die.

step 4: this is what you should have (2 bunnies) we are only going to use the negative space for this tag so save the other for something else.

step 5: sand over the kraft core using a sanding grip to reveal some of the kraft around the edges.

step 6: ink the edges with distress ink using an ink blending tool (the sanding first makes a big difference as to the amount of ink the paper will take).

step 7: measure the space around the bunny to layer a background.

step 8: cut a piece of cardstock and wonder tape to that measurement.

step 9: apply the wonder tape to the cardstock and remove the top red layer exposing the adhesive.

step 10: begin covering the tape with strips of tinsel twine adhering them in rows.

step 11: apply adirondack alcohol ink to a piece of foam and tap the ink over the tinsel to colorize (i used aqua and mushroom – great color combo).

step 12: because i want to give this a vintage tinsel look, heat the tinsel to slightly melt and curl the ends of the tinsel twine.

*check this out – just like vintage tinsel!

step 13: place the tinsel background behind the bunny opening and adhere with any kind of tape (you won’t see this side).

step 14: colorize a strip of crinkle ribbon using distress stains (i used a mix of spun sugar and tattered rose).

step 15: crinkle into a ball and dry with a heat tool.

step 16: swipe over the dry ribbon with your dirty ink blending tool to get some of the brown distress ink to highlight the crinkles.

step 17: tie the ribbon around the assembled piece and tie a bow.  trim ends of ribbon.

step 18: select your background paper to cover your tag.  what i like about the idea-ology paper stashes is the fact that you can choose between 12×12 or 6×6 of the same design depending on your project.  i went with the 6×6 version of the easter paper from the seasonal stash which has paper for all seasons throughout the year in one pad (my goto paper every holiday).

step 19: apply collage glue stick to a #8 manila tag and press down on the the back of the paper.

step 20: cut the paper to fit the tag and punch a hole through the top. note: the bottom edge of the tag is exposed since the #8 tag is 6 1/4″ tall, but not to worry.

step 21: sand the edges using a sanding grip to reveal the white core and give it a nice shabby look.

step 22: tear a strip of kraft core (i love this strip pad especially for die cutting).

step 23: sand the paper first to reveal the kraft core in areas.  i usually sand first if i’m going to be cutting detailed things.

step 24: cut the strip using the new tapered fringe die (really a fun die).

step 25: you actually get 2 usable strips from one die cut – nice.

step 26: ink the edges of the paper with distress ink using an ink blending tool.

step 27: cut 2 pieces of the tapered fringe to the width of the tag.

step 28: apply glossy accents to the bottom edge of one of the pieces.

step 29: adhere this piece to the bottom edge of the background paper still leaving the tag edge exposed…trust me on this.

step 30: apply glossy accents to the back of the second piece and adhere this to the bottom edge of the tag making sure to off-set the fringe slightly to the right or left.

step 31: using your fingers, crumple the fringe to create a cool and funky grass edge.  i love the alternated levels to give this a realistic look and of course having the brown kraft background makes for great contrast.

step 32: colorize another piece of crinkle ribbon using distress stain (i used tumbled glass for this one).

step 33: die cut the tattered banner die from a light colored cardstock.

step 34: ink the edge with distress ink and stamp on to one of the banners with archival ink.

*this is the stamp set i used “simple sayings” one of my new all-time faves!

step 35: fold each end of the banner in a “Z” to create a dimensional banner – perfect.

step 36: adhere the bunny background and banner to the tag using glossy accents.  tie ribbon on to top of the tag.

(we’re almost done – hang in there)…

step 37: gather up some foliage and a couple of memo pins, and a couple of long fasteners.

step 38: paint the metal piece using distress paint.  since i wanted a mix of pastel with a little brighter color, i applied both tones (bundled sage/peeled paint) to my craft sheet and painted the leaves and memo pins with my finger.

step 39: do the same thing with yellows (mustard seed/antique linen).

step 40: paint another flower pink (spun sugar) and the other blue (broken china).

step 41: dry all of the metals with a heat tool or set them aside to dry.

step 42: allow all of the pieces to cool before touching!  distress paint is so dang cool on metal – it looks just like vintage enamel.

step 43: to assemble the flowers insert the long fastener into the smaller flower first (yes i painted the tips of those too).

step 44: continue with the larger flower and a leaf and place the end of the fastener through the hole in the memo pin.

step 45: open the ends of the long fastener and wrap around the ring of the memo pin – neat huh?

step 46: since i didn’t want my flowers and leaves to keep spinning i applied a dab of hot glue into the back as shown.  let this cool.

*this is what we’ve created…floral stick pins!

step 47: slide the memo pins behind the fringe grass to create your flower garden…we’re done! (note: if you want to adhere the flower pins to the tag, just apply a dab of hot glue or glossy accents to the end of the pin before inserting it behind the grass).

the details: i love the look of this fringe grass and flowers…totally spring.

the details: the simple sayings stamps all fit the tattered banners so you can create banners for any occasion, or just fold one end of the banner around a wood skewer or toothpick to create a flag.

the details: nothing says vintage holiday to me like antiqued tinsel, and using the silver tinsel twine with alcohol inks, i can create any color i want.

so there we are bloggers, i guess it’s officially spring (at least here on my blog).  i hope you have found a few ideas in this month’s tag to try out for yourself.  like i said at the beginning of the post,  the details matter right?  i have a few more easter ideas to share throughout the month, but this one should definitely get you going.  don’t forget to participate in the “12 tags of 2013″challenge and upload your tag to the blog, you could win a prize every month!  of course there is also the “tattered floral challenge” going on too so lots of creativity to share and inspire and lots of great prizes to win.  happy springtime everyone…t!m

congrats to the winners from the february 12 tags of 2013.  if you see your name (and it links to your tag) please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize…

1. Susan Janicula
2. die amelie
3. Stephanie Hyde
4. Stephanie Rodgers
5. Caroline Leplat
6. Kyara
7. Liz McGuire
8. Vic
9. Sharon Young
10. Courtney K
11. Mrs. Lyla Larimore
12. S@ndy Diller

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196 Comments to “12 tags of 2013 – march…”

  1. Jennie says:

    That is one awesome tag.. it makes me feel that Spring is just around the corner.:)

  2. so fun!! i love everything about this months challenge!! =) thanks for sharing and have a fabulous march!! =)

  3. Cathy Doerr says:

    Wow. Love the Easter tag. I never would have thought to put tinsel behind the die cut or to melt it a little to make it more vintage. Very cool.

  4. nice.
    I’m still working on my tattered challenge- lots of drying time!

  5. sue Tucker says:

    Loving this tag so MUCH.

  6. AM says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I’m inspired

  7. Julie Heyer says:

    Just fantastic! SO many cool details and techniques!

    And congrats to the winners for February!

  8. Kelly Karas says:

    Out of all the techniques used on this tag my favorite is the simple fringe/grass. I’m picturing this on some of my son’s scrapbook pages.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. another GREAT tag, Tim! Wow…very clever!! I love the flower stick pins…and the use of the tinsel behind the cutout…genius!! Can’t wait to play and create my tag!! See you soon…

  10. Julianne says:

    I love it all, all the techniques are great and I plan to use them! I also like the idea of the bunny with a backing of silver or pastel glass glitter! I’ve been eyeballing those tattered banners, this makes me HAVE to go get some!

  11. Dawaila says:

    Almost all the products you used are ones I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at……..but now I love them! As always you amaze me!

  12. I love watching your creative process! It captivates me! Like a good book, I have to know what’s next!!!
    Beautiful tag!! Maybe I will have to join in this month!! Fingers crossed!!

  13. Ali from Cali says:

    sooo lovely!!! so springy!!!! so pretty!!!

  14. Pinky Borres says:

    So cute. A little different from your other tags.

  15. bethann d says:

    so cool, makes my mind spin w the riffs you could do on this tag

  16. suzie says:

    Amazing tag!

  17. Barbara Albrecht says:

    Love the spring/Easter tag this month!!!! I still don’t have the Distress paints…dang it!!! Gotta get them!!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph all the steps. I know how long that takes and appreciate ALL your tutorials!!!

  18. Love this tag!! I can not wait to play with this one!! Love all your techniques!!

  19. Di F says:

    How cool is this! Definitely going to make this one (well, I make them all, but…) love the distress paint on the metals – what an easy colorization for them.

    I have a new appreciation for pastel after this tag! Thanks for a lovely first thing to look at this morning.

  20. Love this, Tim!! You are so good at using the negative space with Movers and Shapers – I need to remember to do that more. Really pretty tag!

  21. Jingle says:

    This is fantastic! I am so in love with that vintage tinsel technique!!!

  22. How cute is this Bunny tag!?! Love it!

  23. Tamera says:

    oh my what an adorable tag!! I see a few things I need!!

  24. deb says:

    love the tag. nice the way you did the tinsel, really does look like vinatege tinsel
    Congrats to all the winners! Good job ladies

  25. Too stinkin cute for words!

  26. Atticelf says:

    Hit the all out of the park on this one. Frantically adding things to my crafty wish list – dies, metal embellishments, more paints. 🙂 Quick question…why doesn’t the paint bead up on the metal? Thanks, Tim!

  27. Cindy Daversa says:

    It was so worth the time it took to make this take! It’s gloriously wonderful! I am going to make tags for place settings for my Easter table! Thanks for the inspiration! (As always)

  28. Rosiej says:

    Omg! How cool is that!!!! I love it and I have mostly all of the supplies!!!

  29. die amelie says:

    Wow, so cool! Love the march tag – so very playful!
    And – to be honest – I love even more being chosen one of the winners for the february tag!!! Thank you so very much for that – this really brightens up my days!


    die amelie x

  30. Cathy R says:

    Such a wonderful tag. I love the look of the Distress Paints on the metal pieces, so cool. I’ve been looking for ways to use the memo pins and this is a great one. Can’t wait to try this out. Thanks Tim!

  31. Nancy F says:

    amazing! simply amazing….

  32. KathyK says:

    I am swooning over all you can do with the new distress paints. I adore those floral stick pins! LOVE IT!

  33. Sharon Young says:

    Wow! I’m on the winners list! How cool is that? Thanks guys. Congrats to all the winners. Looking forward to working on the March tag. Only have a few of the items so it will be a good challenge.

  34. BJ says:

    Oh bother got the data capture wrong AGAIN and lost my comment, bother bother bother, I have such trouble and I was only just praising the fact that you have since moved the capture part above the submit button, so I am sure not to forget to enter it but I still can’t read it well enough to get it right. WILL remember to copy this comment BEFORE trying as unfortunately it gets deleted if you get it wrong!

    Anyway as I was going to say – bunny season I love it and the heating of the tinsel is a great idea. BJ the challenged in the data capture department!

  35. Courtney K says:

    off to buy that bunny die!

    and thanks so much for choosing me as one of the winners this month!

  36. Amy* says:

    Back the “bunny” up! Never thought to Alcohol ink the Tinsel ribbon! Oh my! Time to hop like a bunny over to IE…I’ve got some shopping to do 🙂


  37. sandysewin says:

    Oooooo, I love every single detail in this tag! My mind is already spinning with ideas for how I can do it with what’s in my stash.

    I wasn’t so inspired by last month’s tag for some reason. I guess that’s why, combined with it being a short month, I never did get around to doing it.

    Happy spring, Tim, and congrats to all the winners!

  38. corinna says:

    loving the tag tim, but that’s nothing new, cann’t you just smell the spring air, mmmmmm lovely, take care, corinna

  39. Anna-Karin says:

    Gorgeous tag Tim! Love the vintage tinsel bunny and the grass looks wonderful especially together with the pretty flowers.

  40. stamping sue says:

    what a fun tag! I don’t have any of the tinsel you used but do have silver glitter or silver flower soft so I will try it with one of them.
    stamping sue

  41. connie g says:

    Beautiful!! I definitely want that stamp set!!!! =). I don’t have a blog, so how would I be able to enter in the tattered flowers challenge or add any tag I may make? Happy Friday Tim and Mario!!

  42. Dana Cavanaugh says:

    Bravo, Tim! I love this. I am so ready for spring too.

  43. Naomi Davis says:

    Wow, what a great tag. Love the Spring colors. What a ingenious idea to put a brad through the memo pin. I’m going to use that one lots. Can’t wait for April’s tag.

  44. Mary Jane W says:

    Just like the ones before it, this tag is wonderful! So many great techniques to try! Thanks Tim

  45. Carolyn Carter says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!! That has to be the prettiest tag I’ve ever seen! I LOVE it!!!! The Tinsel threw me off at first and then to see it as the bunny body? Then the painted flowers? You rock, this tag is amazing!

  46. Cim Allen says:

    OMG ! The tag is too cute ! I love the idea of painting on the tinsel twine. Now I wants some peeps 🙂 LOL Happy Friday Tim

  47. Ohh, I love Easter and your tag is so pretty and springlike! It’s my fav time of year next to Christmas!

  48. Marilyn H says:

    Another wonderful tag.

  49. Terry says:

    Oh no the captcha changed! Love this Easter tag for March! What a lovely way to welcome Spring! Can’t wait to start and have a great weekend!

  50. jenn says:

    Beautiful tag, makes me thing spring.

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