12 new distress oxide colors…

today i’m excited to announce the 12 new distress oxide colors shipping in july from ranger!  these 12 new bright colors complement the existing colors as the palette of distress oxide continues to grow.  watch the replay of today’s Facebook LIVE broadcast below…t!m

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183 Comments to “12 new distress oxide colors…”

  1. WilmaB says:

    Beautiful colors!!!!!

  2. Trish says:

    Ahhh, that frayed burlap is so good! I loved seeing Tim make a background with the new gorgeous colors and I can’t wait to add them to my collection. Thanks Ranger for making them available!

  3. Christa Weltz says:

    I absolutely Loved Distress Oxide inks!!!❤️❤️

  4. Majo says:

    Oh WOW, just what we needed 🙂 Thanks so much for doing this for us ♥

  5. Lyn says:

    Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better I see this! So excited for the new colors 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Kath Prior says:

    Oh fantastic! gorgeous bright colours. I love my oxide inks and am still discovering the amazing things they can do, thanks Ranger for getting these new colours out so soon!

  7. GABY says:


  8. Birthe says:

    Love love love Oxide Ink, i have to get the new colors (Yesterday)

  9. Estrella says:

    So excited to create with the gorgeous new Distress Oxide colors.

  10. So happy they bring more colors, I was waiting for picked raspberry and Peacock feathers, hope they bring the spun sugar soon. I really love this inks.

  11. Sheri Wright says:

    Can’t wait to try these

  12. Carol says:

    awesome! these inks are so fun to create with ….

  13. Lynn Levy says:

    Great colors.

  14. Doris Cote says:

    Love the first bunch, these can only mean more fun!

  15. Dora M de Anda says:

    Love the colors!!! Beautiful!!!

  16. Sheri K says:

    Awesome–love the new colors! Can’t wait to get my hands on these lovely brights!

  17. Hadassah DeRamus says:

    So amazing and inspirational is Tim Holtz. These inks are just beautiful to create with.

  18. Karen Nofziger says:

    Excited to get my hands on the new Oxides. Love the set I have already!

  19. I LOVE the new colors.. yay for more oxide inks

  20. Karen says:

    Woohoo! These are the colours I’ve been hoping for!

  21. Jacki Miller says:

    Need. Want. Love.

  22. Beneta Brown says:

    Love the new inks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Maureen Chandler says:

    I love distress oxides and these new colors are even more yummy!!! I cant wait to get my hands on them! Thanks Tim!

  24. Hazel dickman says:

    Fabulous colours and product

  25. Sue says:

    I LIKE bright! I will be digging deeper into my retirement fixed income disposable allowance next month I think. Excited I am beginning to plot and plan amazing uses for my next Tim Holtz purchase.

  26. Debbie says:

    I have just purchased the first 12. I was waiting on them to come in Mini but Tim has said they won’t be so will be getting these also.

  27. Barbara says:

    Fantastic! I will be happy to get some brighter colors! I would love to see a nice, clear yellow, like mustard seed or squeezed lemonade in the next round.

  28. Brenda Crawford says:

    Love all these new Oxide colors

  29. Megan N says:

    Fabulous bright colors! Thanks for bringing the “Skittles” look to the Oxides! 🙂

  30. Tona says:

    I cannot wait to get my hands on these! I have to have the whole set because I keep changing my mind as to which is my favorite color.

  31. Wendi Gottsegen says:

    Someone help me! My once tiny craft space grew when we bought our new home, but that was twelve years ago/ Since then I’ve continued to create, buy more and collect lots of stuff. Today I have outgrown my space but I don’t want to thin down my stuff. Oh boy, new stuff out again that I just cant seem to live without. . . . . someone take away my credit cards!

  32. Zehra says:

    Wow so cool

  33. Debbie strauss says:

    Love the oxides so much. Happy they decided to add more to the line!

  34. Judy Jackson says:

    Oh yummy, some of the very Distress Oxide inks I was hoping would be next! I would love to win these and play with them!

  35. Maureen says:

    I think I like the oxides best…….. these new colors are great……..cant wait…….thank you mdwhite

  36. Catherine Guimont says:

    Love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  37. Debra cripps says:

    Can you put those on fabric?

  38. Sharyn Polesel says:

    Gorgeous colors! Love the Distressed Oxide inks.

  39. Lynette Hingerty says:

    Love the new oxide inks

  40. You just made my summer! I am loving the current colors and now can’t wait to add these awesome colors. Thanks for your vision!

  41. Debra cripps says:

    I like the peacock and the burlap

  42. Debra cripps says:

    Thank you the oxides are wonderfull these colors are great. Can’t wait to use them.

  43. Maureen Morton says:

    My distress dreams have come true! I honestly didn’t expect this next set to come out so quickly, but it couldn’t be more wonderful. I’ve been trying to use up all of my other ink pads to make room and I’m ready!!!! Can’t get enough and I think you selected the perfect colors for this release.

  44. Nancy Torres says:

    Love them all And I don’t have it yet I’ll wish I could win those

  45. Denise Wells says:

    So these are cool!

  46. Chris says:

    This makes me very happy!!

  47. Eileen R says:

    Love the first set, looking forward to these colors!

  48. Connie Martin says:

    I LOVE all these colors!!! What a great addition!

  49. Marianne says:

    So excited about this new set of inks. Will be saving up to buy them. Too bad you’re not doing a giveawy on your blog, since I don’t do Facebook or Instagram.

  50. ionabunny says:

    Oh no, there goes my budget!!! Ah well, cheese on toast a few days will be well worth it. LOL. Hugz

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