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happy holidays everyone!  it truly is the most wonderful time of the year so let’s fill our creative spirit with the magic and merriment of the season.  this month’s tag using some pretty unique products, but when you see how simple it is to create these amazing results you’ll find the need to have these products as part of your creative stash.  the idea for this technique started back in july at cha when i was talking to my friend wendy vecchi who is the designer behind studio 490 and “clearly for art” (one of the products we’re using today).  we were talking about using my idea-ology “frosted film” on it, and i asked if she’d ever tried it?  well it’s conversations like those that spark the process so here we are sharing the results of our creative collaboration.  be sure to also check out wendy’s blog for more ideas and inspiration.  let’s get started…

supplies: frosted film, clearly for art, archival inks/wendy vecchi palette, heat tool, ink blending tool, craft sheet, distress stain/antique linen, distress ink/frayed burlap, distress paint/picket fence, layering stencil/harlequin, distress embossing ink, fine detail embossing powder/black, stamps/CMS119, manila tag, mister, paper distresser, craft pick, bigs die/tattered poinsettia/tattered pinecone, vagabond machine, long fastener, crinkle ribbon, hot glue, splatter brush

DSC07194“clearly for art” and “frosted film” are two very unique products with very different uses, but when combined the effects are amazing!  before we start the actual technique i want to share a little more about these products: “frosted film” is a thin adhesive back vinyl film sold in a 12″ wide roll with 6 feet of film.  use it on papers, photos, glass, and plastic to create a “frosted” effect on the surface it is applied to.  you can also die cut it, use your e-cutters on it, stamp on it, and of course colorize it with any type of permanent ink.  “clearly for art” is a modeling plastic designed to be stamped on or die cut.  you  can heat it and actually form and shape it while the plastic is warm.  once cool, it will retain it shape indefinitely.  if you don’t like the shape you created, simply reheat it and it will flatten out completely allowing you to reshape it.  this film is available in clear, white, and black, but my preference is clear since you can colorize it with paints and permanent inks too.  today’s tutorial shares a cool effect when these two products are combined.

DSC07195step 1: measure the surface you want to cover with frosted film and cut the frosted film to size using a paper trimmer.

DSC07196step 2: begin removing the paper backing of the frosted film exposing the adhesive.

DSC07198step 3: line one edge of the frosted film along the clearly for art sheet.

DSC07200step 4: apply the film by slowly removing the paper backing of the film as you smooth the film to the clearly for art.  note: i used a craft scraper for this step to help smooth it out.

DSC07201step 5: if you get air bubbles (and you will most likely get air bubbles) just pop them with a needle of push pin.

DSC07202step 6: then use a craft scraper to flatten out the air bubbles – simple as that.

DSC07203step 7: die cut the frosted material using the tattered poinsettia die. note: you must use a steel rule die to cut frosted film and clearly for art.

DSC07205step 8: colorize the frosted side of the film using archival inks and an ink blending tool.  i’m using wendy’s palette of archival inks from ranger for this, but you can also use alcohol inks, copic markers, or any other permanent ink to colorize the frosted surface.

DSC07206step 9: when inking the tattered poinsettia, ink three “petals” of the largest piece green to create the leaves.

DSC07208step 10: continue inking all cut pieces as shown.

DSC07223step 11: using the scraps i die cut two juniper pieces from the tattered pinecone die and inked them with archival.

DSC07209step 12: this is where things get interesting, gently heat the film using a heat tool.  watch the film begin to get wavy (it doesn’t take long so pay attention so you don’t burn yourself).

DSC07210step 13: while the film is warm, simply shape with your fingers by curling and bending the petals to form.  the surface cools almost immediately and your shape is held – cool right?

DSC07211step 14: continue heating the shaping all of the pieces.  remember if you don’t like the shape of any piece, simply reheat and the surface will flatten out allowing you to reshape it again and again until you’re happy with it.

DSC07212step 15: place the shaped pieces on a cork mat and pierce a hole in the center of each layer using a craft pick.

DSC07218step 16: stack all pieces together using a long fastener and secure in the back until we’re ready to add it to our tag.

DSC07213step 17: create a quick background on a tag using distress stain, spritz with water, and dry with a heat tool.

DSC07220step 18: stamp your verse with distress embossing ink and emboss with super fine detail embossing powder.

DSC07221step 19: place a layering stencil over the tag and ink through various areas with distress ink using an ink blending tool.

DSC07222step 20: distress the edges of the tag with a paper distresser and distress ink.

DSC07224step 21: pierce a hole through the tag where you want to attach the tattered poinsettia.

DSC07225step 22: secure the poinsettia to the tag using the long fastener and adhere the juniper pieces with hot glue.

DSC07226step 23: place the tag on a piece of scrap paper or your craft sheet and splatter the entire surface using picket fence distress paint to create a snowy effect.  SPLATTER BRUSH: i used this cool splatter brush from liquitex – click here for more info.

DSC07227step 24: once the paint is dry, adhere a gem to the center with glossy accents.

DSC07229the details: the dimensional flower is incredible since it will keep it’s shape (even through the mail).  i love the effect the frosted film gives the clearly for art and the archival ink provides the perfect tint of color.

DSC07230the details: combining stencils and stamps for your background creates layers of imagery and interest.

DSC07235the details: of course i couldn’t stop at just one tag.  i used the other half of my frosted clearly for art to create another tag using the holly branch die, a winter wonderland!

DSC07240– another thing i wanted to share is the effect of frosted film over scrapbook paper – the result are just as cool.

DSC07241– remember to cut the frosted film to the size of your surface first.

DSC07242– remove the backing and apply directly to the paper and smooth out with a craft scraper.

DSC07244– check out the cool frosted finish on this paper.  it’s even more incredible in person, very shimmery and frosty not to mention it adds durability to the surface (kind of like laminating the paper).

well that should get your creativity in the holiday spirit.  this technique can also be used year round with flowers, butterfly wings, your favorite papers and more!  i can’t wait to see what you create with this month’s technique and clearly for art with frosted film.  here’s to a season full of festivities and inspiration – happy holidays…t!m

congrats to the winners from the november 12 tags of 2013.
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  1. trish duncan says:

    oh how lovely and wonderful…LOVE you for sharing… such a beautiful tag!!!

  2. Mary Jane W says:

    These tags are exquisite! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  3. Elizabeth DelValle says:

    WOW! the flower is amazing. TFS

  4. alison bergman says:

    Gorgous Tim! Love the new type of shrink plastic…looks like it would be much easier to work with…can’t wait to try it! As always, inspiring!

  5. Angie Linton says:

    Wow that is gorgeous!

  6. tracy says:

    The tag with the poinsettia is just stunning.
    I love the soft colours and the flicks of snow…so beautiful 🙂

  7. KathyJH says:

    Okay – your tags are always gorgeous but this month – it absolute awesomeness!

  8. As always fantastic. But what did you use to spatter the paint? Looks interesting.

  9. Barbara L says:

    Beautiful tags! Great reminder to use my film! Thanks and happy, happy holidays!

  10. SusanK says:

    Holy smokes! I never dreamed a marriage between CFA and Frosted Film could be so divine! Now to go shopping for some Frosted Film!

  11. Linda Ledbetter says:

    Tim, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  12. Heidi Wagner says:

    Simply gorgeous! I love how you can mold the frosted flowers and leaves. Thanks for another great year!

  13. Lori Manicho says:

    Tim these tags are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
    I LOVE them and can’t wait to try this frosted film!
    As always THANK YOU for the inspiration!
    I wish you, Mario, & Team a VERY Happy Holiday Season!


    Lori M :”)

  14. Libby says:

    t!m – So excited today was the first so I could see the cool new Christmas tag! Totally worth the wait! Do you have a video on the splattered snow effect? I tried it with a toothbrush (from another tag) and it just came out like mist – but here yours came out a little more defined – and what are you using for this one – that is definitely not a toothbrush! Thanks for all of the inspiration!!!!

  15. These tags are beautiful!! Great inspiration.

  16. Deb L says:

    Gorgeous technique!

  17. Paula Bonnin says:

    I love the frosted Christmas paper idea on here!!! Looks like I have more work to do before my Christmas cards go out!!

  18. Jan in Tucson says:

    I am so glad to see your tag with the Frosted Film. I’ve had a roll of this for a few months but didn’t really know how I’d use it on my Christmas cards. Now, thanks to your inspiration I’m off to the craft room to create. Love the tag Tim! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  19. Maria Moore says:

    Love, love , love these tags, they are just gorgeous. Mind is racing with ideas!

  20. Julie S says:

    The frosted film and clearly for art makes the foliage looks so ethereal – beautiful tags!

  21. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they are drop dead gorgeous!!! Dang, I don’t have any of the frosted film..time to go shopping!

  22. Sheri K says:

    Wow–this is incredible! I love the poinsettia, the dimension and color is awesome! You just rock Mr. Tim–now I’m going to have to try to find these two cool products. Love your holiday decorating too!

  23. Mara says:

    beautiful, as always. 😀 [though i am still trying to figure out what you are using in step 23 to create the spattered snowy effect… *thoughtful face*]

  24. Rhonda says:

    Super cool! can’t wait to try these products out! Pretty cool how you guys figured out how well they could work together!

  25. Loydene says:

    This is such a pretty tag! Did you use a Japanese whisk to sprinkler the Distress Picket Fence on your project?

  26. Sylvia Tabor says:

    Just about the “coolest” technique I have ever seen!!! Tim, what is that “tool” you are using to spatter the paint on???

  27. Joanne says:

    I cannot believe my luck, thank you so very very very much.
    PS I love this months tag too.

  28. Wow you never seem to amaze me with your tags!!! Love the Frosted film with the Clearly for Arts. Love also how you splattered the tag with the picket fence. Just WOW!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!!! Merry Christmas to you and Mario!!!

  29. Becky Wall says:

    Beautiful…what a nice tag…and on my birthday….you shouldn’t have….LOL.

  30. Margaret in NY says:

    Absolutely beautiful! LOVE the effect of the frosted film and the Clearly For Art. I have never used the Clearly For Art so I am going to have to get some and play with it. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  31. Hetty says:

    Beautiful tag for the holidays! Wishing you both a wonderful holiday time and enjoy the season!

  32. OH OH OH OH OH!!! Digging into my stash right NOW!! Loving this.. you and Wendy… masters of the craft… OH OH OH OH OH Running in circles!!

  33. Mary Gordon-Hagler says:

    Tim! Simple but the best tag yet !! Thank you ! Hugs! Happy holidays !

  34. Diana says:

    very very cool!! i am a huge fan of the Clearly for Art !!! i can’t wait to try this technique.

  35. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! I love the holly leaf one too!!! The modeling film just transforms dies! Love that Wendy! The snow splatters really finish this off to perfection! So digging this tag…can you tell? Merry merry Christmas to you all!!!! Congrats to the winners too!

  36. Pamela Archangeli says:

    Tim…. Did you use a drum set brush to put the picket fence distress paint on the card? Genius!!!! (though as a music teacher, I dont always condone these acts ;-))

    Love the card! Nice and easy for the holiday season, since I know I’m probably not the only one running behind…. 🙂

  37. Angele says:

    Wonderful winter tag! Thanks for the inspiration Tim, always enjoy the great ideas that make life so much easier (don’t know how I managed without the magnetic base for the Vagabond). Now I’ve got to go shopping for the frosted film or use my parchment paper for now although the shape will not be so spectaculair…

  38. Barbara Albrecht says:

    WOW!!! What a way to end the year! Love how you’ve used the Clearly for Art and the Frosted Film to make the lovely poinsettias! Thank you for doing the 12 Tags of 2013!! Hope you continue in 2014!!

  39. Congratulations to all the winners! I enjoyed visiting your blogs. Tim… your tags for this month are extra Gorgeous!!! What a fantabulous idea to put your Frosted Film over the Clearly For Art… you keep amazing us with your ideas and talent!! It has such a beautiful stained glass quality to it when it’s inked up. Love the look of the frosted film over the printed paper too.

  40. A couple of new products for my Christmas wish list! I’ve been a very good girl this year

  41. Gorgeous!!! You and Wendy make great art!!!

  42. You outdid yourself. This is simply marvelous!!!!

  43. Ann Marie says:

    Wow … just WOW. Off to get some frosty film!

  44. Yvonne Blair says:

    Another fabulous tag and fabulous technique! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a fabulous December and get to take some time off to enjoy yourself! Hugs.

  45. Lisa says:

    Tim, all I can say is that this tag is SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!! Enjoy your time off, and Happy Creating!!!

  46. Helen says:

    great tag, love that frosted film… what a gorgeous effect on the poinsettias.

  47. WOW! Love the combination of the Frosted Film with the CFA. Absolutely beautiful tag!

  48. joy kennedy says:

    wow! that is beautiful! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration. I just bought that die and can’t wait to play with it. 🙂

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