12 new distress oxide colors…

today i’m excited to announce the 12 new distress oxide colors shipping in july from ranger!  these 12 new bright colors complement the existing colors as the palette of distress oxide continues to grow.  watch the replay of today’s Facebook LIVE broadcast below…t!m

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183 Comments to “12 new distress oxide colors…”

  1. Chrissy Bornfleth says:

    LOVE them ALL!!!!!

  2. Laura R says:

    What fun to look forward to. Glad we won’t have to wait long.

  3. Josee van Moll says:

    Oh yeah, i’m excited too. Fabelous colors!

  4. Debra says:

    Yahoo!!! Love them all.

  5. HalfBakedArt says:

    Yeah – more wonderful Oxide colors to play with – Love em!

  6. Jane Clark says:

    Beautiful colors – opens the way to a nice variety of combining! Thanks so much for creating them.

  7. Kendra says:

    Super excited for this release and the bright colors to complement the ones I have.

  8. Marianne Leino says:

    Fantastinen colur

  9. Gemma maggs says:

    Love, love, love these

  10. Kelly Massman says:

    loving salty ocean, peacock feathers an pickled raspberry the most but all are beautiful

  11. Distressed not stressed x

  12. Charlot Marie-Hélène says:

    Those colors are SOOOOOOOOOOO nice. Thanks a lot for this present

  13. Dottie In CT says:

    Love this product!

  14. Martha says:

    It is fabulous that these came out with more to follow! Hooray for Tim and for Ranger!!

  15. kathy dumpert says:

    I love all the new colors and can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  16. Tami says:

    I’m so excited about Black Soot and Antique Linen! And I’m looking forward to adding all the other great colors to my Oxide line-up. Recently I have den having so much fun making my own paper with my Oxides, background stamps, and Distress MM Heavystock. These news colors will just multiply the fun by 12!

  17. Pat Washburn says:

    Love, LOVE the Distress Oxides!! Thank you to Ranger for releasing more. Keep it up!! We want all of the Distress colors in Oxides. Thank you Tim for the great video and your excitement.

  18. Laura says:

    Have not been able to afford the oxides yet but I love watching how amazingly cool they are! The only problem is which colors to start with?

  19. Tami says:

    I’m so excited about Black Soot and Antique Linen! I know that may sound boring but llove them!! Really looking forward to adding the other colors to my Oxide lineup. I’ve been having so much fun making my own papers with the Oxides, background stamps and Distress MM Heavystock. These new colors will just increase the fun factor by 12!

  20. Linda Christensen says:

    So excited for the new colors of the distress oxides! The colorb(like always) are gorgeous. Doing my happy dance!!!!! I have to admit I love the previous release and I am experimenting daily! My new favorite medium. So many choices what is a girl to do! Craft on I guess!

  21. Nita says:

    Love the colors.

  22. Sherry Yeager says:

    Love your products but have not had time to get any to play with.

  23. Sherry Yeager says:

    Love these but have not gotten around to getting any. Have seen lovely cards and tags done up with these

  24. Beth Van De Loo says:

    Ohhhh! I can’t wait to get my hands on theses brights! I love these! Thanks Tim! !

  25. Janet says:

    Love the colors however my favorites are: antique linen and frayed burlap

  26. Nancy Aubrey says:

    Love Love Love them ALL. What would we all be crafting with if it weren’t for Tim’s genius goodies?

  27. Crystal Lockhart says:

    So excited for the new colours!

  28. Chai Dackermann says:

    More, already? I haven’t been able to get or afford the first 12. I really want to try them, they look like fun.

  29. Mary M says:

    This set has so many of my favorites! Seedless Preserves, Antique Linen, Peacock Feathers…. Thank you Tim! I can’t wait to get my hands on these. =)

  30. Debbie B says:

    Love, love, love distress oxide inks!

  31. Love this release!!!! So excited and will be anxiously awaiting they’re arrival to my fingers 🙂

  32. Candace says:

    Would love to see black soot on black cardstock

  33. I’ve been waiting anxiously for these! Good choice of colors to put in the mix! Got ’em ordered, cant wait for them to arrive!

  34. Peggy Knisely says:

    Antique linen in distress ink always got lost in my projects and frayed burlap at times was to intense. Excited to try them in oxides!

  35. Becky P says:

    Wow! Great colors! I cant wait to get my hands on them

  36. Mary W says:

    The background you created for this announcement is gorgeous! Mine are all ordered and soon to be tucking into my own shelves!

  37. Kathy Frazier says:

    So excited

  38. Carol b says:

    Oxide inks are so much fun to play with and now we have more colors!
    Carol b

  39. mzgadget says:

    I love them all! Antique Linen that’s the one.

  40. Julia Aston says:

    So happy to see new colors!

  41. Lisa Smith says:

    I am in love with all of these colors! They are so fun and just make you giddy inside!!! Thank you thank you for adding to the line I can’t wait to get my hands on these! Yahoo for Distress Oxides!

  42. mzgadget says:

    The colors are great! I would love to try Antique Linen.

  43. mzgadget says:

    They all are really great! I think I would love to play with Antique Linen.

  44. Lisa says:

    I knew the first moment I played with the original 12 DO that I would want more colours and not did you pick some winners!

  45. Gabriela says:

    Están hermosas, las amo Deseo que ya estén a la venta.

  46. Gabriela says:

    Están hermosos, las amo

  47. Jeri Blaufuss says:

    I really like all the combinations that you have shown us. Thanks for all the hard work .

  48. Marianne Hagen says:

    Im so happy

  49. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Can’t wait to lay my hands on these. Picked raspberry, twisted citron, peacock feathers, salty sea, and linen my favs! Well done. Excellent choice of colors for this second round!

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